1. China yu like beg friend too bloodclat much yu sick stomach real bad all yu do a gu pan Fb an beg friend we’d ppl yu don’t even know smh my girl get yu life an stop walk an beg friend yu too nuff man

  2. How miichii always ah come wid dem type of cryptic messages Pon her page all the time like she soon dead, she must have HIV for real.

  3. Har sign have a lot fi do wid how she stay an a young Leo tuh she naw change no time soon. An yuh Caah talk to dem ppl deh.. When Yuh tell dem good Dem tink a cuss Yuh a cuss dem lol

  4. @anonymous 6:28 thanks N d gal china a gwaan suh ova him Kmt she Tink him nah guh do her like him do michii smh Dem likkle gal ya well confuse a swear!!!!! But mi a gwaan look out a mi yiy fi see Dem cuss pan FB again n talk up a bag a tings

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