0 thoughts on “HAPPY UNIBROW

  1. Sandra Lee yuh days dem done mumma
    Yuh did always have a scary look lol
    An De bleaching mash up yuh skin bad
    From longtime De whole ah yuh skin bust up
    But ppl accept cause ah you ah De original scare dem
    Lmaoooooooooo lmaoooooooooo lmaoooooooooo

  2. She look like Sandra Lee,and she also look like she crawl out a di grave yard and reach a di dance and say who,di living nah more dan me

  3. Sandra Lee, you a SCARE me. You young dancehall bleachers take note. I am yet to see one a dem dancehall dinosaurs whe age gracefully. Di whole a dem look like nite of di living dead.
    Why Nadje come to mi mind, dem already faava when Sandra Lee did younger
    Shame, shame, shame

  4. Does anyone have any idea as to how old she is, I am wondering because she looks like she’s in her 50’s…… :cystg

  5. You know I feel sorry for her. Sandra Lee one thing though your looks stay the same. @Ty I have VHS of nineties dances in storeage. Den time deh Sandra Lee use to love skin out.
    What happen to Dawn and Pappa T Lexus? Him did have a unibrow also.

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