The ring leader for the phone theft ring was none other than Gucci and him get lock up and released a few times. Im leaving the video below as a reminder of how things are done sometimes..

It nuh come in yet how Daffy was picked up but it is said that Gucci was collecting and living life off the money .

4 thoughts on “GUCCI DEM

  1. They all like like they are struggling to survive so they do this type of hustle. They all were small fish. Making chump change

  2. Met you missing the BIGGEST paid informa of dem all! *The Joker Pink face Iconisha* and Appleton. You notice a few times Appleton get catch and still no immigration hold, nothing. Westchester County big pan immigration detainer and never once den put that pan her if a illegal what was already inna immigration proceeds. Dem two are the paid informa that’s bringing everyone down. But like Flipper that was working and cross de FEDS, fe Dem days ago come. No one is untouchable. Dem Iconisha and Appleton are the snake. Remember this comment when everything blow wise open

  3. Apple nuh have Bobbette fi give her no more shoes and bag…Watch and see if unuh ago see her in nuh more Name Brand . She a try go legit now but it might be too late

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