1. Sender she read di wall daily, she comment and all send him har self. She live fi di wall evem though wat is said about her is mostly negative. She like di attention.

  2. Bobby mi hate daffy foot stop tek picture a dem..daffy have a bad body.. Lawd gad sarry fi yuh unborn child cuz dem foot deh look like dem get pass down… Next ting stap be fake why u couldn’t have boom boom and the Internet don’t know about it like seriously?!. U need fi move in a silence more time man.. mi nuh know how get start look pretty you look all pretty Dan tk….keep it up girl no more surgery and tek it light wid the bleaching cah it reach mi figget seh yuh did black

  3. I hope she a put commissary money Pon her best friend books. Or sell on a the name brand bag and bail her best friend

  4. She she reading as usual. A di wall Mek her do the but shots and work harder on the bleaching. A Di wall make her know about Apple.

  5. Everyone reads JMG! Plzzzz Foh!!! Even the bad bitches dem weh claim they are celebrities :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak They are all nosey like you and I. Even celebrities read the blogs so what makes these bunch of nobodies any different again? :bingung :bingung :bingung

  6. She need Fi go pay up Sade rent weh a pile up or put her things in storage cause the landlord a complain.. The bestie nahh see road Fi now … Thiefing f**s

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