Hair dresser takes action because of non-payment
Just wanna know if she’s wrong for cutting out the hairdo out the child’s head, because of nonpayment.

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  1. Yes to hell I would have done the same while explaining my hard work and Mommy didn’t pay……..The child was not harmed, perhaps disappointed but that is for the Mother to explain. Business is business… any business non payment means you are not left with the product, well unless you consumed it first.


    1. I think she posted the pics (based on what i read from her story) because there were other pics circulating that was telling one side and giving her a bad reputation. But mi do agree with you say she probably shouldn’t cut them out, cause mi feel it for the little girl who was innocent in all this. But ii’s her choice because she slaved over that head for hours!!!

    2. Well you see the child you know who the dead beat mumma is. Don’t she gonna post the hairdresser and shop?? She lucky people not doing no charity Pickney or not

    3. She obviously weren’t a regular client, if you don’t have full name, a social etc,. You wasting your time going to small claims court, not only that you also need a police report etc,. The mother is a sucker the best bet was the way she went

  3. I have mixed feelings. I would have been mad too but I don’t think I could have cut the little girls hair. I have an 8 year old and a 10 year old and they would not of allowed her to cut their hair. Then again as a mother I would not have put my child in a situation to let that happen.

    1. principle is principle , and at the end of the day , the woman did the child’s hair and it looked pretty good, she fe get har pay. slavery days done long time. I, don’t think I would have personally done it, but at the same time I definitely do not blame the hair dresser. Sometimes yuh have to let these piss takers know seh yuh naa teck no shorts and can and will act outside your normal behavior.


  5. I don’t know what I’d do neither but when ur in da situation I guess it different. I feel it for the child , but as she stated it’s clear da mother was playing games and dat probably wudda mek anybaddie cross. Dis mother plan it my opinion.

  6. She`s totally absolutely wrong an out of line, why take it out on the child, go for the mother..where she c the girl child to cut her hair out, smh

      1. I dont know what kinda mother would do that to their child..a because she think she woulda get whey wid it thats why she did that

        1. But dose anyone notice how much time the mother gu rone. that was time spent away from her own kids an gas money riding around to drop of the child. smh

          1. she should drop the kid off at the nearest police station because that is child neglect

      2. Morning Met. Hairdresser have ALL rights. I went to a state run cosmetology school and if your client doesn’t have payment upon the end of service you have all rights to ask that they step over to the bowl for a wash down, call the police to log a report and have the person leave yu place. They’ll have yu money if they know yu serious bout the wash down…did a Haitian woman like that.
        Pickney use to har mother tricks. So, getting that hair cut was just a future lesson for her too.

  7. I feel bad for the child as a mother ,and if I was in the situation as the stylist I would do the same thing ,not only did she do the child hair the girl babysit too and drive the child home ,she should be the one to tell her child why she no longer have the braids .
    But mi can’t blame the stylist when mi did just come a England mi did a clean 1 jamaican woman house every week a next week she ago leave the money next week mi go with mi Johnson baby powder and mi fix her house good and every. Bin bag weh mi could a find mi tek out the empty bottle dirty bags empty tins and put them all over her house then mi lock back her door and post her key in her letter box . Kmt

    1. Litter bug! DWLN
      When yu can’t get pay for yu service then yu reverse de process…lol

  8. I would have surely cut it out. Do you know how many times my African hairdressers got ripped off by people………..who got to run to the ATM or who did not walk with enough money or whose man will come with the money

    1. before reading the story i looked at the style and said that must have taken a long time. The mother was dead wrong. I guess the other option was to hold her daughter hostage until she showed up with the money.

      1. Holding the child hostage is a 15 year sentence for kidnapping so that wasn’t even an option. In this case, she exhausted all measures to get her money before taking the most logical option.

        1. She left the child in her care with a promise to return she did not return (not kidnapping) If anything the mother should be charged with child neglect.

  9. in full support de muma had no plans on paying de gurl unno bloodclaat tink ppl nuh hab bills,kids nd other important tings fi tek care a likka unno self she did ntn wrong yah suh a betta de muma did ask fi work out sintin nd mek de gal agree tuh it b4 she did de pickney head….as long as she nuh cut out de baby own hair cut dem de phuck out

    1. I agree a di heights a slackness, she a try play de lady … Man a come fi pickney, den she get flat tire, den she sen har go a di granny yaad not fi har personal residence a dodge she a dodge di ooman she too fuxxing brite, when people work dem fi get pay.. Wha she tek dis ting fah

  10. mawning Metty and metters i dont blame her one bit. too many people prey on other people that way. nuff time i hear people go hairdresser then tell the hairdresser bout ATM to get money and all now dem nuh come back. di mother too brite. the child is innocent but i bet that wont reach the hairdresser again. nuff hairdressers require a deposit now a days. Do your thing MAMA.

      1. di lady did probabaly get crossed and just snap. she all tun taxi driver and babysitter. mumma is a cruff

  11. this most likely wasnt her first time doing this. she seems to have had this all planned out and it backfired on her. but poor baby.

  12. Gm all. Reading everyday but comment on few.
    People saying the hairdresser wrong but this mother was not thinking about the child. Fr father a come to give the woman the granny address and all she had that shit plan. Cut out it backside yes.

  13. I support the hairdresser 100%. If the mother knew she could not afford the hairstyle for her daughter, she should have sat her ass down and put some “bubbles” in her daughter’s hair. What a cruel con to run on this woman… She was not only a hairdresser, she was babysitter and chauffeur for the day. Damn right, I would have cut those braids out!

    1. Anon, wicked thing is that MAJORITY of them can afford the service. Dem just DAMN THIEF!

  14. dats why since lately wen hairdressa a duh hair dem duh some tap nd collect half a de money,de full money or unno pay b4 it even start…de mumma she must be wan a dem teef weh nuh know fi see all stores nd guh in wid money.damn rude nd luk how de baby hair did well neat…tap tretch unno hand weh it caan reach,simply wait den.

  15. Exactly. Me bring my child go do her hair and me always ask how much after me tell dem how me want it. Pay the pple them if im leaving. U left ur child fot 9 hours so . Im sure the hairdresser probably all feed the lil girl and all. Some mumma fi do betta.

    1. I was thinking the same ting, she nuh muss had to feed di child (food), plus driver her around (extra gas) and keep her after she done braid da child hair (babysitting). I HATE di frigging mother fi dat, she need a beating with that ambition broom weh a sweep up di place. I am sure she had to explain to that child, how her mother is a teefing, trifoling, ghetto hood rat. smh She need to get jumped

  16. How can a mother leave her child unattended for such a long time? The woman do a real nice job.That is such a tender age too. I remember feeling like a princess after getting a nice hairstyle. The child will never forget this.

  17. I bet you she will think twice before she pull another stunt like this again, the woman have every right to. She should have thought about the reaction to her actions as a con artist and getting her child involved.

  18. Di only one fi blame inna dis case a di dutty con-artist mumma weh tink shi smarter dan di rest. A nuh di first shi do it…but maybe dis ah di first smady mek har know wha hour clock ah strike!!! Dem deh mumma deh run all kinda scam…even if it include dem pickney. Stylist yuh have a right fi cut out every last braid weh you put in!!!

  19. mi feel di money neva sort out yet…di mada did waah di fada fi pay and di fada neva turn up fi pay suh shi start panic anna hide di ooman..shameful all around.

    1. Bulshit! The bitch never plan feh pay from morning. If I tell my son father mi want money to do something for his son, mi get the money then the something get done. Is a regular thing feh the dutty bitch do , she get weh the duck get dis time.

    2. she should have the money ready before she went to the shop. the mumma is a seasoned con artist.

    3. No man Candy, u sort out d money first then u get d service done, not d other way around. Yuh cant put d carriage before d horse!! dat deh mumma deh did a try pull a fast 1 pan d hairdresser, but it backfire and bite har inna d ass!!!!

  20. She couldn’t have left the store with a dress for the little girl without having paid for it. She was foul all the way around. Dropping the child off without picking her back up and sending the woman to the grandmother’s house with the child. The woman could have called child protective service when she abandoned the little girl in her shop. I am 100% behind the stylist. It’s not the stylist’s job to feel for the little girl, it’s the mother’s. These are the people that will hype in all types of things and neglect their children. If you can’t afford a hairdresser, comb your own child’s hair.
    To invest all that time and energy doing any job and being swindled out of pay is hurtful and some of us don’t take kindly to be played in any way.
    Kudos to the stylist for refusing to being punked by a low life with no regard for her child.

  21. The hairdresser did the ABSOLUTE BEST THING. The mother a ole thief. My mother best friend braid tourist hair on the north coast. When them don’t want pay her she pull out every single one and she a mek sure she drag them head too. Most time them just fork out the money quick so that them no haffi bear the agony.

  22. I only feel for the child cause a huh fi her fault she born to a tiefing mumma…I can’t blame the hairdresser at all. She do hair, probably feed the pikney, carry her home, siding a di gate a wait and no money smh. We love take advantage a wi one another too much man kmt

    1. Tweet yuh know wha bun me? a di rig ma roll wha she have de ooman har go yah so, drap har de so ..wait yah so . Me soon come , me tire flat. She coulda all inna de house and tell di pickney fi tell di ooman she nuh de deh

      1. That is what I thought enuh- dat di tief was in di house and tell di pikney di same thing smh. Ole criminal dem. When anuh people goods dem a tief a people services and labor.

  23. The mother needs a rass lick in her face and child protection services called on her wokless behind. How can the “Hairdresser” have your child for so long? Hair time, extra time then driving the pickney up and down + the time it tek fi cut out the hair, then circulating pictures and story. She wicked to the youth dem.
    You know the wickedest ting deh now? The mum is going to have to take out the rest of the braids or pay someone to do it. Wicked bitch. Tired of them wokless people. If you cannot pay for your hair or your pickneys hair fi do simply wash, blowdry and scrape up the hair inna one. Yuh nuh fi ah sport big style weh yuh pocket cannot manage. Reminds me of how dutty Foxy Brown thief cousin. Kmt.

  24. She waited almost 3hrs later and still nuh pay. Real run a round she get. Soon come, Dad go pick up child, tire flat, drop to my house which wrong house=grandma and she really live down the road. Damn shame indeed and after the fact seh she know the ltitle girl reach she don’t answer call nor text.

  25. When I go to work, after my 8 hr shift I expect a pay. Bi-weekly when my check deposit I check the amount to make sure it is the full amount that I’m suppose to be paid. If I an missing money I go right to administration and discuss my pay shortage cause mi wiki fi mi money mi want mi pay. So why when it come onto hairdresser we feel like dem nuh fi get pay or den shoulda undastand? No! Work a work! Whether it’s doing hair or servicing at a fast food restaurant. If someone offer a service pay dem! Every last rass braid woulda chop chop chop right off! Gyal bright!

  26. Cut out every rass one kmt I only feel sympathetic towards the child but suh it guh wen u have wukliss thieving parents

  27. The hairdresser is wrong to do that to the child! From when she knows where the mothers address is there no need to take it out on the child! The child sat there for all those hours in pain to have the hair cut out looking a hot mess kmt the child must be in distress n confused about what’s going on. Yes! The mother is completely in the wrong n yes I understand the hairdresser frustration but take it on the mother not the child…from you know where she reside you must get back your money one way or another.

      1. Agree 200%, next thing she go back for her money then di same woman turn roun & call police. If a me a di hairdresser, all the Jam, weh mi teck Jam dung di baby hair mi woulda wipe off. I caa stan when some people waa get politically correct. Ar Mumma put ar inna a very bad position. Cut ti yout yes!!

        1. fi put her child in such a predicament a so people rude man..she thought because is a child di woman would never do that but she get wha she neva expect

          1. Agreed Met. She knew the crime and the game she played on the hairdresser from the start and was willing to use her own CHILD as a pawn and an accessory to a crime she premeditated, but like you said “she get wha she neva expect”.

    1. Exactly, the hair dresser is wrong and unprofessional. If she didn’t receive payment from the scam artist mother take her to court and deal with it that way. It’s senseless, foolish and abusive to take it out on the child, who she a shame certainly not the mother this likkle pickney a be scarred trust me. This is truly a sad time we are living in.

      1. take the mother to court may not guarantee her getting her money back…cut it out is exactly right for all the hassle she put her through

      2. @3.44pm. why should she take the money, time an effort feh guh a court when it is easier to cut it out? plus does she knows the mothe’rs name and address ? a mussi yuh a the mumma!!!. because I don’t see how yuh can condone fukry

        1. I guess dem neva read sey she gi di woman di wrong address (her mothers). She neva waan di hair dresser fi know whe she live. She goodly beat di child for taking di hairdresser to di real house.

  28. Mi woulda teck out mi hair n laywait that biotchhhhh cause she would have to run my money dem to classless n disgusting man all babysitting services she woulda haffi pay fa fuxxin brite kmt

  29. The only thing I have a problem with is how the little girl could have gotten hurt in the process of all this (reason) the hairdresser drop the little girl off at her house and then she came back and got her she had all this access to do what she wanted to do to the little girl omg that jus frightening thank god that was all she did pay lady her hard earned money!!

  30. Good Afternoon Met & Metters.
    Too bad fi the chile but cutting out the braids annuh nuttn fi send r off di rockers and to a psychiatrist just a teenie weenie humiliation. R Mooma is a crook u don’t put u child/ren in a dem kinda predicament deh.

  31. everybody a talk about the hairdress put up the child picture, what happen to the mother who mek the picture go up… The Mother thought she could USE her daughter to get a FREE hairdo not thinking or hoping that the hairdress is serious about her work,time and most of all her MONEY!!!

    1. i never see something hurt mi so di girl say dem a mek she a run in circles..that mother is wicked to her child

  32. That mada is a crook and she wicked fi put har pickney ina such position. Di hairdresser have every rite fi cut out har hard earn hours worth of braids that she got no payment for..Outa-ada mumma..

  33. first of all I would never put ANY of my kids in that situation…me feel bad fi di child..when my kids go get dem braid me mek sure dem walk in wid dem money an tell dem when di woman done pay har…di mada wrong..for who a say di hairdresser wrong put unoo self ina har position..di mada did a plan fi scam har hence di reason she gi di woman wrong address fi drop off di pickney… she probably all ina har house an tell di child fi tell di hairdresser she not home…she a come, fada a come, flat tire, tek to granny house, lef granny an finally reach a fi har yawd… smh..she out a she wont try it again

  34. Maybe it was kinda harsh for the little girl, but on a matter of principle, stand like a rock. Cut it right outtttttttttt.

  35. a dat di mooma fi get..but she slick..send di pickney a di granny yawd…dem no know say some pickney no know how fi lie lol

  36. Cut out it…this is a trend, my daughter do braids too and A lady make appointment for her little girl and after 11 hours of work plus food, she told my daughter her mom said she is only paying $30.00 for a $100.00 job, I got real mad and the little girl start crying and said she is going to beg somebody money and bring it back, my daughter is very quiet so she said ok, up until this moment she never get another cent, I told my daughter to take her phone but she never did… these nasty mother taking the piss with people hard work.. she never pick up her child either, she send someone to get her.

    1. $2.73 per hour minus the cost of food. No sah, dem too wicked. Mi would haffi buss mi shoe laces dem outta mi shoes

  37. Cut it out yes, if I work and nuh get my pay mi mad. That is not fair to the lady. People should do what they can afford.

  38. Everybody picture it this way…After u put in your 40hrs, work week and ur boss gonna tell you oh, come Fi ur check 2moro, and when u come him gone and no check…how would u feel, and what would u do when u have plans 4 your money U work for…enough said…

  39. Listen di only victim is the lil girl. The only wrong I give the stylist is not glazing out her face before posting it. As fi di dutty mumma she knew she didn’t have the money fi pay fi get di LIKKLE girl hair done…. so she shudda tek har hand meek fashion. But it seems like a ting shi always do

  40. What if da hairdresser never had a car. A suh she wudda sid down await a da shop wid da little girl. My theory then wud be she wudda send smaddy eventually fi da child and seh she soon come, while da hairdresser still gets no pay. How many ppl come out a taxi and seh mi soon come? And neva return.

  41. Dat deh teefin mumma lucky seh the hair dressa neva drop the likkle girl dung ah di police precinct for child abandonment and then Child Protective Services woulda surely step een. Ah dem time deh tings woulda really get sticky fe she PLUS she woulda haffe fork up the lady money. Them braids are on point!! Job well done!!! :rate

  42. u si true mi a johncrow, mi naah cut out nuttin, straight shaving foam and a straight edge razor to di lilly gal scalp.

      1. Met mi naah joke, dis is di heights of fu-ckeries. you know how long dat hairdresser affi stan up pon har foot dem an do di lilly gal head?
        u know how it hard fi comb pickney head? worse if dem hair cum in like steel wool?
        mi naah play dem games deh, cuz i woulda buss di mumma ass pon top of scalping di lilly gal. Times too hard fi dem fuc-kery yah. mi naah suga coat nuttin.

          1. Met when mi read this story mi instantly turn inna bounty.
            Met mi si hairdresser do ppl hair already, di pu-ssy dem sidung in front di mirror, dem looking in di mirror all di time, dem love dem hairstyle cuz if they didn’t, dem woulda talk up.
            But as soon as a time fi pay dem a give di hairdresser weh dem feel like an a go seh thats what dem tink di style worth. Out of order.

    1. Bammy, mi naah hold mi mouth an talk, at di end of di day its a business u a run. You haffi mek ppl know u no tek sh-it, cuz if u mk one person get weh, others will try.

      1. How yuh mean Lundun, a so it fi guh yes, cauz some ppl nuh like pay enuh, if yuh a look a credit yuh say so before hand, yuh nuh wait till d ppl dem done kill out dem self ova yuh damn steel wood head, yuh a chat shit……das y some ppl put up inna dem business place seh d only credit there is digicel and lime enuh, dem too terrible man, yuh can a shaft ppl like dat….., lady affi git u out a har bed, leave her kids, have har bills to pay, and yuh a gi d woman d run around??? a mad she mad man!!!!!!

        1. but why she give wrong address to the lady? she neva fraid fi woman tek whey har daughter or carry har go leave a street?

          1. A long time she a do dem sinting deh Metty, it look like a nuff free hairstyle a likkle girl get. She dont care 1 iota bout har child, yuh nuh see seh she careless, thief, lie, and dry eye and dat is not a good combination at all…. she well leff pickney run gone a har yard, thinking to har self, dat silly hairdresser dont even have a clue that she wont be getting paid, Oh yes, well sorry not this time, too bad fi she, cauz a player has just been outplayed, damn dishonest….

          2. Dem love freeniss too much man. All a d woman hard work gone dung d drain, I would an call it a loss for d sake a d child still, but not before I kick har mumma ass for putting me through all dat work for nothing. D something bun mi and a nuh mi yuh see……Time wasted cannot be regained, she would an never try dat shit wid nobody else when I dun deal wid har case good and proper man.

  43. Dah mumma deh nuh easy a baxide she bright bad!!!! so a dat d hot sytle deh she want fi freeeeeeeee?????? I can just imagine how much back pain d hairdresser felt after standing 9 grueling hours to do d lil girl hair???? The hairdresser have all right to do what she did, too bad d lil girl scammer mumma try fi gi d hairdresser a 6 fi a 9, and try pull a fast 1 on her, she not even care fi har child safety 1 bit, what if someone had kidnap d child while in d hairdresser’s care???? A bet she nuh stop fi think bout dat, yuh would an see how fast she run come wid d money and take bout she just left for a few minutes to get d funds, smh & roll eyes… And yuh know seh mi never did aguh pull it out…….Mi have a soft spot fi children still so I dont think I would have d heart to undo what I did, I would an seh to d lil girl “I hope u like ur new hairstyle sweetie, and guh wait pan har mumma raas a har yard a could an even 3 a clock a morning a would an sleep pan har front porch yuh see and beat hae bloodclaat to sickness, when I dun wid har all trim I would an trim har raas damn outta order cauz mi really nuh have d patience fi guh a court house guh claim back, fi time lost, cost for doing her hair, babbysitting, catering and chauffeuring service. Ole scammer, mi think a money alone ppl scam; I neva know to baxide seh ppl scam services too??!! so she a handicap??? If yuh dont have d funds fi guh a hairdresser guh duh yuh pickney hair, yuh nuh cancel d appointment and do it yuh damn self, a 2 left hand she got??? Then a can bet how she dress like dress puss well walk inna d woman Salon, bruck lakka church mouse, to eh nuh!!! Ole crosses

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