Subject: look like the gal hack the profile well me see it so you have to see it to lol

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SpanishTown One-Don Dapa Dnb
11 minutes ago via mobile
My name is Ramon Hall born June 4 1990 I am a dead beat father I have more than two babymama I don’t have a job I tell lies I like to fight I am in a gang I beat girls too that’s y I have a dv case everybody on my first page I f**k they suck my D**k. I f**k all the bitches on my new page same shit and I f**k there friends too some bitches I suck them p**y .. Yea in my inbox they all get the same message I dead mis you I am dead into you big woman ting. I smoke weed but cant buy my kids nothing I vdon’t even see them I call their mother bitches my life is all about party smoke weed where
I don’t buy f**k and go to prison my life is great Dwl you ((k with the wrong b**h ni88a immigration should have sent him to the seas bum ass ni88a got some old ass b**ch pregnant and now he has another b**ch in his inbox saying she pregnant fat ugly ass old b**hes you can’t do better .. # gunzupni88a lmfao


  1. lol speaking of hacking Met, one of my children said them hack yuh page and tun it inna english. i nearly dead.

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