LLOYD Bogle, the 64-year-old British resident stranded in Jamaica and whose case has drawn international attention since the Jamaica Observer broke the story Tuesday, says he is encouraged that the British High Commission in Jamaica has decided to look into the matter.
Bogle was responding to the lead story in yesterday’s edition of the Observer which reported that the British High Commission in Jamaica has asked United Kingdom Immigration authorities to give urgent attention to his case.
“I am really encouraged by the fact that the British high commissioner has indicated that he will look into my case,” Bogle told the Observer yesterday. “I was at the point in my life where I felt like I was losing my mind. I felt like I wanted to give up, but this ray of hope has left me feeling encouraged.”
High Commissioner David Fitton said Tuesday that he had referred Bogle’s case to the UK Visas and Immigration Department to review urgently. He said, however, that he could not comment further because he had to protect Bogle’s privacy.
The 64-year-old Jamaican, who has been living in England for more than 50 years, came to the island on a two-week visit in September last year but has been unable to leave because of his immigration status.
Ostensibly, Bogle does not have British citizenship and so requires a visa to return to England. However, his application for a visa was denied by the British High Commission in Jamaica.
Yesterday, Bogle described the last few days — after the Observer highlighted his plight — as the most encouraging for him since he was left stranded after trying to leave the island last October.
“I was left really frustrated. To be sitting down not being able to move around, not being able to see my family; I was at the point of losing my mind,” said Bogle.
“[But] with what I have heard over the past few days I have been given a reason to believe, to hope again,” Bogle said. He also said that despite his predicament, he would not have a problem visiting Jamaica again.
“I am really thankful to the people and to those who came to my rescue and who assisted me despite not knowing me,” Bogle said.
Bogle also said family and friends in the UK have called to inform him that political representatives from his hometown in Oldham have expressed an interest in helping.
At the same time, Jamaica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs A J Nicholson said he would also be looking into the matter and was on board with the British high commissioner who has asked his colleagues to review the case.
Minister with Responsibility for Information Senator Sandrea Falconer also said that she would be contacting Jamaica’s High Commissioner to London Aloun N’dombet-Assamba to seek her assistance.


  1. I am glad he is getting help, but given the laws in the UK I am suprised that he did not sort out his citizenship in 50 years. Granted when he arrived things were not so strict, but they have been for many years now

  2. Good Morning Met,Metters,peepers nd Others…
    I hope dem don’t just give dis man a visa but str8 citizenship him is a british after all dats de only life de man know.

  3. @Simply, i soooo agreed.. At this point, me really expect fi hear this maanin seh dem giv him him black book and him a fly out satday maaning…A suh him ting fi set rostoh, di man earn it, him fi get it. Its OBVIOUS HI’S RECORD HAS BEEN UNBLEMISHED AND HE SPENT 98PERCENT A HIM LIFE INNA UK…A BLACK BOOK HIM FI GET..DEM FI STOP CONSIDA AND SET DI MAN FREE…I HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR THESE THINGS, I REALLY DONT…THOSE WHO THEY NEED TO BLACKLIST, DEM NAH FOCUS PON..IM SO ANNOYED, BUT THANKFUL TO THE OBSERVER STILL, FOR BRING SUCH ATROCITY TO PUBLIC VIEW..

  4. And clearly he is ah very hard working man as well, for him tuh be able tuh draw early retirement…they need tuh consider all things into factor and pardon him this one time for his mistake and sawt him out properly…

  5. England need fi fly di gate an mek Mister Bogle pass thru. Di people dem a Portland kaint manage di British accent suh dem want him fi leave tuh. Win win on all sides….:ngakak

  6. I hope him get thru. But him haffi take done of the responsibility. Ok him go as a child, but is over 50 years him dere, what make him feel like he could just walk out and walk back in without doing anything with his status. He hadn’t left in all those years so it’s for him to sort out, u know u font born there his a Jamaican passport was going help u? Not so brite in the head at all. Good citizen in the country don’t give him a right to re-enter. When we font born on these countries it’s not owed to us. Mi did feel for him all the same and home dem give him a break

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