Mi did plan one long epistle but lawd God has been good it nuh mek sense lament oooooo..Happy New Year everyone and may all your hands and lives be blessed not only next year but forever.


  1. Happy New Year woman of great valour. We love and appreciate you. You are honest, witty and so compassionate. I often wonder about you- if you’re well. I pray that your kneading bowl and basket shall never go empty (Deuteronomy 28:5). I pray that your feet will trample serpents of all kinds. I pray that you will count it all joy when you meet trials kf various kinds. I pray that the flood gates of Heaven will open wide on your behalf. I pray for your parents’ health. I pray that your hands will continuously do God’s work. I pray for your heart – may it never be hardened due to worldly matters. I pray for your eyes; for if your eyes are well your entire body is well. I pray for your mouth that you will continue to speak of His Holy and Righteous name. I pray for your mind – may all thoughts considered ungodly be eradicated. I pray for your life – may your days be as lengthy as that of Job’s. I pray for your womb; that barreneness will not come near you.

    Thank God for you, Met. You have played a very important role in changing the lives of many – myself included.

    1. Thank you so much for your words and prayers. Please keep me in them because its always a fight . Thank you so so so much :kiss

      1. I omitted the fighting part thinking I was reaching. It is set i stone. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. I am declaring favor over your life. The necks of your enemies shall be delivered in your hands. You shall live and not die to declare the glory of the Lord. The ground shall not part from your feet. Your enemies will be brought to confusion. Theirw tongues will not speak ill of you. You are safe, you are a Proverbial woman. You are most welcome and thank you for being selfless enough to build this great website.

        1. If I did not know prayers 2016 would have surely took me before God decided but I know one thing and that is to pray. I cant complain because it was a lesson God needed me to learn. The devil is steadfast and we must be militant warriors . Di Africans love seh di Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Sometimes we haffi tek we destiny by force because they devil surely wants to keep us away from it. We must know that in life we have to war and stop think that we haffi lay down and play nice. Fight because God is also a God of war.

          1. One thing I have learned and tbat is to fight for whatever I want out of life. God is a God of peace and war. Prince of Peace and Lord of Vengeance. A consuming fire. In the Book kf Psalms, it states that He trained our hands for WAR. We cannot lay dormant and allow the devil to overtake us, we must revolt against the devil and kts advocates. I fought many battles but glory be to the Most High God, I was not alone, He was fighting with me. Like you, I would have been dead had I allowed my passive side to prevail over my aggressive side. We serve a God Who equipped us to pray, fight and live in harmony with our brethrens. We must know when to exercise loveand war.

  2. Happy new year met more prosperity fi u n the family fi the new year. Keep up u great work over here, happy new year to the regulars metters n the new ones nuff love

  3. Happy new year all :newyear I don’t get to blog with you all like I used to, very busy at work.

    Anyhoo. Met, a happy and prosperous new year to you and yours! May God continue to shower each and everyone of you with his blessings. May your basket forever be filled with blessings on top of blessings where you have to share. Continue to do what you do, because what is for you, is for you and know one else.

    Metters:may the Creator grant you all with good health, financial freedom and extended prosperity for years to come. May this year be the year that all your dreams come through. May you all have a blessed year and the year after.

    :beer: :beer: back to my drinking.

  4. Every end, is just a new beginning. 
Keep your spirits and determination unshaken as you always have.
With courage, faith and efforts 
you shall conquer everything you desire. 

    Happy New Year to you and yours Met!

  5. Happy New Year Met and everyone here. I wish you nothing but God’s best for the coming year and beyond.

    :2thumbup :2thumbup

  6. Happy new year met,continue to do the great job you’ve been doing.may this year and the rest of your life be filled with success,best of health and happiness,love you…

    Big up to all jmg bloggers,may your new year bring you all your heart desire.

  7. Yeeah. Happy New year to hunnu>>>> gal f**ked up a wah tell yuh say from early das why mi rather bun di herds cau di liquor frees mi quick please be advised that2017 naw an won’t good again due to how mi ago Tear dung wah pawt a it. All when mi get it mi still wah more. Ano greed more deh deh Suh mi Tek more. Surfing in my head yea this is not regular Beach waves.

    I’m a diamond in this rough m nice doe till when mi wake when mi bun ganja mi Nuh have Nuh hang ova but mi naw ask if inna di mawning everything forgiven cause mi wah stap feel Suh sick. But yeah Raaaaay a di new year and mi still naw Tek Nuh check only cash mi know a was last year ting dat tuh but a di same dis yeer tuh a di least amount a pussy mi sell dis yeer an gain nuff sum tink di pussy a go backwards but dem Nuh know a only forward mi barely use it wah day a man suck pan mi tibbles but mi Nuh have no sex Fi bout long time an mi a tell yuhme a virgin. Anyway dis yeer not even Jesus skin Nuh close to him like I’m gonna be to him. Y’all have a safe night mi ago sleep mi ago eat sumting doe.

  8. Happy New Year Met, Metters and Peepers. Hoping everyone will have a prosperous and healthy year. Met it’s been a while since you did a check in.

  9. Happy New year Met,Metter,Peepers and others. I wish you nothing but love, joy and happiness in 2017 and beyond!!!

  10. Happy New Year Met, Metters. Wishing you all the best and nuff blessings. Unu walk good out deh caz di devil nuh tek holiday.

  11. Happy New Year Met, Metters. Wishing you all the best and nuff blessings. Unu walk good out deh caz di devil and him minions nuh tek holiday.

  12. Happy new year metty and crew. I pray 2017 will be better than the horrid yr of 2016. Huggs and kisses mumz…

  13. Happy New Year Met and metters
    Wishing you a year of health and prosperity

    Keep up the awesome work aunty Met and may God continue to bless you

  14. blessed new year to Ms. Met and metters, keep hope alive and keep fingers crossed, hope we don’t have to give Ms. Obama the benefit of the doubt :ngakak and say a prayer for our beloved country notably clarendon & st. james.

  15. Happy New year@met.. blessings n prosperity sis..keep up the good work..no weapon formed against you shall prosper..blessings…

  16. Wishing you all a purpose filled life in 2017. Bless up all bloggers esp some of my favs like Pp,Genuine, cindy royal ,ukkibit,G,wrappie,all a the men dem,how u like ur coffee …et al unno large.

    Met yuh done know the thing set so may the Almighty guide n protect you and yours . here’s wishing Bigger n better things for Princess Apple in 2017.

    Long live FREEDOM of speech.

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