Mi really waan know if Jue Icon deh a jail mek KERRY she a behave suh pon Instagram? All one day this week mi see har kids dem a walk go home, and normally she come fi dem inna fi big BAD Range Rover. Wanda Wah she a go do fi keep up wod apple


  1. Sender based on the pics how is Kerry behaving cause me can’t tell none at all

  2. Gm dont think shi can keep up wid Apple causz di las sandals Apple wear guh har bf dance was di Tom Ford mirror heel suede sandals 2014 spring collection and yuh only can get it pan pre order an mi nuh si nuh fake suh mi nuh think Kerry can keep up Jay mek sure Apple stay pon top ah di game I was watching di las dance they had an Apple came into dat dance like a bad bitch all twinny wah roll wid Apple an shi nuh hav nuh luk gud clothes!!

    1. I hope when the Feds hold on pon Icon all the clothes and boot will give unuh money fi lawyer. Unuh too much and never learn. I wonder what happen to Flippa and Marsha case???

    2. Yow Apple have a little humility….Or it might not be you because yuh cah spell fi save yuh life. Invest some a that Tom Ford money and finish High school….

    1. A true cause she caa spell fi save har life but is somebody whey close to har if not Apphell have a stalker pon har hands

        1. mi nuh know a smaddy write it but too much tings call ooo mi a go see wha can edit out but it cannot post as is

          1. What a passa, edit out the innocent and post the rest mek mi hear weh deh gwaan….Mi hear seh a one a dem alone get ketch and a Jue.. Suh mi nuh know

      1. morning, so a fe the ppl them teifing card them hold him fah…inquiry minds would like to know!!!… :cool

  3. No dem hold him wid 2 key a coke in Boston . God be with them coke is a heavy charge , god forgives all sinners if them repent so I pray god get them thru

  4. Met don’t hold out on us you need to run it met you wall going to be on fire today because you holding out nuff how you never tell us that daffy find new woman brought her in bobett house when she was in Vegas and the new gal send man to rob bobette at gun point.I not calling no names untill you run the story

    1. di wall deh pan fire regardless…i cannot put out di people dem business like dat …dat wudden be right..i will edit and put up but i cant put up what was sent

    2. Weh yuh just seh :hn bout Bobby and him lifeline Daffy???????????????????????????????? A must lie yuh a tell pon him, a cah true because fi how she a goodas and hype pon Tiffany a must propaganda unu a spread pon the people dem.. Wah yuh really sah happen again????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :cd

  5. Baby girl him get hold with two key of coke. Not the first time hi spoke to him cousin them trying to get him bail don’t now if him a go come out not the first time .the first time was mount veron that big stand of with the police when him hide hin the bush for 3day but the police end up got him. Kerry is the reason why jue is like that him alway under cover she too hype .

    1. Miss ting so a Jue deh a jail? Suh Jay nuh get hold then? This mix up confusing sometimes bad. Thx fi the clarification still. Kerry know her man ina the streets and she post everything pon IG, unu too hype, FEDS love use the web and ketch unu, how yuh always a post up stuff like that and unu nuh gainfully employed. A good woman nuh bring nuh heat pon dem man dem way deh, unu a real new coolie. Cho!!

  6. I have seen plenty of police record on this site which is people business what’s so special about him?

  7. True forbes only jue in jail jay still a promote jue party fe next week. Baby girl jay out a street having fun still a hype ok

  8. Omg…… Bad mind people leave the people them
    Stop call up call up the people them name it’s jealousy
    envious people like y’all why the people business is on the street
    Mine y’all own business just cause y’all can’t afford to buy what they wear are what they have take y’all big stinking mouth off them heavenly sunshine hear my cry y’all are bitter
    You can bet the ones that are talking are the same ones that kissing up to they ass when you see them……hypocrites bad mind people let the people them prosper .. throw y’all tongues on the floor and step on them , a bunch of f**king Edens that what y’all are mix up dirty mind people ,it’s not jay- apple – jue are Kerry why y’all can’t live the life y’all really wants …I’m telling y’all the world is still going around why y’all still standing waiting and worrying about these people…. Go out there make something happen do something for yourself so maybe y’all too can gets Celine Chanel Gucci Fendi Prada YSL Louis Vuitton Tom Ford etc. this is the only reason why y’all sit and Worry over other people stuff cause you don’t have any life,world haters stop envy and jealousy will not get you anything…TO JAY,APPLE,KERRY,JUE enjoy your life to the fullest is only one that we have to live ..”JUE” GOOD LUCK GOD BLESSING BE WITH YOU ALWAYS

    1. Bitch please dem waan spotlight and spotlight dem get. So you come a preach to we like seh a wi do nothin wrong. Please save the preaching fi Kerry and Apple. Jue gone jay soon lef to cause Feds is a watching

    2. You are talking about heavenly sunshine and labels in the same sentence. What is wrong with black people, when are you going to step out of the mental slavery the same people that you all are using your ill gotten gains to impress will be the same ones, laughing you all to scorn, 15 years from now, when you’ll land in prison, or deported. Get some self esteem, broaden unu horizons there are more to life than labels, for example Apple taking a GED class, learning to read, wearing YSL and saying HASS for ASS is nonsense, you are just as stupid and dumb as they are. Who with common sense show off on people about labels??? Apparently the dumb bus left you at the wrong STOP!!!!

  9. They put there self on a public forum so everyone is entitled to inquire !! Not everyone on here worry about labels go sit your stupid ass down nobody not wishing him or anyone bad !! You reap what you sow and we should reach our childrn if the future if you wAnt to wear or dress lavishly then you should take education , open a business work hard and don’t take short cuts because it will end you up in the system !! Cause not one of the Chanel Gucci or Celine can help him at bail hearing because it value depreciate from you buy it !!! Sorry for typo run on sentence me just deh Pon me phone and writing how me a talk

  10. Unnu nuh hear how Kerryann and shushanna guh a di basketball game weh dem keep ova bronx last night fi guh beat purple???? All drag off di like girl wig. Di 4 ah dem get some lick yuh see

    1. Unu stop talk under disguise dash weh the story in a Met inbox nuh man… Mixxxxuuuuuppppppppppppp!!!!

  11. @ anonymous 2:08pm… Bitch STFU!!!! They can’t even afford the clothes they wear. That’s why they tiefin people credit fi buy dem. Eidiot gyal…

  12. Your Jamaicans are evil people. Your always trying to sell out your own kind. Hating on your own kind. Don’t you know the FEDS is on thus f**kin forum. Leave apple, June, jay icon and Kerry alone. Jamicans talk to much. Hating ass people

  13. all how jue lock up mi hope she unnuh ah send commissary money give him . cause Kerry ann big flosser like you should not ! I repeat should NOT be receiving food stamps gyal yuh madd mi nuh care your priorities is real f**ked up. big woman ting . how yuh fi wear 1000 dollar boots and yuh deh pon food stamps bitch you don’t have real friends cause that’s backwards . live within your means . you bout to be 40 years old with nothing fi she you OWN

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