0 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING PLATTY

  1. Uptown u need fi relax kmrt this a mixup f**king site and wi want to likkle blem its def my concern cause it’s on jmg why u a ask question cho… Mek the stories roll eeen mon and stop aggravate mi
    Not the sender btw

  2. Platty meck har beauty guh to waste. When you nuh bawn wid headpiece fi teck education and you hab looks dem u use it fi secure di best life possible fi uself, not by sleeping around will all kinda strange men, but my mecking sure u snag di big kahuna as a husband suh u sekkled. Now u stock value gone dung and u still a roam. Platty, u should have been settled well by now, you hab maybe 5-7yrs of decent looks leff, u nuh guh back to school, look a trade or nutten, suh u betta use dat 5-7 well.

  3. D same site weh u get d pic if u never so full of hatred for her u wud a did c d man in d pic. So what if she lie say she a breed. Damn man come wid suppen better.

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