Hello JMG! Well let’s just seh GQ party did look like Gucci finale sales.
Nobody not even the man weh keep di dance did wear pieces or thread all him stay bad.
Bobbette and Apple plus Opal did wear di same shoes. And rumors saying Opal sat down in the back most of the night when she saw Apple & Bobbette in the REAL Gucci shoes to what she had on. Nobody follow the theme and dem mek Gucci look cheap. The End


  1. Apple needs a FULL BODY STEAM PRESS, then she needs to be flipped like a pair of jeans so that her bum can be SMOOTHED OUT TOO… Lumpy lumpy like spoil cornmeal porridge that has been made with coconut milk.
    :najis :najis :najis :najis

    1. Yu can’t mek porridge! When since coconut milk mek any porridge lumpy? Kmt

      You porridge lumpy cause yu no mix out the solute with the right amount of solevant. Cooking IS chemistry. Coconut milk produces custard or oil…no lumps like apple body :travel

  2. Daffy never ever looks happy with Bob..
    Wonder if he’s afraid that when ppl sees him they just SCREAM GAYYYYYY!!! Because his man sure do looks like a Transvestite. (Normally the ones in the closet mostly chooses the more feminine looking Transvestiites ) even tho they still have their dicks.

  3. Apple shoes is TIGHT for her foot.
    Why is it that Bobby always feels like she got to prove a point to us about Daffodil, we all know he likes “BUTTS”, just NOT yours. Look at his face.

  4. @Anonymous 8:19am, Just a QUICK question, you said Apple “lumpy lumpy like spoil cornmeal porridge that has been made with coconut milk”, so my question to you is, WHAT’S YOUR QUALMS WITH CORNMEAL PORRIDGE THAT HAS BEEN MADE WITH COCONUT MILK? I am rather offended, as that’s one of my FAVOURITE porridges, if it’s made at the right consistency (not watery, Just thick enough). Also, is it because the porridge is made with coconut milk, why it spoil, because mi offended bout di coconut milk part even more if so, for I cook NO porridge WITHOUT MY PRECIOUS, RICH COCONUT MILK! In my opinion, lumpy lumpy like cornmeal porridge IS JUST PLAIN OLD lumpy lumpy like cornmeal pop! And, the pop only lumpy lumpy because a). Dem nuh mix di cornmeal PROPERLY with water before putting it in the awaiting pot of boiling water (hopefully containing coconut milk *smiles*), b) Dem DOAHN stir the porridge continuously while cooking or c). Dem add powdered nutmeg and cinnamon (usually happens to the foreigners who at times aren’t able to get the fresh ones or just prefer the bottled stuff) just when they are about to sweeten the porridge, instead of adding it to boiling water before adding cornmeal etc. Aaaaanywho, is just a small question, still….No malice intended, bless up.

    Coconut milk, BIG UP YUH DAMN SELF; AH WUDDA EAT YUH INNA SOME RUN DUNG SHRIMP, YAH NOWWWWW! Cornmeal porridge wid coconut milk, LAAAAARGE UP!

    1. @we nuh pet pple I use coconut milk in almost everything I cook! Lastnight I made curry shrimp with coconut milk and bell pepper wid white rice (wid some coconut milk in it)!! I make sure I never run out of coconut milk!!!

    2. :ngakak :ngakak yuh have me a cackle….where have you been? hope all is well with you? stop by more often nuh!!! :kiss

      Number one reason cornmeal porridge becomes lumpy is that it wasnt mixed with either water or milk before adding to boiling water.

      Back to the animals in the Bronx zoo…mi is a girl who dont like flowers so this new trend wid the whole heap a flowa flowa busy prints and the ugly Gucci boot wid the socks and di ugly Gucci bag is an eye sore….di whole a dem fava fawt

  5. All if Twinny shoes was fake none of this was a big stinking talk until Robbas start get 2 likkle good garments and feel like she can call out ppl brands
    It’s funny cause this problem is bigger then Opal wearing fake! It’s Robbas hating Opal for recently talking and supporting GT Toya!
    Bobbette hates any one who talks to ppl she’s doesn’t like or have problems wid. So all if Twinny tings real or not she’s going to find things to hate on her about.

  6. they all could be wearing the fake shoes because i do not see that color on the website. i could be wrong though

  7. One ting me nuh like is Apple u is a follower very bad when it comes to mix up and buying out friends u don’t loyal. U don’t know Robbas from no where material tings can’t build a friendship even tho u know u and Robbas nuh real friends ah just likes u ah look from her and she luv buy her friends dem! U mek her done ppl u and dem a come from far even when unnu chat Opal u and Kerryann it neva reach suh far like how it ago now
    Robbas u soon meet ur match cause u trying very hard to mek a name for urself

  8. Those girls don’t like no body but them self at the end off the day ‘ they all a threat to each other cause the game is tight amongst them . Opal should have known they don’t like her cause she stands out and older come on twinny change up your flex & stop competing & beg friend you too old to be running behind little girls .

  9. Apple LIVE”” pon insta did hawwttt whey night. smaddy ask apple if r breast, batty and shoes fake. and apple say yea r breast n batty but she nuh wear fake clothes boot n bag.

  10. Fi dem problem a Gucci, adult issues such as mine, light, gas, car payment/insurance, morg./rent, food etc. Big waste of time gal dem, Flippa was a real flossa wid the backing (his money). U c how much money dem find when dem arrest dem a di man have him houses and u c where him reach. I don’t like troublemakers, Robbas u r a bully. the truth is Twinny nuh new to this, Apple and Robbas just a come. Twinny I hope this incident will shame u out of dancehall, Mama age deh pon u, leave it fi the younger ones. Twinny if u can’t afford Gucci no shame is in that many of us can’t. Wear what u can afford, u can wear anything any it look good. I can’t say the same for the others and let me be the one to tell Apple and Robbas (U DON’T LOOK GOOD) I don’t care if your Gucci is real, u waste your credit. U guys look cheap and frighten, Ghetto rich. Please to find Sweets page and get some ideas on how to look rich on a poor man’s budget. Look back on Flippa pics, bwoy Eva clean (u c wear he is now). $50.000 cash doesn’t mean u r rich and I doubt u have that.

  11. Did someone say twinny to leave little girl business alone? Since when apple 38 going on 40 a little girl me confused someone come explain that deh comment up top

  12. On another note GQ u look like u neva get fi return nuttin dat day mek u look so basic and so 2 year!s ago! Neva like how u look for a mon who always a lick out pon ppl who wears Zara. U always look over dress at ppl party and basic at urs. Nothing was Pieces or thread go back to ur H&M theme dat more fit you or link Correy for some Real Pieces & Thread Fashion tips

  13. Oh please the person up top weh say twinny is not a trouble maker needs to stop … Twinny is a big trouble maker … Esp over man weh don’t want her … A nuff time she used to f**k with me but I pay her no mind because I knw I have a future to look foward to not so sure about her … And she love trouble people sneakingly the go on social media and act like a saint … Me stop go party now so I don’t know if she change her ways … Hi hello Opal … I know u reading … Lol stop trouble people and live good … All that shit not gonna go nothing for u but put u in trouble time to grow up … U don’t have to live for dancehall people anymore … Better life out there all u got to do is change ur surroundings .

  14. All these pieces n the only person wid papers is Jadion… Such a damn shame… Daffy look like poppyshow eeh… Y’all need to wise up… This bag a competition n no papers its 2017 now fix up unno polliground…

  15. I don’t understand why these people carry such big bags to parties mi neva see no celebrity in the club with these big ass bags they all look stupid….apple isn’t an ugly girl her butt looks disgusting though zoom in it look extra bad, those shoes are ugly, robbas is ugly and her outfit is ugly as well, perfume Marcia nuh tired fi wear body suit now omg, daffy is unattractive… don’t get me wrong mi like Gucci but dem nuh look good only the bags are nice. Leave those big bags for brunch etc not for no damn club.

  16. Why daffy look like he don’t have teeth when he smile… he look like my grandpa when he take out his dentures

  17. I was looking at the pictures listed above and noticed that this is some type of game for sure. The female bent over on the uncomfortable looking dark skin fella is clearly overdoing it. I did noticed the bag is turned around as if it’s too much going on or she may be hiding something. Maybe there were to many people that night in the same thing! These bags are very pricey. I wonder how they do it. I make almost 6 figures very close to it and I still can’t afford these bags. I mean I can but not with my mortgage, car, children, etc.

    Be blessed all and good day to you Met it’s been a while.

  18. @31 Not even stars buy so much Gucci. When you see a person that have too much Gucci and LV in the hood. It’s a clear indication that its fake. Gucci outfit is 1500 to up. Gucci shoes $500 and up. But, you living in the hood with 10 pairs of GUCCI shoes, belt, bags and etc. That adds up. Even doctors dont buy that much Gucci. You have to at least get 50,000 a month to afford all those so called Gucci, LV, Celine, and ect. Save the show. Scamming after a while have their limits too.

    Then everybody in the hood wearing Gucci slippers and etc. Even crackheads are wearing them too. But, everybody wearing Gucci but dont have their papers, most not driving, dont travel overseas minus Hawaii, Florida, Puerto Rico, Vegas and the Virgin Islands thats US territory.

    Please, tired of the fakness. I don’t need to walk around and PRETEND to be this person that got it like that. It’s so played out. Lowkey is the best.

  19. Some of these designers are extremely racist especially the French and Italian ones but yet these black people are keeping them rich. As someone who earns a very good salary, I always do my research before investing in a few select pieces of clothes,bags or jewellery. Someone who appreciates fine things does not have to invest in such large, garish items when a nice piece without such a visible label is more classy and discreet. Silly fools and I bet if dem dead dem couldn’t bury demself.

    They best pick up their fallow ground so that when Trump starts booting out the illegal immigrants, they at least have money to buy a bed when dem reach back a yard.

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