>>>>>>>>Good Night metty, just get a call smaddy a ask if me hear sehh kitt lick dung kelly ouuta 1 gas station. all me coulda do a laugh cuz idk how the tory guh, you hear anything mumma???


  1. Who is so obsessed???
    Now unless Kit have supernatural powers the man been in NY with his family from the month start so is where him stay and lick dung Kelly?
    Psycho, obsessed, insane, pathetic person leave the man alone. It a get stale and sickening now!

  2. Senda yuh seh a PRAYER dis mawnin?????? Caus yuh sad baaaaaad!!! Yuh have a Job?? Yuh have a life???? Di bwoy deh wid him ooman n pickney a foreign!! unnu stop stalk di yute nuh…jah kno god nuh lef nuh more man pon earth?? F**KIN PATHETIC!!!

  3. Yuh mean him deh farin wid one a him gyal den Caz the amount a ooman this bwoy have . Clearly is one Weh cannot get Buddy a stalk him . Stop stalk him and him gyal den man this is beyond sad now . Sender yuh sad Nuh blooooodclaaat

  4. @ISpy no the person is Kelly. She know the man in NY wid him family and it a mad har So when a Nuh ppl wey know him baby madda she a tell story she a send in story to Met. Kelly leave the yute, stop try mash up di man family. @ Petrina yuh see him family pictures on him IG.
    Kitt a hope yuh learn yuh lesson yuh lie with dog yuh rise wid flea. Yuh see how everything a come back pon yuh. Learn

  5. Picta Pon instagram proves NOTHING. NUFF a dem guy here have dem babymodda and have other woman and dem BABYMOTHERS well aware and stay and keep up with the bumming a .Him clearly Nuh have no respect or loyalty to him babymother. All this drama from when oh when n she still deh with him . Me hear seh the kelly she always a throw stuff Inna di babymodda face so dem muss know . Ispy you are right him lay with a dog bitch so she will forever stalk him .its sad that she can’t leave the man alone tho . Kelly a suh Kitt buddy sweet you noooooo man . You are one f**king obsessed bitch .

  6. @Petrina smaddi need fi seek help fi Kelly and Edel caus dem mek it look like di world start and end wid kit everyday suh a somethinelse if dem naa throw wud afta one annedda or a bring story ova ya. N no matter wah the boii a put him family first not one mention nor knowings of this Thoteena Kelly n Ugly hard fi look pon filta drama Edel. but Kitt mi hope yuh learn dat dem gyal ya siick nuh rass smaddi need fi poison dem!!

  7. All Weh a Gwan me a pree the whole heep a post a Mek over here . It’s no secret a road seh Kelly ruffiless stalk and a mad over Kit and Kit tyad fi lick dung har Bloodclaaat . Edel now me never hear seh that filter master a walk and talk bout Kitt suh obviously she nah put the Boi Pon har head a who ever a Send in den post Ya a put the Boi Pon the gyal head fi har and the last time me hear me cuda swear she and a white man out ya deh. Kit Nuh have one learn a learn Caz him don’t respect him babymodda . When kelly dash the things dem inna har face a suh the one shev she sidung and bawl . Family or no family first the fact remains the Boi nah guh stop f***k Pon har and she nah guh stop tek the bunnings and sidung and bawl Caz kit is the last man Pon earth fi she . Kelly have no life we all know she is a mad gyal Weh love suck cocky n think that a guh hold di man dem. she suck off ruffi think him did a guh stay and suck off Kit and him def never stay. Woiiii a Ya suh nice . Don’t like one bone inna miss filter master but if she and kit really a f**k clearly she nah mad over the dick Caz Nuh matter what people seh or do she handle har business well and Nuh tek no distractions . But I wonder if she know seh him is a ole whore Caz kit walk and f**k and him not even like f***k wid condom. Dem gyal Ya better be careful . But kelly stop send in the ppl den over ya . Get over kit now yuh Nuh tyad fi stalk the Boi!???? You and yuh fren dem sidung Pon instagram a crawl Pon di people dem page a try investigate and see who a comment Pon who fa pics and see who a like who da pics.


  9. EDEL AKA “NUH LIKE NONE A UNNU” CAUZ WI KNO ITS YOU!!!! YUH REACH OVA YAA EEHHH. nuh baddi nuh inna di TENNAMENT store a buy nothin doa. smh..frm week unnu at it a fling word. you wish yuh did have a white man a JA or a man fi dat matta.hahaha. yuh think big ppl a fool yuh “hence yuh IG post bout whiteman” smh yuh a SAD BITCH TOO JUS LIKE F**KBOX KELLY.

  10. yup most definatley thats edel writing dis long rass epistle a talk inna di 3rd person bout she nuh like filta bitch….we kno yuh hate yuh self EDEl. N aint noway yuh have nuh f**kin white man caus Alex wud not look at u ole turbit yuh wish..lmaf… fi smaddi wehh pay part rent inna di tenement store and cum frm merica yuh surely dress like a Salvation Army /Thrift shop hoe. bitch remove yuhself n guh buy some clothes. KELLY we kno yuh puppa affi guh raise frm di dead fi help yuh!!disgrace!!!!

  11. wi nuh biznis wid di boii n him babymadda dem a live dem life sameway wid dem pickney.unnu jus like to be seen ehhh?? wehh donkeyface kelly send een da Lame story ya fah kmft. yuh owna frenz a laugh n chat yuh.One gyal can siick suh?? as fi edel yuh love hide an cum ova yah fi cum defend wat??clearly you are “nuh like none a unnu” as di person above said. anytime yuh country name call ova yah…yuh cum run eeeh a try gi yuhself props n in di same breath a try disguise a chat moderately bad bout yuh self…YUH A SCHIZOPHRENIC BITCH.Met need fi block yuh rass!

  12. Senda come jus vent and get it all out yuh system. We tired fi hear bout Kitt and Edel and Kitt and Kelly and Kitt and Babbymodda. So just talk the things today. Get what a bodda yuh off a yuh chess today and don’t bring up this tired story again. We T-I-R-E-D a Kitt story dem.
    So we confirm him love f**k
    We confirm 2 out of the many caan get ova him buddy. Who naw move to Jamaica fi be wid him next a stalk him day and night
    We confirm him give Kelly some licks
    We confirm him Babbymodda nuh matter what naw let go
    So senda unless is a new gyal new story we bored a the same old same old. Stalking is a pathetic trait suh drop it.

  13. I love the metters as unno call out Edel bout har 3rd person white man comment gyal remove it off har page. DWL heng right up. Kitt it ruff 2 mad gyal one time. But hot off the press the man baby modda is now his wife. So Edel pack and go home and Kelly family life ministry give free counseling cause yuh need help. Mi loike it Kitt drop the Picha dem mek we see the wedding.

  14. Senda yuh seem well obsessed wid Kit and him woman dem doe . Tyad a di same ting ova and ova now . Come new or Nuh come at all

  15. Nuh like none a unno make sure yuh tek yuh own advice. You Miss Edel need fi leggo to yuh just as mad as Kelly. I swear after I read the Jigga story and see this as women unno is a disgrace. A wah dem man a the only man left pon earth mek unno stalk dem suh. Wey Kitt have to give none a unno. Kitt a u a de last man alive fi dem gyal yah. Unno sick me. Don’t return wid this story it played out

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