1. why the most illiterate jamaicans in america buy the most expensive garments in stores.. pick a book mainnnnne. any booook

  2. Look like him need fi sourand himself/foot dem wid some vaseline and or a few pairs a socks and a charger caz him phone a dead..and mi very concert seh him might not mek anodah chupid post like dis fi mi kin off mi teeth dem innah di day yah.. :ngakak :ngakak

  3. Why dem not stop fight the autocorrect pon dem phone. Or dem auto correct give up pon dem and start accept the foolishness

  4. Dwl….I cant…half just press like because a who write the fckery..and I bet u not one said to the fool..what u mean when u say sourand… sah dis past sad…SOURAND…NOT EVEN HIM FONE GET THAT WORD..LOL..

  5. Well once u have a dunce fren u kinda start understand wah dem a sey…lol….a last nite me a wonder wah new word me ago learn over ya this year…cho

  6. I had to read dat shit like three times to figure out what he was trying to communicate. Dem 406 souls muss attended di same school as he did..kmt

  7. A long time mi nuh read the deep musings of this noted wordsmith. Mr. Range, tthanks for mi furst WTF Moment from Yuh so early dis year. Can yuh please come adjust us an tell us weh yuh mean, plz sir.

  8. Oh my I feel so sorry for him. sourand …. Surround. I sentence him to six months of studying the dictionary before he makes another post on social media !!!!! He needs Surround himself with some books and literatures and maybe a 12 year old tutor can help him out

  9. These dancehall people.all some a them good for is thief,buy expensive shoe,bag and clothes.learn how to read and write man. It’s a new year

  10. all dem supmn yah have mi bex nuh raaass enuh man!!, but queen bee, a wah kine a slackness dis yuh a uphold inna de day yah?. who de backside cares if him hot or not?. dat caaan help him wen him affi help him kids wid dem homework?. a ppl like unnu who support de slackness mek dem ole undacova fish like him feel dem a sumaddy enuh. dyam dunce bat. him wan summary gi him a backside loud bax wid dictionary one night wen him a come out a one a dem dance de yuh si kmft.

    1. How about you being the dunce bat. Please write in English. I see it is difficult for you. How about you going back to school??????

  11. That’s not a mistake…him just can’t spell surround…caz iPhone ca spell check that word it too far off “sourand” didn’t have the red dots like a mispelt word so he thought he was right, but you know he well spell check everything else caz them spell right but the grammar sound wrong wrong wrong

  12. @queen bee my dear i can surely write in english if that suits your fancy. i have no reason to go back to school my dear because my vocabulary is very extensive. you on the other hand needs to reevaluate your education because only a twit would comment as such. who in their right mind would make such a comment as that?. that goes to show you are just as uneducated as he is, and only looking at the face instead of the mind. (OLE CROWBAIT BUOY NOT EVEN DAT CUTE, BOUT HAT). do me a favor miss!, stop being such a miserable human being, and learn how to take constructive criticism. it was not even remotley that serious smh. COME TRACE AFF MI LIKKLE PIECE A BAGGY NOW LOLLOL.

  13. all i have to say to dis gentleman (and i use di term very very loosely) is, clothes, shoes, and girls will fade away, but a good education will NEVER decay lmaoo.

  14. As bad as things may be nobady cah beat Melissa Lavish inna english language and spellings,a she a di reigning champion

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