Hello Met! I’ve noticed that yall have been sleeping on Lauren Hansle…you know Corey Todd’s former side chick/prostitute. She’s been up to even more things. Not only could she not maintain the school life in farrin where she claims shes taking a “break” she’s back living in Jamaica now. From trusted sources…she’s trying to make it seem like she’s rich n that she have it and is still living off the money that Corey gave her. My girl banked that rass! Her body count has gotten even more juicier….Usain Bolt is the most popular and famous one I hear about and know about now. She has her main man but f**ks Bolt n juggles God knows how many more man n milks dem of their money. Homegirl is about 23 now and has the bodycount of probably the whole uptown Jamaica. What’s even juicier is that she claims to be an artiste now and poor CeCile who has NO knowledge of her background, signed Lauren as her new female on her label and is promoting her like she is the best thing since sliced bread. CeCile needs to do her background research before dem kinda tings u zimmie?! MET PLZ RUN THAT FILE AGAIN! Homegirl has been acting and portraying herself as a money girl who has it but everything the b*tch has is from selling her pu**y. RUN IT MET! LOL


  1. Sender chris martin and usain a fren so cecile mus know har file..she may nuh know bout di selling..also she doe reach no 22 yet …approaching 21 wid nuff mileage fo sure

    1. lauren thinks she is very secretive an dat no one nu know her file. cecile nu kno wa gwan. dem dnt even kno di corey story trus mi

  2. Morning Metti, Cecille mi like it. Riddim nice and DJ dem a ride di riddim. Question what the file haffi do wid har talent.? The girl sound ok to me, trust me I have heard worse.

  3. This has got to be the most ” Playa Hating-est” post ever submitted…good grief lady, people grow up and fix their lives enno…

    1. nobody nah hate di sender nah lie dat mi know fi a fact because i heard the same………… she nah fix she still a walk and dash…mother father in support of the daughter’s way of life..SHAMEEEEEEEEE because all a di selling no car no house

      1. if u a sell u front which is supposed to be the most valuable asset..and come on now doe falla people bout it is not …it is …if one year pass and u cannot see one asset bout from the selling…lock up dat rass shop n go sidung

    2. lol ppl grow up? lol u nu kno her life mi lord. she still the same sellin pum pum gal. ntn nu change. just way more ppl she tryin to boops. people pls use a condom when u a f**k dis whorin gal……… beg inu

  4. lol waiiiiii! bout time met run bak di ya file. dis girl pussy has been tru it all! no shame in her game! people change? a wa du dis ya commenter, dis gal nu change and still sells her pussy, shee av to maintain dis boasy life dat shes trying to establish ina life. tru dem nu kno ya met! lol

  5. no cecile doesnt kno her file etc. she recently start par wit cecile to try get this spot. cecile nu kno her well trust mi

  6. Three things:
    1. The person who found the time to write this really needs to put their energy into getting a career.
    2. The people who are oh so fascinated in Lauren’s life need to get themselves one too.
    3. Hating and spreading FALSE RUMORS isn’t going to pay your baby daddy’s rent,your rent, send your children to school, cover your bills or better your life in anyway.
    LOW CLASS PEOPLE MAKE LOW CLASS COMMENTS LIKE THE ONES ABOVE. Better yourselves and educate yourselves!

    1. Memba how she did fascinated wid di people dem husband? A dus di reverse dis she seems to like public figures so people nah go stop keep up and har vagina nah go get ina di high class cause she tek one too many public figure so it jus a guh dung guh dung…as to di education mi really nuh tink she deh pan dat right now so why we fi deh pan dat?

      1. If she did tek di gyal man n go hold har corner then mi cudda say she have decorum..she tek di girl man..she n har fren go pan twitter a talk up..she find harself a di man club…she change now? Wha happen to di tattoo? :travel

          1. This slut bag drop outta school because she got a partial scholarship and never maintain the grades to keep it; she was busy selling pussy. At one this gyal all left school fi come f**k asafa. She went back online to and every weekend in another state a dash out her hole. When gyal was at school all she do a hype pon the other jamaican girls and bruk who she could bruk out (justine). Her parents never have it fi send her back cause them done re finance dem piece a house. So gyal decide that she just ago tek on road. Everybody know that usain ever go taboo, one night the gyal decide that she nah mek the f**k pass her and brave up and go inna the woman place.Gyal almost piss up her self when shemara hold her. This whole time when she a run down usain fi f**k she a hype how Andre Duffus a mine her and is her good good man.
            Gyal go club privilege and f**k jay inna the bathroom. Unno don’t think Cecile a fool, she might not know that Lauren Hansle is a prostitute but she know she bad cause Cecile and man f**k her together. She tun Cecile little f**k buddy. Cecile a whore long time too

  7. Suffer gyal u not fooling nobody bout rich. You don’t have dry shit everything you sex and collect u spend it on things so u can pretend, then u go to sleep in your hot 2*4 room in your parents house. You and your cousin that live in miami sell pussy like farmer milking cows

  8. Y’all need a damn life, I don’t support her choices or decision, but who give yall the right to judge and bash her. Keep talking about she’s broke n frontin, she living right… And!!!at the day y’all are call some jealous haters. Leave her alone,the only think y’all are doing is fueling fire to the flame.

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