Veachy the young man look detached like him know something not right about that situation…Maybe because you so tall and him look so small. Maine, you cant have a face full a makeup and you body lef out and yuh wear tie up an short up. Yuh knee dem stay bad because yuh spend di time a made up……..suh dem neva ketch up..And mi si seh yuh tek di older man di least yuh cudda duh was encourage Veachy fi do di same…That young man look like he was caught dodging under the table and a smile fi it nuh look like a hide him did about fi hide.


  1. Mi seh mi cud a bet anybody mi Christmas bonus seh dis was going to reach up yah,LOL….Well I can say is the first mi see maine hair eva look good, always crawny looking doh.Veachy u look like a gorilla next to the baby chimpanzee.Munchy u have been looking refine fi 2014,keep it up.I see Zuli been helping uno wid uno facial expressions and pose

  2. somebody can really want to f**k max smh,him and him baby mother match. they perfect for each other lol. Nobody want him nor she ctfu.

  3. no its nuh cuz they are dark see nuff dark good lookin ppl Its jus they look away no matta how dem dress dem always look dirty and the thin one always look frighten dem ugly bad da big one need to start wear her size look like her clothes 2 sizes to damn small and dem love hype and video light but dem should leave it to ppl who fit fi it

  4. Beauty and the beast aka bear Veechy I’m surprise the cops ain’t lock u up yet! Walking pedophile! Poor little boy swimming in that worl pool. He’s the beauty and Veachy is the Beast monster.

  5. It’s not true dem dark dem seh ugly it tru dem don’t eva stay good. Maine eva ashy. Maine u a model u sey n u have store please please lock it b4 DEA kick in door. U n skilly still in biz or him pull out. Mek him collect him owna tings or sen go a him gyal yard.
    Veechy no words fi u my brother. You to big fi mi fight so nahh seh nuttin. When mi see Maine walk in place me waan hide tru mi wid dem. dem Neva tell u a classy restaurant not TGiF we was going. Although u sister dem neva look good either. Next time just carry us to miracle or cash or even reef if you waan frighten fi dowtown.
    All carry poor Jago weh no tings smh

  6. Anonymous 20 yuh serious bad!!! lol me fraid a unoo enuh!!! but Veachy an di guy do look like mada an son…di person ask if a veachy big son..unoo too wicked lol Maine u knee an body a bawl fi lotion..poor thing always look like a deer caught in a headlight

  7. You no seh mi work wid di richest set a Jews. And God believe mi dem no showww off like dem Ghetto Fab wanna be Hollywood Rats yah. Unuh watch too much Love and Hip Hop. Every weh dem go dem affi teck ah pic a post seh dem a drink Licquor weh cost more than $2. Munchy me no unuh did have it hard and Farrin ah di bess a unuh. But please stop meck di worl see she unuh no use to nothing.Di sad part about it mi sure the other patrons be LOL when dem see unuh a act di way unuh do. Please spare mi yeye site and keep unu pics ina di phone. Di worl know seh unuh no rich like unh portrayit to be,if so be the case Bleeachy woulda move outa di attic already..

  8. Yes I talk bout rich!!!! you neva see all a dem sista cum a munchy soul 2 soul in a di worse cloths. mi say a fi har cuz tru dem caan afford a party fi har dem tek ova kelly soul 2 soul. N it was di worse flop dance eva.
    But nuff up Munchy she grab mic n clown out skilly bout he no broke n dig out money out him pocket n a gwan Mek di most noise. Bout he rich n ano club mek him rich n he no broke now dem close baaaayyyy noisse she a mek! Skilly just happy fi she boost his ego n chyna jus stand deh a grin like some ole mule. Him still owe mi Fren money fi deposit from sept n caan pay but a front like him have it. Dem is tha most ediot friten set a people in world. Skilly rich munchy would tink so sheMunchy a clown out di man n use psychs. Skilly wife have lil money but skilly a live off it and don pay child support. Skilly long like n squeeze ina 3 series bmw. Bout rich. Munchy wah max have? Mi sey mi ready fi leave soul to soulwhen mi see dem ediot. Mi shame fi dem 2 in deh

  9. Bwoy mi shame fi the man dem Inna 1,night dem suck every man hood a phillly how could they kiss them??????? Smh mi feel it fi dem !!,we affi see wid dem Jamaica dem jus a cum from suh dem no too know the file dem dwllll dem family should a tell dem hit n run only dwllllll

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