Met this big woman real man crep bottom and shoe lace come from foreign and come a jamaica a war me friend over her baby father wey no want her the man live wid har and she a war young gyal over him she name vivia porter pon facebook , every week the man sen me friend a western union and him jus na leave mi fren alone and me friend a keep her dance july and the man a fly in, this big worm stay bad woman kelly a run har foot red. Vivia have a man clown step daughter mi soon send in fi har file family of man tetes.


9 thoughts on “GOOD LORD

  1. Senda a wah u have to gain u come a buy out di ppl dem tory eeh …looking at ting 1 an ting 2 Mi waan si ting 3 weh Dem a fight ova…an u ting 4 go hold a corna u life miserable baddddd.

  2. At this point I would call the accused “man in di middle” to the stand, sir how do you plea to these charges leveled against you.
    Man:not guilty your honor.
    Unno to bad cause matey deh pon fleek and wifey….well no words no come to mind.

  3. Go pon vivia page u see the man. Lol.. it first me look pon. But sender send the worst pic a the wife. So whats ur friend fb page

  4. dah friend yah a idiot cuz it look like a mash she want mash up Fi har friend life kmft,mi nuh want nuh friend like dat at all

  5. Dis luk suspicious to me. Like a d side chick sen I d pic & a gwaan like a fren. But hear dis, d side chick ugly nuh bbc Luk gud pon har face ppl. Sen fi har name come mek we pull up fi har file. Supn bout da story ya nuh right a raas
    Met weh u deh? Come preside over da court ya

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