0 thoughts on “PHYSIOLOGY SHE R BEATING US -_-

    1. or physiologically. if a laugh any harder mi pop up. she probably see the subject mark pon somebody book an a try use it.

    1. Being your man’s biitch in bed is not such a bad thing ( if you into that sorta freaky shiitt )…I’m just sayin :siul

  1. Once you see the label ‘bad bitch’ one needs to look no further for the misspellings and improper grammar. Never fails. Bad bitches= Dunce bitches.

  2. Face look like shi jus wake up, nuh even wash har face nor brush har teeth bout she a post pon IG, dunce bitch

  3. I think she mean she is a mad Bitch…she coulda neva think she cute, that face would all scare Casper the ghost and the body look like dry bunup bacon :hammer

  4. A bigs from Bronx dun out bitch that.Pump up her batty like it about to buss.She Dunn Albany NY now in Bx ny.Worthless Gal that. Night Owl,Dance tete!!!!

  5. Dunce bat bo bad bitch dwrcl. Sum a dem dancehall people yah need to reborn mi naw lie b/c some a d tings dem kin a ketch fyah ova, can stay. She on the other hand, need fi guh back a school or start school. All d wigs, bleaching and fake materials naw seh shit. Get some education!

  6. maam the physiology of your eye dem look like say yuh need some rest. wha unu badda come a farrin fah unu cyaa learn unu ova dunce.

  7. Met mi deh a party Sunday and dem beat the shit out a dah bad bitch yah not one tump she get fi throw

  8. Met she a talk bout the jump apple dem and upscale barbie dem jump har about 8-10 a dem jump har and she handle har own that’s all me can sey cause the big one inna upscale barbie she hold and and nuh let go she give har some bbcl lick.. And the rest a dem all dem do is use to shoe and hit har.. Me naa go lie it was f**ked up and I hope she catch dem one by one… Me nuh business a wa dem a war fa but so much a dem jump har one a f***kery that..

  9. A long time them shoulda kick her ass cause she always a trouble the gal them she call acs pan deh Pinckney and write pure thing bout the gal them pon bronx bling and she nuh see sey her skin look bad nuh rass her friend them a f**kery fi mek the gal them beat her

  10. Yes talkk truth she held her own, dem gyal cyan talk to she because she always by herself and dem haffi walk inna crew!! They PUSSSYYY and I hope she beat dem one by one kmt!!!

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