Sandy you get a kick out the fact that Lisa home with a young baby and you and waste Richie in beach wear affair the other night. Let me tell you this a wise message the same thing him do to Lisa he will do to you. Your no different Boo.



  1. Hahaha.. lisa no u and u fren a rejoice pon ya tru u tek michiboo husband. Yup that same husband who was going between u, michi and sandy. And a di knike a jook u now so say home with u young baby weh u think could a tame him and nurse u q

  2. No sir, is what make every other day or week this long neck boy and these lumpy body girls on the wall from the wife stuff turkey Michieboo to the mate Sandy baby mother Lisa not one of unno can make one.

  3. I wonder what sour Michelle have to say cause she brag and carry on bout Richie want her and bare things. Well boo how Richie going to explain things first him going to say him never carry Sandy to the party him go see her there and how him don’t chat to her and sour Michelle going to believe cause she slow

  4. Saw Michelle on the boat last night gyal you to stay in you bed when night come and don’t you every wear back that white lip stick you stay very bad. and why do you even party you don’t dance only steer @ ppl or find a chair sit in. you bed must lonely and uncomfortable

  5. she and Michelle would a look like sister lumpy sour big nose and ugly and they both work for restaurant..

  6. This post is so funny cause Michelle and her clown crew always run in and say Richie only want Michelle so how him and Sandy end up in queens Hmmmmmm. I guess she will be the next BM.

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