Six firearms and over 400 rounds of ammunition were found in a barrel at a container terminal in Newport West, Kingston yesterday evening.

Detectives from the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch have since launched a major investigation following the discovery of the five handguns; one disassembled M-16 rifle and hundreds of rounds.

Police said the discovery was made about 12:10 pm during a joint operation with the Contraband Enforcement Team of Jamaica Customs, after the barrel, which was shipped from the United States of America to an address in the Kingston 11 area was searched and the firearms and ammunition found.

The weapons seized include one Glock pistol, one Smith and Wesson pistol, one Browning 9mm pistol, one Claridge Hi-Tech semi-automatic pistol, one Jimenez Arms pistol, one M16 rifle and seven assorted magazines, the police have reported.

Also seized were 507 assorted rounds of ammunition — one hundred and thirty six 5.56 rounds, one hundred and seventy seven 9mm rounds, fifty-nine 7.62 rounds, twenty-five buckshot rounds, fifty-two .40 rounds, fifty-eight .45 caliber cartridges.

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