21 thoughts on “TOE PICK UP IN ISLE 4

  1. I cannot stand krsytal mi never see a rass gyal so nuff so yet omg. She is the next Crayfish she will do anything for attention. FYI Krystal yuh veryyyyyyyy nuff and stop comment unda everybody picture cho and stop fren the instagram famous people stay inna yuh lane and just focus pon yuh schooling.

  2. Sender, what the girl need to do to her hair? Weave it?

    De toe have issues, but besides that she good in her natural state.

    A hair weave is an accessory and shi no feel fi accessorize har head fi you rate har.

    Krystal up de foot game and yu good.

  3. These shoes clearly make ur feets slide once ur foot sweats and makes ur toes handover
    U can clearly see her feets have enough space in the back! It’s just her foot sliding down towards the front
    Senda u bored go Shovel snow

  4. Side eye yes the girl look good… What the sender like is 80lbs of makeup 60 bundle of 36 inches of weve the stolen name brand clothing n accessories

  5. she dont look no way but anonym is right she nufffffffffff badddd
    and love beg friend stinkin whorin krystle mac all d dancehall man dem do a fck she undercover n she love mine man to dwlllll she a idiot gal

  6. You can clearly see the girl foot was pushing to the front.. bare space in the back of the shoe.. oonu just miserable love mixup ppl

  7. nothing wrong with her natural hair, sender do better than that.. if you want to call her germs better you send in about the man that she have a pose wid say its her rude bwoy, the a month later she put up back the man that she always a hide him face and two months later she back to the rude bwoy…always see her commenting and she seems desperate to fit in, worst the one hot bwoy that pick her up did a hide her no him left her..poor thing, i heard she has a nice personality tho

  8. Dutty LATOYA LATTYBUDERE *AKA” PRINEY when will you stop tho? It’s so obvious you don’t have a life because how a gal weh live wid har man and Pickney find so much time fi walk and f**k wid ppl. Yuh fi lucky seh a farrin yuh deh and ppl nuh wah put dem self Inna trouble because yuh face wouldda lick off longtime. But wait till yuh reach a Jamaica a hope yuh walk wid yuh bad mouth. That’s why some a uno body find all bout bcuz uno love walk and f**k wid ppl weh nuh si uno. Yuh Inna problem wid ppl and dressing like u can dress. Yuh head and yuh clothes always sTay bad but yet still yuh a put ppl pan pinkwall bout dressing.

  9. Why gal weh f**k di most always have problem wid ppl and f**king?
    Why gal weh eva sTay bad always Inna problem wid ppl and dressing?
    Priney yuh a nuh bad gal only thing bad pan yuh a yuh bad breath. All yuh sTay bad MONIQUE LEVY stay deh pick up Priney problem pan yuh head memba a jamaica yuh deh and yuh know yuh face will get lick een. Bet when 1 a uno face get lick een this stop. PPL NEVA LEARN TILL SOMETHING HAPPEN TO DEM. ALL YOU PRINEY WEH WALK AND SUCK PUSSY LIKE LIKE DOG AND YUH MAN SUCK COCKY LIKE DOG Inna problem wid ppl.

  10. Dwrcl why unu ova yah a pretend like Krystle Mac is innocent that bitch stay making problems and play the victim. She just didn’t start this one but the tables wudda haffi turn one day. She mek ova yah fi di wrong reason. Weh she fi stop duh is stop f**k har fren dem man and label them besties fi hide wah she a duh, dat gyal is not innocent Every Friday she a post how she’s Queen of Petty so if she can serve it she should be able to take it.

  11. Amused i have been reading and saying the same thing
    She started this war with priney didnt she, its funny how the tables turn ive seen some statuses over on fb talking about ppl only own a couch and dont have bank account in a America.. krystle a dish is better served cold now its time to eat it mama

  12. These comments though dwrcl
    But a real talk she a bitch fi true. She meet one of my fren at a party in Jamaica and the same night dem f**k.

  13. This gyal is a groupie, she go excelsior high and was in koshens year group so him and har a big fren she meet him at a show the keep a amazura and f**k him fren name dario or whatever him name.. no self esteem the gyal have a smart brain cause she seems and act educated but have real man issues.. bitch stop f**k Rue blake and call him yuh bredda

  14. Drwcl Bronx Secret f**ka gyal a get har 15 mins a fame. F**k off di Selector and promoter dem and gwaan like you a Ms uptown. All fren di man dem Oman you is a wicked Bitch. What’s in the dark must come to light

  15. Bwoy unoo a some sad set a ppl enuh, mi woulda love fi know if she fking down di place affect unoo, unoo a lose sleep, unoo a lose money? Mek mi understand, pum pum fi dash out and if she wah dash it out a fi har business, don’t kno why Ja’can ppl love cuss bout ppl love f*$k, kmft….unoo boring nuh bc…..sender base and wah mi read up a top, stop stalk di gyal and get a life yuh sound more cyaliss dan di gyal

  16. She’s pretty with her own natural hair, something I love to see on black women. She shape nice, she doesn’t bleach and the toes are pedicured. She looks good. She gets a pass.

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