A 27-YEAR-OLD man of Mpika has died of wounds he sustained in a fight with a man he suspected of flirting with his wife. According to Muchinga Province police commissioner Auxensio Daka, the deceased, Ng’andu Mutale, explained that he engaged in a fight with a man only identified as Chanda after he found him in a compromised situation with his wife, Josephine Katiya, 25. Daka said Mutale, after he was assaulted, had reported to police that he had always suspected Chanda of having an affair with Josephine. During a fight with Chanda over his wife, Mutale is alleged to have been stabbed in the head with a sharp instrument and suffered serious wounds, which he succumbed to at Michael Chilufya Sata Hospital in Mpika on Wednesday. Daka said in an interview yesterday that Mutale had reported a case of unlawful wounding to police on April 3 after he was stabbed in the head. “Mutale of Chikwanda village had reported a case of unlawful wounding on Sunday, 3 April, 2016 in which he was stabbed in the head by male, Chanda, other names not known, but aged about 35 of Chintu village, chief Chikwanda in Mpika, using unknown instrument,” Daka said. He said Mutale’s death was made known to police on Wednesday by his brother, Kennedy. Daka said a docket has since been opened and investigations launched while Chanda, who is on the run, is being pursued.

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