Dear Met:
Suh mi hear say StarBoy ah run road wid him new Oman Tracy-Ann him
Wife left him and him a gwaan find another sponsor all him do is chase after women and have them tek care of him.. Him poor baby madda post ah picture of him out while she ah at di hospital wid her sick Pinckney mi wonda if him new ooman no him soon lef her to go back wid him wife and kids

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  1. That bitch is boring. All day long. Kids nah hold nuhhhhh man again. Gwan tru Tracy tek a gal man & tun har inna matie

    1. So tell me wah a gwan with Andrew Statement in a prison wid fi him high sex crime charge fi deh with little pickney. Him a face a lot a time. Mi wah hear it pan the broadcast.

  2. Poor Tracy. My girl you no have no luck ina di man dept. Juss stay ina you church and gwan serve God. You done have out you lott already and you done been there done that. When you was a teenager a do road and your ppl dem di a warn you about it, this was the consequences they were u warning about. Thank God him never gi you no Dawta cause lord you woulda feel all a di stress dem weh you put you madda chu right about now.
    Tracey at the age of 36 why are you still confuse about your sexuality? Please stick to one side of the fence and stop dabbling. You notice everytime you get a man weh no come from Philly dem own you up and then all of a sudden dem end up switch? Well the Philadelphia ppl seems to always remind them about you past and dem cah stummuck it so dem run along. Look how you did a serve God faitfully and then all of a sudden you pop wid new man you figet God. Stop mock God and only use him when you have man problem. Take this all as another lesson and run.

  3. Morning Met & Metters. Is who dem people here? KMT. Mi want fir hear about TIA that got a sad beating from her baby daddy over the weekend. Maine-gy you better take heed.


  5. this man is a married man Tracy need to go sit down with this rat looking man….. Him wife name Tiffany and they have two babies together and dem still together..

  6. He is a married man with three kids she need to go find her own kids father and run road wid him…… Him probably embrass to have Pitney with her

  7. This man have three kids and Tracy want to run road with him all di time…. She need to be with her own baby father she want to be wifey but she MATEY to di world she nuh star girl…. She di road gyal

    1. Mi wah hear bout Andrew Statement and fi him high sex crime charge weh den hold him pon Inna prison. Den teck him out of the barber shop few days ago

    1. He is currently in custody for having sex with a minor. Heard he not coming out no time soon and knowing he wasn’t a US citizen a free flight is always inevitable

    2. Monique miserable pussy because Andrew never want you that’s the reason be careful what you wish for

  8. Why you all worried about the next man business ??? Worry about what’s going on in your own life because it’s obvious have issues some come to light (pinkWall) and some don’t … So you can’t Josef the next man…. And yuh go off hear say …

    1. A who fa girl pickney 100 dollar trouble and which one of the statement this letigating for the defendant

  9. Everybody need to mind their business .. Most of the people going off hear say and if it’s from someone within his (they) circle they need to go suck they madda…

  10. SMH…. A wah gwaan a Philadelphia , Philly full a sex offender & child molester.lawd gimme di pilla and tek the case if u nuh busy. Mi Si post ON MAY 7, bout PHILLY MAYOR DANDAN A F**K OFF HIM DAWTA AND NEICE A WAH DO DEM PPL YAH. WAH GWAAN WHAT KIND A WORLD WE LIVE IN

    1. Andrew Statement in prison for being a predator on little child. Lord have mercy on those little child and suffer them not with these sex offenders. He should also know that anyone committed such offense automatically removed from united and such shall be registered as an sex offender

  11. When have $100 been enough to take care of a child ???? Especially when co pays are 63$ a week we have a starboy fan here

  12. You all can enjoy the ride but let’s see where you going to go when the Shop close down, you all better pray he comes out, you some nasty ass f**kers and jealous killing a nasty shit like you duty ass people but KARMA fi all you B**hes & stinking mouth Man

  13. You a talk bout Andrew getting deported remember your nasty ass get deport and you come back on banana boat but if Andrew get deported for something he didn’t do am going to make sure you get dip too so keep digging hole you might deal in it yourself nasty jealous f**ker but KARMA fi you boy Andrew have better mind than you and better person than you that’s why you and your badmind friends them no like him but God never turn him back on good people and he going to live here in the US till he get old so enjoy your time f**ker I hope you can buy dinner this evening and not begging any biddy you know yourself LMAO the joke is on you cause we know the two of you Who doing this and saying these shit, remember you leaching off a mother man for shelter, and the next one making money off the barbershop but you have to go no joke about that.

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