This ugly bitch Danielle wid the blue lips looking a f***g frog owe me $250 from her so called fake hair website she advertise on her ig @badbitchcharles she seemed cool and I ordered my hair since March and all know she can’t pay me back but on ig showing off say this coolie boy so call buy her Benz but she f***g him and his cousin in the pic above plus stealing scamming and selling p**y on top of it and all now I can’t get my money so know I’m rinsing out your business you nasty b***h smiley leff you and you have so much to prove say you getting money but you don’t have dry shit you theif nasty b**h you f**g the nigga and he still live at home with his bitch you nasty hoe getting f***d in the b***h bmw that’s so classless and nasty and you got fired from lord and Taylor for theifing the people them things plus your fake hair website you have is a scam the people want beat yuh fi them money you owe the people them b***h you fake hair page and fake life bring me my things suck hood Danielle you have up all this money and scammer goods but you can’t give me back my $250 I order from you fake hair website .


I report the website I keep writing her and she block me on ig and snapchat and her ugly friend juju subbing people on Facebook like you ghetto Bronx sluts will never reach nowhere in life people try support unno and y’all theif people money but y’all rich on Instagram and have big life but robbing people off Likkle money I’m not done rinsing out your business nasty hoe stop f***ng people man I have your whole file dirty b***h

9 thoughts on “GIRL SHE SEH YUH OWE HAR $250 GIRL

  1. I will never use my hard earned money and buy hair from any of them that was your first mistake . I remember one time I buy her from doomest the fat Spanish girl they call doom doom and the hair was trashy and shedding like crazy she claim is quality hair when she get it off of alieexpress never again.

  2. i’m sorry but that’s what u get. I dont buy shit off of IG. U lucky she aint use your CC info. Well maybe she did and it declined (lack of funds).
    Buying from these ghetto ass chicks. You know she scam but yet u trust her to send your hair. KMT.
    Hair is everywhere, get it from ALI EXPRESS because I guarantee she got it from there.
    You just purchased this so she can notice u..or u did it for likes.

  3. It is hard to know who is real and whose not when you dealing with people on IG or any website for that matter… But your first mistake was even taking that chance even though you knew that the girl wasn’t right, that was your mistake, I get it about supporting black businesses but you can’t support a person you know from the jump not right… You should just chuck it up as a lost and lesson learned… I know it’s expensive and for most we don’t have money to waste, so next time be wise… Read the reviews before purchasing… But if you have her information and you know where she stay because it seems like you know a lot about this girl, go to small claims court and sue the b*tch for your money…

  4. Juju, Ney, Dice & Barb are sluts and broke in real life. You know how dem nasty gyals give it up. Juju don’t work and her house is FILTHY she has no good furniture for her child. But post up in designer. Which is fake. Ney post inna designer dem sware she has a store. She swipe clothes and sell it back. If she had all this money, why her mouth look like a junk yaad. Ney ugly bad. Face look like a bullfrog. And the two want to be kartrashian sister. Guck the same men for money. They f**k all demand scamming Africans and Spanish bwoys. They have no education just a fu**d out hole. Those Bronx gyals will never rich no were.

  5. Pun don’t want Danielle he live with his girlfriend of 8 years name Samantha I doubt he buy her Benz but that would be crazy though pun is junie son he don’t work or nothing just sell drugs he don’t have dry shit so he can’t possibly buy her no damn Benz he driving around Bronx in Samantha bmw

  6. I warned yall about this longtime ago. I dont support people that sell on IG and especially the ones posing up with their money packages and self. If they dont offer paypal, dont buy from them. That’s what they doing build fake site selling repeated Ali express items. They are stealing YOUR INFO and selling your information to others.


  7. Wow that’s crazy two weeks ago I was going to buy some bundles from her but my mind told me don’t do it.. Can’t trust people

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