Dear met,

The one cashboss a look me fren really hard and him have him woman. I can’t stand these dancehall man I swear.
The last time me post an tell unu bout him and him young miss Toya but nobody never believe me. Me na target toya but the one cashboss fi goweh. I found these pics on her wall. met Toya post last Sunday on her Facebook bout her family an cashboss in it. She even got pics with his kids in Jamaica.

Me warn me fren bout them dancehall man yah eno because them jus waah f**k every gal inna the dancehall an have them woman a yard. Met toya no party she about 25 young n fresh and well kept an nothing no do her a him good good woman that a him pet.Now my fren she a gwan like she a idiot fi big woman.
Cashboss and the one ching all them do a dog out the gal them an them big woman yah and lil p**y tail gal a idiot because me no want no hype affa no lil boy with 2 bottles Party.
Cashboss try no make me post bout him again!


  1. How di man a bada u suh! Fi a warn him bout posting him again and u did post him already! Look like him f**k u and duck u

  2. But ain’t nothing sexy about him! Not to mention the pants, guess he catches them with money.

  3. Sender it sound like cashboss f***k u and duck u bout fren look like u pussy did a clap when him a f**k u, sender looking like u suck him hood and can’t post up a pic on fb bout him sender u sad bad sender u hungry bad, sender u pussy stink, sender go kill u ugly bloodclatt self and carry u fren too.

  4. *TEARS* @ Sender sad 12:41pm :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    YUH MIND YUH KETCH INNA FITS! YUH NUH SHORT AH BREATH!?!?!?!?! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  5. Dutty gyal low big belly man alone a him the gyal dem Wah…….. You pussy look like it out dated

  6. Them love this girl name eee man. Sender u waah f**k him too. Sexy c say him freaky an she a f**k him too. Hope unu a collect bcuz him name cash boss. Sender at least toya na mek a fool of herself with him u notice she only post family pics with him she na post no party pics like the mascot deh weh post him as M.C.M every week. Hey Miami dancehall sick me stomach. Sender go get a life!!!!!

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