1. At 1:30 in this interview Furtyle Brain said “sometimes it’s good to be abnormal”, referring to his goat horn implants on his head. Well, in other news, did anyone do anything normal today?

  2. suh a fi him way dis tuh been seen cuz cu nuh bada nuh waan hear him…tings sum ppl duh tuh be relevant i tell yuh,didnt watch de interview nd will never mi c de pic nd a comment

  3. Suh dis man raily had these goat horns surgical implanted inna him skull???????????????????????????? :matabelo :matabelo

    1. Yeppy :ngakak If yuh eveeeeer unsure bout di meaning of DYAM EEDIAT…..den see it deh :ngakak Who eeena dem righted mind duh dem tings dere..Di horns dem suit him goat-looking face doe :ngakak

      1. Yawdy, mi did think seh it was ah pin up hairstyle til mi finish watch di video an di man seh is surgically implanted the skulls are into his skull.. :jrb:

  4. Everybody wants to be different and doing the same gimmicks and lies to make a name instead of earning attention via talent. A real circus Dancehall turn

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