This he/she name Daffy aka Dafton is a boy weh gay and try look like gal . Him use to walk wid the Acid Ladies them but know him a big fren wid Barbie and Christine the boy wear them shoes (pic above Barbie Giuseppe sneakers “white”) , clothes , bags, jewelry , and all go as far as wear dem leftover hair weave weh dem tek outta dem head Christine wash it and give him . Him swear him have $$ but this boy is a big ******* and him sell him ****** to the white man dem a soho that’s how him make him living and theif from American apparel and Zara . Him walk and beg apple and kerryann food . The other day kerryann feel sorry fi him and give him some curry goat & rice and peas. She invite him over but me hear Jue did vex. Daffy you claim you have Money so my question is why walk and **** day and night and sell your **** and wear Christine and B******* clothes and beg food stop friend up the gal dem pon Instagram dem don’t like you. You go party with S**** B*** 2 weeks ago and she chat say you borrow her bag and top she thought you had it like that smh







  1. Woooooiiiiiieeeeee the thing say when it will borrow a boot it nah borrow no clothessss noooooo a how dem so tame tho???
    A wha fi Jue him eat out :hammer :hammer :hammer

  2. Yuh know deh dese tings Nuh rightzzz… What a kaylis set a ppl so jue really Mek Kerry bring een a batty man come NYAM outta him pot? An mi sure it’s not the first cause jay ikant go deh all di time. Mawning alll


  3. What a man fayva gal eee… Aye bwoy dem juss a use yuh fi do road wid dem and den dem tunn roun chat yuh… Met yuh Nuh know say di one apple she inna champion bakery a beg di ppl dem 30cent fi Mek up buy patty bout shi come in deh wid $1odd and dem give har the 30c that tacky bitch. Mi couldn’t believe it how dem wear TomFord and all an a beg 30cents fi Mek up buy patty. Sick stomach.


  4. Daffton a zi worst battyman mi Eva come cross him stay bad and want scrub dung nobody like him him borrow and beg like a dog sick johncrow stomach

  5. this one is bigger than me.. this yah man sure look like a woman :tkp him wi wear people shoes but not the clothes :malu :ngakak .. kerry ann stop bring batty man come nyam out jue bear food big disrespect dat f**kery : :

  6. I have no problem with you guys attacking him for being a bad person or careless, but its funny how all you attack him because he go to the lady house to eat, come on, how much a uno dey wid undercova battyman whey not only eat from uno but shit unnno up.
    You know exactly who him is, but what about all a de thugs dem whey dey ina dancehall that not only eat ouuta some people pot but sleep inna dem bed.
    Him free to to live him life how him want and maybe him careless and wutless, but him free to be who him want be…

  7. Wow never knew this was a Boy all this time, i don’t really know this person but i always see daffy in gooddine im giving respect where it’s due she/he Whateva dwl look good my opinion him look better than half these dancehall girls guh see a who talk bout the boy stay bad to me yall sound threaten and see daffy as competition

  8. This gay shit is so corny now this is a American and its 2014 they have more rights that you and me its there country him a do Summin good cause uno a gi him notice

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