Warning: PROMOTERS …Be Aware Attitude Sucks
First, Presentation1.jpgI would like to sincerely apologize to everyone for the turn of events on Saturday, Nov. 8, during the Fall Reggae Concert featuring Gyptian, at the Stargazers Theater and Event Center.
I must confess, I was one of his biggest fans. I would fall asleep listening to this artist on YouTube. The thought of booking him to come to Colorado Springs, so that all his fans could share in the experience was a dream comes true, for me and my husband. Then he showed up, and my dream along with that of a lot of his fans, turned into a nightmare.
I felt as if at any moment I would wake up from this nightmare. Nothing was making sense. Yes, I’ll confess, I am not a professional promoter. My husband and I does this because, we love the music, love the food and love our Jamaican culture. We are happy to share this with our patrons who equally love reggae music, the food and the culture. So that, you can understand my shock, here’s a bit of my history.
In the past, I’ve worked with international superstars, to include Reggae Ambassadors, Third World; Everton Blender and Frankie Paul. I’ve met Pressure Busspipe to name a few, and I must say these are the most humble, respectful artists I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with. Also, during my 24-years in the military I’ve worked with Admirals and Generals, met the President personally, interacted and worked closely with international dignitaries, and I have never met such arrogance and disrespect.
Now, back to the reason for being shocked, after performing for only 30-minutes, the fans disappointed and asking questions, I went to the green room to check if he was going back on stage.
After, a few exchanges with a member on Gyptian’s team, the artist suddenly flew off the handle, got angry and started to spew profanity.
His quote exactly, “Who is this *@#$ woman come talking to me. Go and suck out your mother and don’t come here talking to me.” This was witnessed by some of his fans, waiting to take pictures. Granted, I approached him as the promoter who is concerned. He stormed out of the building with no regard to the respect to his fans, spewing profanity.
Immediately, I realized his immaturity and that he operates purely from fear and the egotistical self. In Jamaica those insults are usually used by elementary kids, who are a not mature enough to engage in more civil disagreements. Adults use it because they are not educated enough, in the art of reasoning and handling situations on a mature level. I immediately, sensed that this artist cares nothing about his fans, or himself, but only about how others perceive him as this great “International Superstar.”
Due to his late appearance, we had to refund more than $1,300 in tickets prior to him showing up, however, unfortunately we are not able to make any refunds thereafter, because everything was paid out to the artist as contractual obligation.
We are still trying to wrap our heads around the events of the evening and what transpired. One conclusion/consensus, those closest to the event felt, is this may be a deliberate act of sabotage or disrespect. It appears, the Gyptian team deliberately tried to sabotage and discredit Spice Island Grill and the Stargazers Theater and Event Center business.
With much anticipation we coordinated this event together, so that it would be a great experience for you, the patrons. However, it seemed at every turn the artist, Gyptian, and his booking agent Rahim Visram @ Edge_Agency did everything to sabotage this event.
We spent the last two days asking the why questions? We ask the manager, as professionals who travel extensively, why didn’t they book their flight earlier so they could build time in for delays? Why didn’t they show up on time for the event? Why Gyptian and his team did not care enough about their fans to apologize and explain their delays? Why did he blame the sound system, when they didn’t arrive at the venue in advance to perform a sound check? Why was his (Gyptian’s) DJ not very knowledgeable about tuning a sound system? And, the biggest Why is – after showing 3-hours late he only performed for 30 minutes?
My un-objective answer — he doesn’t respect his fans, the promoter, the venue, his manager, and most of all himself. In my opinion, I think he is a con-reggae-artist, using his fans and inexperienced promoters to pursue his own agenda. He promoted himself as an international superstar, but upon meeting him you can see he has no respect for himself, females or his fans. The fans waiting in line for his autograph on Nov. 8, was witness, and can attest to the uncouth behavior he displayed.
In order to keep the story brief, I must end with just the sheer disappointment that everyone feels. The anticipation and joy everyone felt leading up to that moment when he would arrive. And, just the let down and disappointment everyone sensed by his character and behavior.
Again, we sincerely apologize for the debacle of the night. I can assure you that the Stargazers Theater and Event staff and the Spice Island Grill staff went above and beyond to ensure everything went smoothly.
But, the question still remains, why did the Gyptian’s staff go out of their way to disappoint their fans, sabotage the promoter, and disrespect the event center staff?
Bottomline, he was paid $5,500 for appearance fees, was booked in one of the best hotels (a suite at the Antlers Hilton Hotel) he got the best weed (because apparently he couldn’t perform without it). After arriving 3-hours late, to fans eagerly waiting, his biggest displeasure with the venue is that there wasn’t enough liquor, with the proper glasses, in the green room.
To express my disappointment and frustration, I would say my advice, to you Con-Reggae-Artist, Gyptian is, “Go to hell.” In my opinion, you are an international thug. You are a disappointment to your country, the one I love, your fans and yourself. Get your head out of your ass and learn to be a person with a heart, first, and remember that the fans are the ones who make you who you are today.
Note: The views expressed are the sole opinion of the writer and are not necessarily the views of the Spice Island Grill and the Stargazers Theater and Event Center staff.
Posted by Spice Island Grill at 3:19 PM
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  1. Morning Met and Metters. This is beyond outtaordaness and lack of professionalism. What a thug, because him know him a deal wid some decent ppl, if it was a bad bwoy promoter him wudnt gwan suh cuz im wuda get a page. When my friend did book Mavado fi a show in ATL, no diva antics cuz im know a Dunkirk man show dat. When thesr fartiste do them thing, drm fi get bad press, and less stages fi book. Mek dem pocket hurt dem. What a rass. Cuz im nuh rass.

  2. I’ve known this idiot for quite sometime and this is how he is. From what’s I’ve learned gyptian is not fully hundred. I even heard he sometimes sniff coke. He’s so quick to diss people man women or his fans. That’s how he even deals with his own family. I’ve been around to witness this. Bottom line this boy has no manners whatsoever and promoters should start boycott him and his possy

    1. You know I suspected Coke when I reached the part about him becoming unhinged at she began to quote
      I would take him and him team to the court house and get back me money so me can buy top notch pillow fi kneel dung and suck me mada as him suggest, at his expense…bitch ass man.

  3. I stop going to reggae shows years ago due to these shows starting 1-3 hours late, artists not showing up and slow band change, etc., etc., etc. When people stop going to their shows, then they will get the message. Very few artists make money from their songs anymore and depend on these live performances for the livelihood. Time we boycott the them.

  4. Why surprising?
    His behavior is like that of most male immature low self esteem jamaican assholes in show business who call themselves celebrities artists promoters and radio personalities.

  5. 30 minutes is an OK amount of time. A lot of artists can’t perform for 30 minutes. Not sure of her expectations, but a 30 minutes performance for $5,500 is OK. The unprofessionalism seems to be a part of the industry. Dancehall artists are known to arrive late. Typically they don’t reach before 2 a.m., promoters should know that.
    To treat fans like shit, then fans should boycott , because no one needs to pay to be insulted.

    1. It all depends on the market and the artists ability to draw crowd. Gyptian may not be such a big draw in Colorado. It he agrees to the $5500, put on the best performance so he will build his fan base for the next time.
      I remember a while back going to a show in CT with many artists, Garnet Silk, Coco Tea, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa and many more. Lots of artists performed and Bounty didn’t get all his money and refused to perform. The place was jam packed and Beenie came on stage and gave big time performance. Before he performed, he said he didn’t get all his money but he had performed for free in his early days so he will perform for the fans for the little he got from the promoter. That day my respect for Beenie was solidified and it will never change.

      1. Hey Kunta :peluk..ah true…people is a great entertainer; always dancing and gives a great performance every time…he is also a people person who loves to mix and mingle with his fans…just an all around great guy and great entertainer :rate

  6. Dis piece ah dry bone nuh have no respect fe ooman. But mi ah wonda if ah becaws true seh ah “REAL” ooman ah him competition.

  7. We need to stop promoting/supporting people like Gyptian. This “artiste” has failed to solidify himself as a relevant dancehall “artiste”.

  8. Yes it’s full time he is too disrespectful it’s like he has quick silver. He’s so quick to diss people and the first thing comes out his mouth I’d suck yuh madda . My friend who use to date him said he even tells his own mom to suck her mother. He’s bipolar and needs serious psychiatric help. And my friend told me she saw coke on his dresser once and he told her it was for his friend. He’s mentally ill. He gave her a terrible infection then cursed her out that it was her who gave it to him knowingly that he’s a walking std. He buys a lot of whores. I don’t know how people still book him for shows cause he’s crazy.

  9. a long time diss dread a move so, a people like him, why reggae music and dancehall deh pon a low now. deh too hard fi deal wid

  10. most artist don’t care if promoters mek money as long as dem get pay. artists and soundman a kill wi music and culture, wid dem show up late, only play n sing wah dem feel like. short set etc
    di up di artist dem and some soundman who show up early a venue even if dem nah on…. so people know dem deh bout.
    most promoter stop put on show fi dem same reasons di artist dem a act like pimps. some promota a groupie and just keep show fi meet dem

    1. A lot of promoters use it to launder money. They are not really looking to make a profit, just break even or close to break-even.

      1. so wah if a money lauding, dem still a get pay fi put on a good show do yuh damn job well. people still a pay fi si dem. only 5-9 promoter dem try fi play wid

  11. Here is what the dread had to say “go suck yo Madda”!!!! Unfortunately I think we in Colorado have given up on him, he was on tour with Etana a yr or 2 ago, he cancelled, but was sitting right on the tour bus outside whole time! Trust me, we get some nice shows here (and they ALL play longer than 30mins every time), no need to support someone who has no respect for me the fan…..Bless!

    1. Bless up Colorado! If this is the attitude the time will come where him may need fi “suck” him madda fi eat and shelter. Boycott these mongrels should be in order, without delay.

  12. Jah know mi use to love Gyptian till i hear him pon ah interview on Youtube! De rasta imposta express some freaky tings weh him love…den ah say man ah man. Him alla jump pon de bed an ah juk de bed ah grin out! Mi say no sah dat dread lou badddd.

  13. He tried to pick me up before when i was in jamaica,with his cheesy pick up line,ddnt even give him time of day,he seems low class and ignorant,most of them are fashion dread,them more wicked than baldhead.hes from portmore,

  14. Dutty Gyptian fi go suck him mada I can’t stand di likkle b*tch….nasty Gyptian dem fi hold yuh and cut out yuh hair

  15. This is gyptian big pussy met GO SUCK YUH MUMMA BIG FAT STINKIN GYAL WEH CAAN GET NUH MAN A TRUE YUH DID A LOOK ME AN ME NEVA WANT YOU! Promoter Gyal huh suck yuh MUMMA ten times again! Tek big artist fi fool! Me international! Know dat! And all you commenters go suck yuh mada! Care 0000 me have me loyal fans!

    1. The lady did say it say a so so suck u can talk bout..Gyptian a nuh me mek u cocky soft and mi never tek a dead hood man ina my life…Mi do mi research so me cudda never want u dead hood dread whey haffi a tek extends

      1. Likkle dirty dread whey all u have a clothes not even a place to call u your own and u a come bright u likkle dirty dead hood self wid me.. My vagina live a nuh cemetery under …MI NUH HOUSE DEAD DUTTY BWAAY

      Batty wash man whey nah nu manners go and SUCK YU FADDA! Dem sey all yu madda yu nu respeck so all she you need fi go suck and show appreciation to.
      I don’t know whey yu sing sey cause me DON’T LISTEN TO BATTYMAN noise…yu mussy sound like you have diarrhea a gargle dung yu throat from all yu batty suckings…bitch ass faggot.
      Met…dem bowi yah is like that stubborn shit whey cramp up yu batty when yah try fi expel dem…mek dis fag go tek a chuck off!

    3. But Gyptian, yuh mus memba seh we as Jamaicans nuh frighten fe people, whether yuh ah superstar or not…yuh mus memba dat son…

      1. :sup2: dwln Dung to de newborn Jamaicans dem nu fear nothing. All de delivery docta and nurse dem want fight to rass, lol

    4. You are a straight up battyman. You have no respect for women. I face you hate women. Fruit cake ah time you come out the closet and remove those fake extensions. You are nothing but a entry level faggot wid fake dreads.

    5. big con-artist yuh no si bottle come back inna dance hall. yuh betta have a back up plan afta diss dancehall don’t have pension plan… use sum a yuh money and guh a ethic class dunce bat …

  16. Di dead cocky gave me a few children how much you have ole mule! When last you get some soft hard dead cocky! Bandgovich nuh want you! You haffi lift up yuh belly fi see you pussy! Yuh pussy waan bathe! You tink the I don’t know who you be?

    1. I was missing for a few hours a mi man cocky mi did deh pan ………..belly fi lift and cocky fi run but u dont have nothing fi run under nobody but soso extends and u hood still dead..Bagdanovich is married to mi fren ….If u did know who me be u cuda never ever seh mi want u..because mi neva tek a gyal ina my life and u nuh so special fi be the first. Dirty dread whey all u can do is suck..u never breed nobody yet

      1. den if him go tell di lady fi go suck her mother him mus be a woman /homo
        I want to know is where are the children him claiming him get :ngakak
        Gyptian u know di little girl is not yours_____________________________________

  17. gyptian you are rude and have no manners. go and seek professional help and enter rehab because the cocaine is messing up your life and you are losing your fan base. you are dirty looking and you are nasty and disgusting. why you so mad with Met? leave eth lady alone and go let Iyanla fix your shitty life. you f***kkking coke snorting junkie. damn piece a dogshit. get lost!

  18. Omg gyp u really run in with a bag of tracing! A couldn’t real. come here gypesha me did a wonder how do hair grow so fast and even.

  19. a cyan nasty dutty gyptian this a gwaan so….gyptian member when u and bascomex them a dead fi hungry a portmore inu ur not the shit nigger plus a jus 5500 u a get fi perform an a gwaan like u a somebody go suck you fada bwoy….sry fi the typos met but mi jusss reallly hot fi the suck pussy bwoy…. be very careful gypsy cuz things have a way of changing in a split second. f**king moron!! thats y javana bow you up dutty bwoy

  20. we don’t endorse nuh form a junkism roun ere nigga. go check yourself into a rehab and get your life in order. you outta order fe tell that promoter lady fe go suck har madda. she should of mush you right inna you face and box you wid a champagne bokkle. bittch ass clown bout suck you madda. go find your mumma and suck out har bloodclaat. stink like!!

  21. weh u gone gypsy fwd back man…u big and bad fwd back mek met get fi dun u properly…lmfaoooooooooo!!! walking std…yea man you ketch you coward cuz u know say ppl deh ya have secret fi u nasty johncrow

    1. lol…me don’t know why him really come yah come a scream like mumma lashy. I want shim come back cause me like when Met pull out her special tings…lolol
      Met! me sure is not a dubplate yu have fi offer him

  22. A wonda if you all notice I fear no man! Big pussy Gyal me busy a Mek me money! You a Mek money on this garbage! Everybody a suck pussy! All you a suck pussy to! Me a Scorpio don’t f**k you self! All a mi Pickney dem a fimi! Jacket and full suit me mine all a dem! You must know facts before you post garbage! Dat big pussy promoter Gyal muss a f**k you! Go suck you modder you and you followers!

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      1. Yu tan de, de way him a trace him may soon carry belly and gi birth out a him batty.
        De pork oil Fake dread sey it nu fear…lol

      2. a long time diss fagartist a rape reggae dancehall, dem need fi guh. a tek people money and gi 1/2 show. shit pusha u get expose. why yuh mad bro, di truth a bun yuh rass

  23. A waan give yuh some std in you mouth Mek you stop faas Inna people bizness! Me take plane like taxi how mi nuffi have nutten bitch!


    1. Greasy Gyptian, if it was u an Met a war alone mi wuda stay out a it. Cuz mi know she can hangle har self, but wen yuh tell ALL di commenters fi suck dem mumma. Pussy wen u throw dat corn u call dis ya fowl. Wen u stop booking stages, and haffi resort to hicking buddy and gaggling balls, a hope yuh can seh go suck yuh mumma to the big jon weh a go dung yuh throat.

  24. But the promoter sound like a real groupie, she just dash eennn the husband so it no look so bad, but a 3 side to the story. Something lead to his actions. What really happen mi no feel it reach the point a him tell har go uck har madda for no reason , when everything was going “smothly” except for the fact that he was 3 hours late. Something fishy bout this story

  25. Seet deh di big pussy Gyal waan me come f**k har after di show and me tell har me haffi go ketch me flight! Me even tell di big pussy Gyal fi ole back 1000 outta di money and go buy some cocky she come a post f***kery! Big pussy met Mek she give you some a di money and go buy some draws nuh

    1. Yuh extends di finish suh yuh cuden put it pan har??Mi nah go have draws because u too busy a wear dem. Stop tell lie bout give back 1000 because u walk and beg like u blind bout u a entertainer..Mine Octane haffi finish whey u start eno cripple hood dread bwaay

    2. You is a nasty piece of ass wipe! you sink low fi a talk bout oman want fi f**k yu…is true a pussy yu a get offer mek yu get so ignorant pon har…is har husband yu did want fi suck off and she cock block yu bitch!

    3. Then with all this filth that you taking the time to type, dome body really hire you. Man…..even if I needed the show for air I couldn’t hire you because you cannot even have a normal sane conversation without the filth. Who really takes you serious, tell us?


    1. Bwoy, the Promoter gyal very lucky then. She would have caught bad case of herpes from you and other opportunistic STD that you are carrying around with you. How many women have you infected Gyptian?

  27. A wah dis pon dis good good Tuesday doah?
    Gyptian a caan you a behave suh, must be a fake man. Cause if dis is really you all you do is confirm the story as to your immaturity and bad behaviour. If you need to dispute the story that is what a pr agent is for and a lawyer. You don’t come on here an act up like a child who only got a lump of coal in his stocking for Christmas.
    I sincerely hope it is an imposter because you are much too young to be building up bad karma in your career. Look around at many veterans and see how far their bad behaviour took them. Some are living on the streets or in the most impoverished of circumstances. Don’t sow seed you can’t afford to reap the harvest for.

  28. Wow ! No respect for woman! Uneducated! Can tek u out of the pig pen but can’t tek the pig out a you! Why don’t he address he’s a coke head, cause that’s a fact! Is all he can say to woman is suck u muma! What dd he cum out of?? And if he is soooo big! Why is he not a super star by now, he hangs wth killers, drug dealers murders from portmore! That’s facts! Dirty! Dirty! Scales dread

  29. No imposter a so him trace like a Girl just check his Instagram and is same so him cursing the people dem lol this boy must grew up with plenty females

    1. oh u get ketch man………….me a see your ip so why u come a set up gypitan u neva see say mi stop ansa u and a pre u ?

        1. All if a imposter that nastiness need a proper cussing. Dem love tek libbaty of promoters and don’t honor agreements, nor respect contractual obligations.

      1. Metty mi like when you bus di imposter dem. Mi did a read an ready fi jump een when mi see dis. Imposter yuh is ah big dutty shithouse and even worse dan big ole gyptian. Yuh ova yah ah trace an ah mek smady else get di heat. Yuh is ah evil low-dung slime.

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