Popular Jamaican selector from who hailed from New Jersey Shonari ‘GrammyKidd’ Aitcheson who was incarcerated last year is still being held in a New Jersey’s Essex county jail. Aitcheson is being held on $2300.00 bond for non-payment of child support.

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  1. LMAO, Met? You a the bestest, so this is the same guy who was with Ashley Puff who died from Aids and he is now with Kiesha Platinum who send her husband Donavan go Jail because her Pumpum condem?? So should we assume the Kid have Aids and that means..HMMMMMM. Ok then.

    1. Bwoy mi ah tell unu…dem terrible eeh sah!!! So this dude is arrested for non-payment of child support????? DWMFL!!!…the court system ain’t playin with dey assses no more; once that warrant is issued for your arrest and it goes into the system, they will get yo asss, by any means necessary…you can run, but you can’t hide for too long :hammer :hammer :hammer

  2. So nobody cannot bail him wid 2300? If I laugh I faaat in yah. Let him rot in Jail, I have no respect for these dancehall men who dont want to support their kids.

    1. And that $2,300.00 is just bail; it does not include fees for license restitution or back and current child support payments, so more than likely, he’s still in jail because the total amount due, exceeds $2,300.00. What a loser!!!

  3. Met a when dis cuz Mrs Kidd was seen a green and black in karu a party Wid her man the 2 a dem come a party and a de 2 dem leave

  4. No pity for him but him a pose up inna dancehall…a dem man deh u want inna u life Keisha and b stepdaddy, uno backwards…Nuh him was posing off wid namebrand shoe and rae tae, good for him….no pity fi deadbeat

  5. Dem a show off all kinds of brand name and can’t pay $2300 I guess stolen credit card can’t use to post bond kmt

  6. Didn’t he get arrested this year? I don’t see how he still in jail for 2,300. Something isn’t adding up. Didn’t he have big party this year

  7. good day met,metters,peepers nd others..
    den grammy a really 29 and luk near 47 mi laff a bloodclaat dem sad bad dem need fi hold on pon mappie him next yep i sure sed cum knock mi cyber nung

  8. Him lock up from June 2013, spen all him birthday a jail. Den miss plattypums nuh mus find nex man cuz shi nuh loyal. Uhmmnn so she coudnt post d bail n pay off him back monies since she got it like dat????

  9. Ms Met , sorry to say this story is not accurate . Grammy Kidd keep him party on March 8 2014 @ Newark New Jersey and me sure me see him and Keisha a party in numerous of places after this . Sumting nuh rite .

    1. Check the screen shot…Him case nuh go court yet so I dont have the details..maybe that was the arrest and he was released a doe know

  10. Well it look like him did get bail @ that time , come out and still never did a pay child support so them come back fi him . And if im not mistaken he was partying in florida around memorial weekend time .

  11. But wait why Keisha can’t bail out her man???? Ah she same one come to ATL the other day and go pon Mic at Toya Stash party “Bout Her Money Long”….lmao.. If you money long why you man still in Jail…. SMH>>>>>>

    1. Any day name day Feds hold on pon Keisha again is life in prison she going to get, Yes her money long like the river nile with the illegal crap she be doing, some people never learn. She need fi go jine har husband Donavon in a prison.

  12. Man get old before him young to rass. How him yeye dem so yellow like jaundice a beat him bad.

  13. Met grammy got arrested in march that mugshot you have up top is from his babymom lorana who he owes child support to his wife lorraine had him locked up by immigration for committing marriage fraud and immigration fraud he’s on the immigration website

  14. Met go on and put is full name date of birth and his nationality and you will ser that he’s in immigration custody

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