Do post dis fi mi, di one trey king gardener a guh round like she “real rich” real rich me bum***at 😂😂😂 shi nuh stop teef off the ppl dem money offah google n a talk seh a fi ar. Look yah nuh man shi need fi stop it mi iggy fi ar cause a di end a di day shi a tell class ppl bouh hw she a millionaire n dont own a pot fi piss inah much less a window fi throw it thru. Tel ar fi stop it ! Mi cross fi di gyal esi. She need a man fi f**k ar prolly dem time deh shi wi definitely be “real rich”
Trey Gardener #Stop #It


5 thoughts on “GOOGLE FUNDS

  1. Oh my goodness!!! Mi shame fi her. Lol dwl boyyyyyyy…..thats why yuh cant believe everything you see on social media enuh.

    1. Lmao me say the senda dem dangerous today.. A fuss me a hear smaddy really teef money from google. A how she one manage fi do dat.. Ppl nuh easy lmao

  2. Who still do dem tings yere. Tief money pics off google. Lmao bwoy u cnt trust these people on social med. Look wat she write to no (my monthly pay for the month) smh loool too funny

  3. A wah some a dem ago do if all internet go weh??? Some a dem ago dead cause likes a dem only fren… Poor dem that’s messy.

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