1. Morning met!!!!
    Mi nah lie gully bop nuh 3 bad looking
    Him clean up good.him mouth wan some crockery
    But him can pass De man a real plumber him pipe
    Sell over .
    Big hood weh say big up up yuh self gully bop

  2. From a couple of recent pictures mi see of Gully Bop’s pants front, one can tell that he’s well – endowed, and he himself is flaunting it in pictures, like this one. Maybe a male stripper is his true line of calling jobwise. So a name like Miles Long is more appropriate for him than just plain old Gully Bop, which don’t match what he is trying to advertise.

  3. It sad sey gal who wouldn’t sleep wid him last month a tek back gate fi him now…money is a bitch.
    @judge judy..that crockery is funny as hell

  4. Phantom…that is the saddest part of this debacle. See dem a dive pon di madman buddy fi stake claim….lolol!!!

  5. Money is a helleva thing, O sah! I am happy for him sed way, as to the tree trunk weh ina him pants, that don’t concerts me. Lol, the Pink wall is on fire this morning, every topic a bun up, it have mi away,just a run from thread to thread.

  6. I don’t care what no one say…..boson braggon showoffon or any odda “on”….sumting wrong wid what in that pants front. Mi see a picture couple days that they said was Bounty Killer koki and it is velly velly large….an it def doesn’t look like that in Bounty pants. So I’m to assume Gully koki bigger than Killer own. OMGGGGGG. Really. While his “Manager” taking him to buy clothes she should stop by a doctor’s office with him. Luv him vibes and style tho. Him can listen to. Congratulations.

  7. DWl @ these comments..Crockery?? woiee sah. But fi real unles Bop have a permanent hard on, and weh all him seed bag dem deh get an erection summn nuh roight. no sah it is are not roight. Nonetheless as Mama seh mi nuh mine listening to him at lyrics.

  8. Q Bop hab sum serus priapism issues ah gwaan, wid him eva present bungle. Any gyal weh decide fi gi him a wrerk due tuh him change ah status even madda dan him. Gwaan thru Bop, yuh front end doe normal doe…:travel

      1. PP weh yuh ah seh partnah? :peluk Di new gig hab mi ah way….mi kaint even teef weh like one time :ngakak Mi deh yah a wait fi di Misses grace di Wall soon. As country people woulda seh “Ebry hoe hab him stick ah bush”

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