1. Ninja know say a clash is win by who the people behind right now if u ask ten people in jamaica who they going to sting for a gully bop dem a say no way ninja have a chance i really thing him fraid fi true he been around long enough to know hiw dis thing work. Gully bob have nothing to loose ninja on the other hand does

    1. Wicked yuh fi drop a sleep and don’t wake up. who is yuh fi tell if him ago last or not. yuh a god? yuh can express wah yuh don’t like but no wish one a wi bad. yuh is badminded B!tCh.. if yuh family memba fall and try fi rise why push him back inna di gully? why yuh don’t want him fi rise? be great fi help him family help him community? wi wonda why Jamaica a sell out eveyting. a time wi suppose inspire and motivate each other so di world can si di love n join wi …. mi di youths si come together n bill …… jamica dont need people like yuh. f#cking uncle tom … gully bop to di world

  2. why u all ready fi count out people so fast, if yuh si your brother a guh di wrong way show him di right way !!!! so what him never si come si, him try how u a help f**k out a here damn crab inna barrel… gully mek hit song mek yuh tune talk fi yuh
    now, if mi a ninja man. mi nah clash yuh, wah yuh have fi loose not even di two odda teet dem. guh build some hit run di place dem ninja affi try run eeenn. sting neva build a artist yet hit song wi mek yuh eat

  3. Gully Drop on this hype movement same Way u come een same Way u live out very fast and flop. Calm down mi ah dislike u already. U come een like a bad habit. Time fi park u like a old car. Nutin nuh normal bout u Man. U frighten too soon. Bye Bop Flop u inna duppy war and we nuh fight with CLOWN. CHIN WELL SHE NEED TO DIG A HOLE

  4. Wow, diss a really a reflexion why jamaica inna di state it deh now. people wyaan fi si yuh do good not not so good. Him no know no betta a nutten wah him si di past artist dem do so him tink a di way fi guh. look pon gully bop really yuh think him no beta him need help and guidance no more hate …. wi love ninja but do wuss dan dat …… wi all need fi help change wi culture

  5. suck pussy gully bop, tru a gal wid har dutty front decide fe sarry fe yuh an mek yuh suck har an lick outta har batty…yuh wah cum dis ninja man. Low de man, him nuh inna no argument wid yuh, go look bout yuh stinking mout and de big dutty bosen in front a yuh. Yuh nuh reach nuh weh yet but yuh cum a gwaan…mek sure yuh have a long lasting career like ninja because any day yuh flop..all de pussy gaan lef yuh too.

  6. suck pussy gully bop, nuh because dutty nasty stinking chin lie down wid yuh mek yuh tink yuh can come diss ninja man. Yuh nuh reach nuh whey yet an yuh start pon de hyping…low ninjaman because him nuh have no time fe a lower himself fe clash wid a stinking mash mout cunt like yuh, wid dah big ole bosen in front a yuh. Mek sure yuh have a lasting career like ninjaman because de day yuh flop a de day when yuh nuh have no more pussy a get.

  7. Yute, don’t disrespect the elders…gully bob a go flop himself by next year watch and see…me like him style but him a overstep him boundaries…

  8. To be honest its not gully bop bringing badness to ninja man its is a don from grants pen name shortman he keep saying a him a manage gully bop an a him buss him chin a complain from how long that everymoney gully bop mek the man come fi half she fraid to go to the police cause she dont want them kill her but dont think a chin a rob gully bop i see this girl in tears a beg leng to do something an am not spreading no rumors real talk

  9. Right now Gully Bop is giving dancehall exactly what they like (MIX UP).
    There is nothing humble about his songs. He has been bragging from in the gully. Nuh Bad like Me/Pussy Specialist-(listen to the words).
    There should be no controversy about Bops confidence. No matter how long Ninja has been in the business that doesn’t mean a new comer cannot be better than him.
    I am a great fan of Ninja and I find Bop very entertaining despite his stupid manager.
    Bop made it clear that he wanted to entertain the people along with Ninja in a friendly lyrical clash. He even expressed that he thought there was some form of resemblance between the both of them, which clearly showed that Bop was fond of Ninja and respected him as an Artiste.
    Ninja on the other hand, insulted Bop by calling Bop gully germs that should stay beneath him.
    Which clearly was an invitation for Bop to now disrespect Ninja.
    After seeing the On Stage interview with Ninja, it led me to believe Ninja is intimidated by Bop.

  10. Bop nuh have a ounce a talent, not one rassclaat ounce. He is jus a funny dude wid a few jokes nuttn more nuttn less loll

  11. Bop stop it while u at it…….a wonder if him know seh dem same grants pen man deh wi put out him lite……bop mek music n tek a chill pill man…….

  12. Who remember Potential Kid (a yasso nice), him did a behave same way with him one hit song… In a interview him say he wants to be the next Bob Marley, many one hit wonders get carried away by the sudden rise to fame.
    Ninja Man did go a little to hard on Gully Bop in the onstage interview, SOMETIMES IN LIFE IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY THEN BEST DONT SAY ANYTHING (it can save you a lot of trouble even your life!)
    It would of been nice to see both of them on stage free-styling clashing while still respecting each other…

  13. Know at first I did ah back De bop
    An ah seh yeah mi happy fe him.
    god give every man chances an him get.ah second chance but right yah
    Know him ah violate.
    God know do good an good will follow yuh.before dis Grey kin back man give thanks.
    an humble him ah look war wan fe draw out ninja everybody know say.
    Ninja case ah come up De man nah try
    Potray nuh badness.
    Him him nah make gully bop draw him out.him stand more fe loose an see
    Seh dis ting wid dis rotten mouth.
    Bwoy can get out ah hand an pass lyrical war.
    Is like him ah pick ah vibes wid gorgon an him see it.
    So him nah guh bate up him ting ah follow social media f**ery.
    My god gully bop give god thanks
    Sid dung wid ah real management.
    Team an prepare an build yuh ting
    De right an proper way .
    Build some more tune an move conscious an hope say god.
    Gi yuh more life fe enjoy De glory
    Yuh can’t younger Dan bout 55,56.
    Yuh up Deh trust mi time shorter
    Dan rope.
    Stop lou out yuh ting an move more
    Yuh seh ninja can’t spell like Yuh
    Can f**k him gal like Yuh etc.
    Well if yuh seh yuh smarter den
    Move like it.
    An dis pussy talk bout man can’t f**k him gal ah wah day yah yuh.
    Start get little pussy how long
    Know since yuh ah back yuh fist
    Ova ah blooclot decade Memba dat.
    Or more dawg simmer down bop
    Fe real yuh same one say know body
    Used tuh pay yuh nuh mind .
    Till yuh bust know everyone ah own
    Yuh wat dat mean?
    Ah pure opportunist De round yuh
    Cause dem should a gi yuh ah place
    Fe live.
    Put some crockery inna yah mouth fe real it look bad.
    An feed yuh cause yuh look like Yuh
    Still ah touch De ting .
    Money ah run easy access an mi nah beat yuh down but.
    Everybody ah boost yuh fe duh f**kery an yuh head shoulda.
    More level fe ah big man weh guh tru
    Come offa youtube cause yuh ago rinse out fast.
    Stop draw out artist an pre yuh movements.
    An pray an ask De almighty fe guidance ah fool an his money shall part.
    It hard fe reach De top but it take a second fe drop an lick De ground.
    Don’t set yuh self up fe ah fall
    Move more Concious elder.

    1. Well judge judy yuh lay it str888 fi di junjo mouth Bop. Hopefully smady weh mean him well wi bruk it dung fi him, or else homelessness, hunger, and fist-backing ah guh lay out di welcome mat fi him….:sorry

  14. Suh De ting set yawdy4life i hope
    Him check himself before man tun him ova.
    nuff artist woulda love De little break weh him ah get right know
    Him fe count him blessing

  15. Yuh Can Come Out A Gully And Have Hungry Belly People A Manage Yuh When Yuh Do Dub Plate Yuh Nuh Si Di Money yuh have 500 smaddy a follow yuh KMFT
    back ina di gully you and him

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