hapy Kevin “Clement” Reynolds, the music mogul convicted of murdering a man in front the man’s daughter in Silver Spring, was sentenced in Montgomery County Tuesday.

Reynolds was sentenced to life in prison plus twenty years for killing Wesley King, according to the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office.

The murder took place in November of 2002, when Reynolds went to King’s home and fatally shot him in front of King’s 11-year-old daughter.

“When a defendant kills a man in front of his 11 year old daughter he deserves to pay a very high price for his crime,” the Montgomery County State’s Attorney, John J. McCarthy said.

It took twelve years for Reynolds to be convicted. In the years that passed, Reynolds got a new passport and adopted a new name, Dennis Graham. While going by Dennis Graham, Reynolds became a New York-based music promoter.

“Twelve years and a music empire later, the long arm of the law caught up with Dennis Graham a.k.a. ‘Kevin “Clement” Reynolds’,” McCarthy said.

Reynolds was sentenced to life for his first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder convictions. The additional 20 year sentence is for use of a handgun in the commission of a felony.


  1. God is good the amount a gun weh him buy give twelve lane man dem when ppl in a Jamaica a dead like dog, couple more a dem need to get life to.God slow but him sure. Kunte dead and the ppl dem a gwan like him a saint look how much ppl kunte kill. God not sleeping. Unnu kill roach and think fi unnu time nah go come well one by one unnu a go down..

  2. Kunte? really? Met need fi run a story with him and mek people come talk the things because most persons on social media seems to be mourning his death. i would never believe that hes involved in anything like that. Btw I dont know him personally

  3. Does anyone know the motive behind him, Kevin “Clement” Reynolds, killing Wesley King? God was smiling on that 11 year old girl why the murderer didn’t kill her too.

    I guess we won’t be seeing anymore HAPILOS ENTERTAINMENT advertisement on this website.

  4. Life + 20 years…so all when him dead him still have 20 more years fi serve. Case disposed of quickly, serious Judge

  5. Which kunte a saint ask him how much ppl him kill fi kartel to. The same ppl dem on social media that a big him up well and know him a killer top killer.oh please mi hate dem hypocrite ppl bout r.I.p kunte like him a Angel. U think ppl just go round a him baby mother yaad go fi him suh cause him innocent.

  6. Kunte just lose him cousin bout six month now for stealing a missing shoes and kunte and the twelve lane gang know seh the man want back him things but because dem think seh only dem alone can kill ppl it cause him cousin life after Clemente buy all dem deh gun give dem dem still red eye fi ppl things

  7. Smh,not tryna justify ntn here still,but having met him in person I found him as cool,bust was too quite,in my eyes he was humble.Figured he was no saint yea,but life+20yrs tough.I bet all dem man who use to call him boss n general ago start rejoice smh!not saying he who died was/wasnt a saint I honestly don’t knw.If he did it,sad,the child lost a dad,den again her dad might have been no saint,but doesn’t mean kill him.I honestly liked&respected him as an individual who I have known fa a short while,I’ll remain loyal and say,sorry to hear what happened.Idk his history so can’t comment.But know fa a fk beside all d bad heard he did a lot a good,I bet d ungrateful ppl who speak of it.anyways,Happy,atleast u no get d chair,u have life.Jah knw,u spread d bed,guess u’ll have to lay in it!

    1. Please keep in mind in not one pickney di man did have either. I went to school with one of his daughters and so many times me see her facebook posts and mi heart grieve fi ar.

      1. He was good to a lot of people …im shocked he got 20 plus life that is tougher than tough but the girl that had to see her father die had it more than tough ..i dont have the words really

  8. Correction!*but&all d ungrateful ppl won’t speak of the good he has done only the bad,most a who will talk shit are d ones he used to feed,lol,dem a d 1st ones who are gonna say,he was the worst!y ppl always wait on death or prison sentence to come talk a bag a things?huh?sure unuh never dumb all along.kmt.

    1. Caan walk and do evil then serve few people a plate a food and think that will balance out the evil doings! All evil doers will fall, is not me seh so is God.

  9. All I can say is Clement you are an ass to know your past and to allow yourself to be in the spotlight was dumb! You caused your demise!!!

  10. ppl love to talk a lot of crap…first off…dis man never inna di spotlight EVA! 2nd you guys nuh know the details of the case. You quick to pass judgement with a headline and a few words, but remember your time will come. What you see is what you get with this guy. HHard to find more kind and humble than him

    1. Kind and humble? It is not too difficult to portray kindness when you are on the run and wanted for murder. I wonder how many more murders he will be charge for, as they claim there are other cases still pending. Did he cause the death of that pregnant young lady in Jamaica a few years ago? Was she about to release his secrets and that caused her death?

      Watch the video:


  11. @ one voice when I say he’s in spotlight I simply meant that you cannot know you killed a man and decide to run a business and not remain behind the scenes. Everyone knew Happy was in charge of Hapilos even tho Johnny was fronting so to me that is being in the spotlight. You managed to elude the authorities for how many years by being low key so because you started making some money now u became complacent and forgot you have a past. Clement is no saint so one voice cut the bull shit!

  12. Tj records
    Vybz kartel
    Di list can go on but call it seh KUNTE lock dem man ya head back mussi dats why tj run weh kartel him don deh a prison and kunte dead him betta easy like him pops timmo

  13. Practically Everyone talking bad Definitely knows this ruthless person,all who met him for a second and on his right arm, he did want fi hold you in America with certain money and you will see if he is your friend Lol,
    Only thing the people forgot to say is that Dr ford was touching him from a tender age…Gay he mess with woman an man
    He touching Rock as as well
    And I swear on my kids life he is a friend killer!!!! The murder he got sent to prison for wasn’t even his drugs…
    The man who had problem with the dead man, who’s drugs it was is relaxing in America
    Peace unto him, lol

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