5 thoughts on “GOD KNOW DIS SERIOUS

  1. Stop stop please stop give sexual deviants and corrupted homosexual sexual trysts a platform !
    Really ? One comment means no one wah go there .

    He defiled his over thirty year marriage. Gave into his lust one time too many and died a death he deserved . Humiliation .

  2. bad heart and anal penetration probably led to stimulus of the vagal nerve which caused his heart to stop……simple medical explanation….the story however, is hilarious…..

  3. My favorite show in the evenings. Met did you see the one where one brother had sex with his brothers wife – during oral he drowned her to death..and then call the brother before calling the paramedics- so the husband came how to see his wife dead on the brother’s tool? dem people yah nuh joke–some story weh come on pan yah, sometimes mi tink hard fi believe them..

  4. The wife in denial that her hubby wud want anal sex,i don’t believe it’s his first time being penetrated.

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