UNITED KINGDON — A Jamaican crack dealer who went by the name ‘Blood’ has won the right to stay in Britain despite being jailed for drug offences.

The DailyMail online news reported that Keno Forbes, 35, was also banned from an entire London borough but has been told he can stay in the country because deporting him would breach his family life.

The article said that Forbes admitted 11 charges of supplying ‘class A’ drugs and was jailed at Blackfriars Crown Court in 2011 for three years for dealing heroin and cocaine in Islington, North London. He cannot go back there for 10 years.

Forbes was first arrested in July 2011 following a police crackdown on drug dealers called Operation Amargosa. He had a previous conviction for possessing Class A drugs from 2009.

“The Home Office initially applied to have the Jamaican deported but he won his initial tribunal and then won an appeal as well,” DailyMail said.

Justice McCloskey, president of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber Upper Tribunal, said it was a ‘borderline case’ but ruled that he had decided ‘narrowly in favour’ of allowing Forbes to stay.

His lawyers successfully argued that deporting Forbes would ruin his relationship with his wife and children.

He concluded that if the Jamaican was deported: “His wife and children will, realistically, remain in the United Kingdom, giving rise to long term decimation of their established family life.”

At the time of his conviction, Police Constable Claire Millward, from the Islington Crime Squad, said: “This was a protracted investigation to tackle illegal drugs supply in the borough. Forbes came into Islington solely to sell drugs.

His sentence and subsequent ASBO means that he will no longer be able to saturate the streets with his illegal drugs or indeed make a profit from his criminal activities.”

But the Home Office has strongly oblected to the ruling. “We are disappointed by the tribunal’s decision and are now considering our options in this case. We firmly believe foreign nationals who break the law should be deported,” a spokesman said.

“We are starting the deportation process earlier and removing foreign criminals quicker than ever. Since 2010, the Home Office has removed or deported more than 17,000 foreign national offenders, including 4,765 in 2012.

‘Through our Immigration Bill we will reduce the 17 rights of appeal to four and those with no right to be here will not be able to prevent deportation simply by dragging out the appeals process.”


  1. That’s how nuff a dem slime a get dem stay in the UK. To think that a lot of Black British women fell for that rubbish that Yard man would whisper in our ears about Jamaican women. The reason why these cruffs cannot stand Jamaican women is because sensible Jamaican women, whether ghetto or high class, Town or Country know a Jamaican Male cruff on sight.
    Women in Britain need to stop breeding for dem germs man. It’s the woman’s crotch fruit (‘cos that’s how these kind of men regard their offspring) that makes these kind of men stay in Britain. Even if the men don’t mind dem pickney or have an emotional connection to their children, the women lie for them. Cho, sometimes, I can’t even blame the men. We get eleven years of free education in Britain. Too many of us British sisters will lie down with foreign dog because we don’t like to raise our standards to get any good British man. And we wonder why Jamaican women laugh after us. Why wouldn’t they?

    1. I think it’s more white British women who are falling prey to dese men cause I see the thirst in these women they all aspire to marry a Jcan drug dealer

    2. how do you justify calling your own parents “FOREIGN DOGS”? Why are you so angry against your own kind? I take it one a di breda dem lef u fi white gal? Never mind, maybe if calm down pon di attitude yu might find yuself a nice man (dat is a maybe tho) But garanteeee! If yu lef di pub, club an binge drinking life an go a one likle church yu wi defo find good man but no yu waan bling bling! so dont cuss di breda beca him a sumady pikni to!
      him children dem have a right under both domestic an international law found in U.N.C.R.C transposed in the B.C.I Act 2009 section 55 & enshrined in di statutory guidline on “EVERY CHILD MATTERS”… not to mention his rights under EU Law. Good luk in life an may Gad find him way to yu hart.

  2. Hi Met. Just to add that I don’t think that the man is a cruff because he is from Jamaica. What I am saying is that too many a British Punny catch a fire with the first “w’happen”. Less discernment is used getting pregnant for a yard man than a British man. In the case of a “yardie” Jamaican, the outcome is always the same. Either it is designer clad denial, madness, vale of tears or competing with a harem/coven of other babymothers for attention from the man (often disguised as “the child must have a father in his/her life).
    I fell for that okey doke twenty odd years ago (without the anti Jamaican woman ting). Getting pregnant was one thing, but I knew that I would have been the fool of fools to marry him. Truss mi, I know why Jamaica doesn’t want back her deportees. Problem is we don’t want these slime scandalising Jamaica’s name over here, either…..like how dem nuh like nutting brown or black ova yah.

  3. Now that’s a face only a mother coul love. As well they should keep him if they deport him he’s just going to be anther problem to society.

      1. Don’t worry too much about “O WELL” fi har parents dem cum fram dung ya to, an nutn more dan a man lef har fi a nex gal wuss if she white! As fi har 2nd comment a try change har talk bout “punny ketch a fire” mek she gweh! ca she know se no British man no waan no pikni fi hole him dung an di British gal dem (blak an wyte) waan di pikni dem fi state benefit. So is a tit fi tat in some case weh di man provide likle juice and di baby get use fi get house an money.
        On a dif note it is sad when deportation case involving children turns to the worst and very rarely one of us get a break so hats off to di breda an hope him turn him life around. Peace n love .. God bless.

  4. Are we sure this dude isn’t also claiming “how you do-ing” as a reason he can’t return to Jamaica because he sure looks it to me.

  5. anybady waan likle help wid any deportation matter come link mi ova fb an no pay O’ WELL no mind caa she mus-si drop out-a one nex ole oda dan di one everybady com from. wen people get kick out a people yaad a one shameful ting enuh!

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