0 thoughts on “GULLY BOB ONSTAGE

  1. So, what’s going to happen to Gully Bop when all the hypes over? Because we all know hes a nine day star, it wont last. Does “Potential Kidd” ring a bell?

  2. Bop said money breeze a blow pan him….hungrynis ova, him a look fi it an him cyaa find it
    :ngakak I feel like dem taking advantage of this man

  3. Mi like him I wish him all the best…him seh if him did homeless dew wata an rain woulda mek him ketch col an dead long time…even if dis a di only two song him do I hope dem nuh tek advantage a him

  4. Gimmicks only work fi 15 minutes if suh long… takes real talent to sustain…..dis promotional burden weh Laing place upon him mi really hope him deliva…..

  5. i dont think he will be like potential kid, are clif twang, this man actually has more talent than 90 percent of dancehall, he is entertaining he will be around after sting, he used to be way more humble i just think they hype him a little too much to diss people but i wish him all the best

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