6 thoughts on “GOOD MERNINNNN

  1. Mi dow waan seh Met wikid, but Met yuh terrible plus tax! Dah tikle deh…lol lol lol

    And di pose, like shi sawf an tenda. Gwan troo my girl, show dem how it’s done!

    A good way fi stawt di day yah, wid ah good lol

  2. Notwithstanding. ..the fact is she can tek a girl’s man….maybe not YOUR man but smaddie else.Gwaan through Goodie cuz all cat eyes glow in the dark.

    1. Me love you because you heart have much room to love unconditionally, wid out pardon . Yu daughta have a great dad :kiss

      Me exposure to evil people limit me in compassion.

      1. I love you for your balance n how centered you are PP.yesterday I had a passionate debate for a good 20 odd minutes n u will be surprised to know it was because of YOU PP that made me steadfast in countering this lady’s view.

        We in office n she a read the paper n give out…

        “That’s why me glad n thank God mi nuh have any children because me woulda must chop up smaddie”

        Me look pon her n she tear out her eyes at me . remember now even then mi a mind mi bizness enuh PP.But then she come siddung beside me n asked a wha…so mi tell her.

        I know ppl who would love to have kids n if it meant the necessary tragedy of chopping ppl for them that is kool because the blessing n joy the kids bring would make it worth it. Why would u thank God for that, don’t u know children are a blessing? I know of someone who would make a near perfect mom because of her beautiful soul…that a u PP.Ppl who don’t want be moms mustn’t n those who are moms but never wanted to be,God must plz work it out to make those kids be with ppl like u PP.

        She has her masters so it wasn’t any market ooman ignorant cussing she gave me n we were fairly quiet. Yes mi get her point still. Thanks for all your loving support it makes me enjoy the compliments n forget the insults. :angel :peluk

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