It look like Renee go knock a Donna door thinking she’s at work but buck up on her. Lol Donna you a old woman go sit your ass down and stop diss up woman over the married man as him no want you. Leave the young man with him wife and child. You can’t breed.😂😂😂😂 a nuff more young gal deh bout weh u ago do beat dem all? Him still nah stop.


  1. She go a di woman yard fi f**k the man, And Neva know say the woman at home. obviously that is not the first time she been there. But she brave fi go a di woman house first f**k.

    1. BITCH denied it….so how is she brave….did she tell you I run up in her house….any gal come in a my house a straight gun shot fi dat

  2. Wait a minute, the woman don’t realize say a f**k she come fi f**k and play house. Some woman stay in denial. This side piece under manners, she denied her pussy…lol.

  3. Mi use to f**k har man him no ramp fi bun har. She is old and washed up he told me him no want her so her time is limited. Donna him soon gone oooh him nah lef him wife .you did stand by him side when nutten nah gwan him pity u

    1. You nasty gal weh yuh nuh show yuh face….DOG SHIT….thats all you can say is OLD? HA HA…to be old is a privilege johncrow….time is limited ? Wooiieeee mi belly …bitch it’s been two months short of nine years….i bet you you can’t even hold a man for nine months….yuh PUSSY dun…because yuh just a dash it give every Tom Dick and Harry…..wife A fi hold are corner mi in a this before her so talk what you know ….pity me?….i got a job…a car pension roof over my head …bitch I can go on…..i go on vacation two to three times a year….what about you….all you know to do is stay in drama..

  4. Pure idiot over ya comment…for your information..i was with the man from day one when him just come from JAMAICA eight years ago….yes he got a BITCH pregnant…did she take him weh ….no he still here…apparantly baby nah whol man again….i gave him plenty opportunity to go and he still here….wben two people love each other it’s hard for them to part….A LOT OF YOU BITCES TALKING YOU CAN’T EVEN HOLD A MAN FOR EIGHT MONTHS… I am sure I am not the first woman ever get bun or the last.. but two wrong don’t make it right….i am not going to dash my Pussy a street just to prove a point like nuff of you DUTTY BITCES. ..YES and to the gal weh comment bout she F**K him already you should be ashamed of yuh self…..you can’t get any man fi yuh self that you want to F**K a next gal man……smh

    Mi live wid mi man for eight years now and mi and him guh every where together and do everything together and a dat some gal jealous of….mi post nuh stop kill dem when mi seh but man never led no yet a mi duh all the leaving…..wey a gal nuh try them him weh I’d been bad all unuh can get is a dat time f**k….him seh a him bed every rass night in a mi comfortable PUSSY….weh fi unuh man deh put up a picture…

    And f di gal we come a mi yawd…weh shi nuh talk di TINGS when mi guh check are…..A HELL AND POWDER HOUSE….NUH GAL CAN’T COME IN MY HOUSE AND BAD MI UP OR SI MI A STREET AND STEP TO MI…..YES NO A BAD GAL….IN MY DAYS A NUFF GAL MI DUST AND STAB UP BWOY TO….BUT A COOL MI A COOL…..SO F**K OFF CROW BAITS….a pure jealous and bad mind people deh bout… but dem nub worry meeeee…all yuh can seh is no old….but to be old is a privilege…….i bet mi set better than nuff a yuh weh a talk….my MAN is nine years younger than mi and mi PUSSY a mad him….nuh pickney never come out a this hole yet and a dat a hold him…..mi have three babies in heaven and God know why. .to bring dem in this wicked workd….i can go on.

    Talking bout gal breed fi mi Mon di gal nuh tell yuh how she guh obeah man fi done mi just because of a man….like I sa8i was with the man first and di gal run go breed thinking he going to leave and up til now him still deh ya…..F**K ALL YOU HATERS MAN WILL BE MAN A FAR UNUH FI RECOGNIZED FOOL FOOL GAL….F**K UNUH AND GO HOME TO HIM WOMAN . WHILE UNUH IN A BED A SING LONELY WON’T LEAVE MI ALONE GET THE F**K OUT OF HERE

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