Goodafternoon to all, Met big up yuh self

Anyways deh Met mi just a drop my two cents inna di day ya..Mi ave Nikki Chromaz pan mi snap and it’s like every other week she sick no lies Met.. Or even one week out each month she sick..To the point where she naw eat and just a sleep for days and ar ambition less gf just cock up inna di bed a snap but any who all me affi seh is Chromazz tek better care of yourself stop go inna might cold a nuh every scene yuh affi deh pan but keep in mind that’s how HIV is you’ll start out getting sick a lot and getting better after a couple days but it’s really your immune system breaking down it will take time to show on a test for up to ten years it can lay low in your body and you don’t know.. And wid all them tattoos deh and ting uuh never know if the needles were properly sterilized or brand new.. Keep quiet young girl and tek care of yourself I’m not hating I’m just putting something out there for people to be mindful of and tek Heath to because there is no reason in the world that every month yuh sick sometimes all for more than 1 week met kmt anyways I gone

15 thoughts on “CHROMAZ GO GET A CHECK UP OO

  1. Wow……Nobody suppose to sick suh. So baby girl gwan go check up yuhself zn. And for all the metzy’s it is better to know of any illness to aid in treatment.

  2. Pussy juice a sick her! Germs from the dildos could be the main factor as well, tap put ur mouth on the pussy after dildo pentration sicky sicky fowl!

  3. @Nikki nobody nah bad mind you so hope you tek the word of advice. Partying, drinking, smoking and KFC everyday, etc nah do you nuh good…go get yourself a check up and tek care of yourself!

    Oh and if you ago tek a gal, at least tek one weh hav likkle more a gwaan fi har…a nuff big money lesbian deh a Portmore!js!

  4. One a nikki friend dem dis send in the post to promote her. Met u fi start charge ppl fi send in post cause a free promotion dem a get.

    Not a thing wrong wid her she maybe have a partya come up or something. When met post about dem then ppl guh pon dem instagram page and add dem and dem get nuff followers and then feel like dem a somebody.

    1. Den a bad madd madd ppl dem yah den… How Yuh go tell lie pan sickness.. An Words have so much powa!! I was gonna say it’s the bleaching cause d3m pores naw breathe but….

  5. How you know she really sick? For all you know she could be pretending to be sick on snap for attention then you come in talking about AIDS. Sender mind your damn business

    1. Lowe senda because she/him a talk Wey she/him see Nikki post. Nikki surrounding is very dirty….so much people pack up Inna ar room…she have bad hygiene also…guess you missed the post with her dirty finger nails. Nikki sick like Dawg and no dance nuh miss ar. She stand up in dey drink the hard liquor like a Buckley……mi naw say she have AIDS but she lost a lot of weight and it’s no secret that she sells. Only she and her GP know her status ya man.

  6. Me really always a wonder to how she dweet, party every night, cock up Inna bed with the girlfriend a snap. Baby girl yuh life style nuh healthy

  7. Unhealthy lifestyle and Di bleaching the chemicals in the products can trigger other things. My cousin used to bleach and now the some part nerves blood isn’t circularing properly I can’t remember what the condition is call.

    1. nikki is nobody n it’s not badmind it’s facts.Her room always trashy,s he’s hype for no reason. There’s nicer girls out there n not acting like her.To me she’s a never see cum see that praise only vanity.To how she hype all her bed room should off more upgrade smh.And it’s these people make she feel on top.

  8. Suh a couldnt cramps the girl a have? If a every month she sick fi a week or suh a cant har period she a see and av bad cramps??

  9. @Confuse

    Kmt dem deh Gyal deh nuh see period, ain’t no way in the world dem see period and every night them deh a dance a skin out and cock up pan head top even if them have on tampon mi still woulda feel weird fi gone and a dash out Suh smh Suh a nuh cramps a baxide Dwl

  10. Facts! Yow this young gal na’ve no shame! There’s never a day on snap when her room is clean …the things dem chuck up chuck up. And then the cheap sheet pon her nice bed always looks dirty, and half spread. Young hot nice looking girls like those living like f***g pigs… almost every time I watch her snaps when she’s at home MI shake me head. See me and come live with me a two different things. She hot a dance and her ‘house’ nuh proper.. MI see she put up a.c in her room and all now it cya turn on.. MI nah laugh. Nikki put u money to use u girl.. time a get harder. So-so Clothes and shoes and gah dance every night is not a good look, Get a 9-5.

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