5 thoughts on “WHO NAME BUJU?

  1. Pinkwallers don’t waste unno megabytes nor time n watch this Trust me!I watched up to 3mins:41 no need fi me nor unno watch anymore so here’s the summary.

    This goodie n har buju (not gargamel banton) fall out so dem both go live n a talk di tings.Goodie sey buju (again not banton),a gwaan wid nuff nastiness when she welcome her inna her rescue home…all she do a change her drawse daily.Buju a talk all di things she mussi witness at the rescue home including the dash whey belly n goodie ovarian cyst.

    Final verdict…female Buju yuh is an ungrateful rass fi a done Goodie especially when according to her di two a unno a suck duck fcuk drink smoke everything that moves.

    Goodie done please cuz yuh voice don’t suitable fi tracing plus yuh emotions a rage causing u to mek some fk up speech. ..yuh stop short of saying yuh house dutty..then yuh really go sey yuh 13yo daughter fi f**k just like buju dem did too at that age obviously u misspoke smh..yuh actually sey baby/belly fi dash whey!!

    I agree with you that women sucking koki a common assault and you proud of it..dat alone mek mi willing fi give yuh the lil winnings ova suck pum pum Buju who fi gweh cuz pum pum nuh fi suck!!

  2. No she seh she kick dung her daughter cuz she nuh suppose to a fivk at the age of 13 like Buju.
    Anyway ovarian cysts are no joke why would a woman tear down another woman about that?? It can happen to any female. KMT mi nuh tell gal my business enuh, dem days deh gone.

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