Cheville y you a cum pon fb a explain di difference between “a greencard holder and a visa” wat you need fi do a explain and tell dem why chino did stay Su long a Ja a caz him did ina scamming and Tek all a Di money n di people dem did a luk fi him fi kill him…. If Ya guh explain plz explain dat den the pppl dem will den understand say him neva only ave visa him Ave greencard and he is a greencard holder (which mean him can stay as long as him wa) but tell dem why him stay a ja Nuh cheville tell dem ! Him eva come pon fb a talk Bou how loyal he is to him friend dem and run weh Lef him friend dem #Watafriendhimbe



  1. naturalized citizenship vs green card vs visa
    DIFFERENCE— priority 1. priority 2 priority 3.
    THE BUS—-the driver(govt)of course in the front seat driving the bus—–the 1st row of passenger seats behind the driver(born citizens,by birth-right) —–the 2nd row of passenger seats is priority 1.(BY PRIVILIGE & NO RIGHT)—–the 3rd row of passenger seats is priority 2(BY PRIVILIGE & NO RIGHT)—–in the 4th row of passenger seats is priority 3(BY PRIVILIGE & NO RIGHT)—–and then you have the passengers in the back seat and the ones who are hitching a ride on the back bumper on the outside of the bus which are priority 4,5 and so forth.
    SIMILARITY ——- EVERY PASSENGER INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OF THE BUS(with the exception of the driver and paaengers in the 1st row of seats behind the driver) ARE AT THE WILL,SOLE DESCRETION & MERCY OF THE DRIVER so figure out the rest! …… one common SIMILARITY than many DIFFERENCE! ……. I peeve at people’s arrogance!

  2. But if she an him never care bout them then she wouldn’t come pon Facebook a mek mention a ntn!

    Them and the idiot that follow them never realise how dem a contradict themselves!

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