Met a police officer took these guard rings from some bleach out 14 yo boys in 8th grade yesterday. They really into scamming and the obeah protection link.


  1. A guard ring is usually a big ugly ring! It usually have a part under the top where the jewel would go that have a likkle compartment and them put guard powder in it to “protect them”. Police know wah fi look for fi know if a guard ring cause nuff a dem wear dem!

    Mi find back da article yah! So unnuh can read and see

    Don’t disbelieve wah unnuh see! Dem suptn yah more prevalent than unnuh know!

    1. Wrong! Don’t distort the organization base on lies. A true Obeah man or person of ancestral practices nah do up EARNED mason rings.

    1. Men like Bolt are what Masons recruit, not sqwa sqwa whey don’t have any value or prospects of contributing to society.

      Masons deal with various organizations and Institutions, globally.

      Many obeah man a book dem read and don’t have no damn talent or familial ties to the ancestral system of beliefs.

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