Me kno seh u ongle rinse out celebrities but the way dah gal yah use to dash it ova Dunkirk she hav a celebrity status a gwaan fi her crotches. Mi surprise seh u nah loud up her attempts at reinventing herself. The girl name PetaGaye and she was one big whore ina Dunkirk before she go forin. Now all of a sudden she a go Jamaica and a keep all-white party like that suppose to make her brand new. Mi deven ago comment pon the fact say that she deh a Merica a suffer so she ain’t fooling nobody when she go Jamaica go “floss” with “Louis Vuitton” cake.

And a no free promo me a look fi oda people dance LOL cause the event was last week – a the suss weh ago buss out ina di comments me waa see.

0 thoughts on “ALL FRIGHT FI DI ALL WHITE?

  1. Senda yu sound badmind/upset tru de gyal ah rinse out har OWNA punny! De tings ppl mek badda dem dese last days. Mek de gyal floss pon har bruk pocket if dat mek she comfortable :nerd

    One quick question, weh yu ah do senda…rinse out fe yu file to nuh :ngakak :thumbup

  2. Why are they wearing bubble vests and snorkels in Jamaica especially to a party where they’ll be dancing and sweating in the already humid environment..”…….no sah!!

  3. GM Met an everybaddy….Ms Met ah from 6am mi deh ah browse enuh still ah wait dat )))))BIG ANNOUNCEMENT(((( yu echo bout pon Friday :maho :maho

  4. Good morning met, senda me nuh know a wha dat.. if a me like you me wouldn’t even send dat in.. lmao! what a party look boring and papdown not to mention di ppl dem weh attend and why dem pickney deh nuh go a dem bed a night time? weh dem parents deh

    1. Mi nah judge, deh from afta 6 so. . . But mi know Petagaye, cuz a Dunkirk mi come from an wen mi watch the video an nuh see none a the Kirkist gal dem, I was like no man she pap dung fi tru, bear wrong gal deh a har party. Smaddy see har pon the 2 train an did tell mi how she tan bad, it look like a tru.

  5. sender u bad mind….. met me know this girl she is not from dunkirk she come water street near rae town.. she live america is there she born but she school out here…all of her family lives there is a girl weh drive and live in her own apartment….met di only family she have out here is her bro who attend wolmers high and her father who is a football coach….me and petagaye grow together is a nice girl smh me a tell u bout bad mine ppl smh…since dis year a 3 time she come ja petagaye work at a nursing home in ct…sender u bad mine.. is the third all white party dis she a keep and dem always sell off…

  6. met petagaye use to attend camperdown high and as she graduate she leave jamaica and go america,,, sender she must tek u man mek u hurt so or u bad mind cause ntn nah gwaan fi u… met me can send her fb name and u go look for self and u will see say the girl and her kids and live a healthy life… sender BAD MIND A KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. wan de badmind wicked person weh send this post in fe please keep my niece clean cousin name outta unnu mouth,,,my cousin is a hard working oman weh tek care of her kids,…is wah unnu mad cuzzin work hard,,,suh she play hard…BAD MIND IS A DISEASE

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