22 thoughts on “YANIQUE IS RENT OR BUY?

  1. It’s “NetFlixandchill” not “Neflixandchill” This chick is trying sonhard to swagger jack American slang but then still claiming to be an island girl lol… Another wannabe American in the making. Everything about this broad is fake and corny, be yourself and stop trying to come across as having first world swag. I’m sure she rented it.

    1. KMT come on nothing is wrong with what the girl wrote. How is she trying to be American by saying that? People from all over the world use Netflix. Unnu too touches man.

  2. Yanique mi love yuh can’t just a use the slang n terminologies dem outta context suh hun.

    Everybody knows Netflix n chill involves the cheapest common denominator to get down n dirty. The man not even a guh carry yuh anyway, it devalues ur worth ladies. Any man bring it to any well thinking lady should expect to be cussed out n moved up…not welcomed with open arms smh.

    1. She could be doing it with har personal man she didn’t say anything wrong if she n feel like say she wanna stay in with her boo and just Netflix n chill so be it

      For the literary prize winner up top pls take into consideration some therapeutic avenues u seems tightly strung or dare I say “stick stuck up ur arse” relax HUMANS are known to make mistakes such as leaving out a (1) letter every now n again smh

      1. You mean seem* not seems* but judging by your moronic post that totally missed the essence of my initial point, I’m not surprised by your grammatical blunder. You need to stop nyam yah booger dem it ah bring down yah IQ. Nothing is more pathetic than a dunce defending another dunce, but carry on.

        1. Ass wipe again being off by a letter does not make u dunce u need to stop eat shit so u won’t be so shitty
          Seems to me u still have the stick up ur ass push dear push but ur gonna need to GTFOH n concentrate on just that causing from ur answer u ARE A BIG DEEP BATTYOLE

  3. not a house nuh buy or rent, dont mek yanique fool unuh, she spend off every cent she get pon her body, its sad & pathetic. kmt smaddy yard gate she deh, knowing this hoe if she bought or rented that property IG woulda know longtime, she wana be kim k so bad. Which is nothing to emulate.

  4. All dat surgery and still have Photoshop! Unnuh stop talk bout personal man! Cause unnuh know better! And unnuh think house pon hill cheap! Di BBQ and likkle foreign show dem can’t even pay fi a room a di foot a dem hill deh!

    Mi did like her when she just come one pon di scene! Smh!

  5. @really doah, u r rite…Me laff till me cry. It’s the half man half horse that she looks like. It’s not nice but a true..Tears.

  6. thats where she lives and she’s been there long time! not sure if its rent or bought but har pussy fat and she can wine so she must a get har bread

  7. Most of you guys commenting on this sound so dumb. In case you guys havent read the caption uses cloudy and words such as overcast the average woman would just want to chill and relax and eventually have sex with their special someone. and for the idiots up top talking about devaluing and what ever @Yardielovethug was saying how is that so. Netflix and chill has different meanings to people but yes it does involve sex. You guys get so annoying at times

  8. What is with the big distended backside and those spindly carrot legs? She looks like a centaur from Greek mythology. How anyone can think that shape is cute is completely beyond me. She never used to look like that, she take hype and spoil herself. Such a shame because she is so pretty.

    1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
      she have a new name now

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