Me see Dougie fling this up pon Fassbook and if mi could a like it 20 million times i would. He really spoke the truth on this one. yes it’s personal to me because This little fly batty gal jump ina mi life and think hers was gonna be a bed a roses. Every body tell har di man no mine none a him pickni but she run go breed and swear she di ago get royaly treatment. All now mi cah find it ina mi fi sorry fi har. di gal meck sure she fling it ina mi face and di come a mi yard fi buss fight ova him.Mi walk way from both of them and is like dem neva satisfy. I surely let God handle both of them . Right now she ah get the whole HTB and Yummy factory ina one. And she still ah hang on fi dear life cause she no wah no baddie remind har seh she was warned.


It sad cause this germs just walk round a gi out pickni and dont care if and where dem eat or sleep.Sometimes you see these girls wid stress and dem a teck it out pon di pickni dem but dem figget seh ah dem go trouble di pickni dem by picking some waste man fi be di Daddy. As for me, I let the Government handle his ASs. He will realize when he try to take the next flight out he country and they take him off the plane..


  1. Ms D she sure love throw words on her besties them sah.

    A wonder how many likes he got, because them say the truth cause an offense but it’s not a sin.

  2. Him a talk di truth doh. You can tell the proud matie dem. Fb and instagram flood wid dem a try prove seh dem fake happy. DWL.
    I bet you every night dem cry when dem affi go bed go hug up di baby alone.
    Weh dem Seh “Mommy’s baby,Daddy Maybe”.
    Mi cah sorry fi no gal weh did happy when did a bubble . Get happy now when you have di fatherless child too. Throwing shades yup..

  3. Lol its true n who wan vex can vex….some of these women love get up n breed for wotless man or Man who live with their main women or wife when they know where di man protitity lies…..this is 2016 who really have time for that….NO AMBITION, SELF WORTH, MORALS or values..worst dem selfish Bad bad, cause dem nuh tink sey di pickni nuh want to live in a family unit…..if it nah work out den it nuh work out..but to purposely guh breed when so muchhh contreception deh bout is dam right slackness and foolishness. Value yourself n stop bawl sey u a strong oman cause u alone raise a child..when dem knw what dem did a get dem self inna…..

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