This is the story of jojo from jersey she f**k Bang belly nyammy kid and him take picture of her spread out send to everybody she tell people how she drink and never know but you know when it was time to collect the f***k … Jojo the people them say you must go visit the emergancy room cause (Edited) you run go give Grammy kid the p**y again in the range rover but look at the state of your panty croches him is a nasty dog to to even f** you . u stop repeat clothes and take set on sassi clothes them friday night she wear the purse you couldn’t wait a day later the next dat you take up the purse wear it






0 thoughts on “GRAMMY DREGS

  1. sassi in the green dress and matress jojo in the yellow which chinese willie you no see is the infection from the pussy run gone to the eye them

  2. I swear Nyammy kid doing all dat fi hide di fact seh him use to phuck the AIDS victim whey dead. Him have something against females. Women, girls, gals, harlot and the list goes on, unuh nuh read JMG? Unuh guh back inna di archive and dig up Ashley Puff whey dem sey AIDS kill story and unuh si how Nyammy Kid name call pan her pumpum. Him use to duh 2, 3, 4, 5some with shi and Roxy. Look how that big nose motherphucka ugly and disgusting, him look like a big dike, and him always a diss up women, and unuh idiot gal always a mek him use him big tongue an trick unuh. Mi notice sey him love fat gal whey look like the ones above the only decent looking girl him deh wid was Lorraine. Him must talk bout how him drink out every ounce of cum outta Ashley puff HIV then AIDS front. Disgust mi

  3. @it is are here . you never hear seh ashly make the list and give it to police and nyammy never wanted to get tested him f**k too much and never use boots yet walk round and a shot the girls them thats why him run out a jersey gone Florida with the whale because him f**k a rasta name empressD and give her std

  4. lol bwoy uno jersey people wicked nuh clot Grammy Kid is alot a things i agree but the man neva eva did f**k ashley puff because he was ****king her friend and every body weh use to party at that time did know that so who ever a write that must be newish to dance hall and which part a Lorraine look good she a the WORST looking FAT GAL him did deh with the gal weh him claim a wife now a she look the best outta all the gal them him ever deal with up front and sassi and jojo a likkle gal them just a bust them country nuh rass and they look a hot mess All THE TIME they need to go sit dung and go look a life and a career CAUSE NONE A DEM DOHHHHHH MEK IT HOT MESS.ORG

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