What a girl stupid and illerteate how is exposing someone dead body bringing light to anything. U sound so dumb I just wanted to slap you. We are all aware of crime in Jamaica it is no secret! We are also aware of the seriousness were it concerns women brutality and regardless of dead bodies being exposed it is not stopping or preventing anything you are really stupid the girl not even answer u cuz arguing with fools is like fighting a losing battle.

10 thoughts on “RUSH YUH KNOW BETTA

  1. Posting somebody dead body bring awareness!?

    @Rich why you nuh post di white man you a f**k fi bring awareness to wah you haffi do when you have a licky licky mentality fi live di high life!? Mek di young girl dem see seh wah dem haffi a put up wid fi di hype!



    1. You see, I don’t know this young lady outside of what is posted here on JMG but if it is as you say, she need fi share the nastiness wah she a do fi live high life to bring awareness to the fact that a lot of females are losing their lives because dem a tek man tings and use men and dem fi stop it or else they might end up dead too. That’s what she need fi share to bring awareness

  2. in all honesty; these bitches would commit suicide for IG so nothing they say or do is suprising. They use the gram for validation, dem fi just mek di family of the deceased mourn in peace.


    Stop believing these voice notes going around, not al videos/pics originate from JA. They only make things worst!! LADIES arm yourselves & be vigilant out deh.

  3. I dont like this Rich girl. Shes so f**king ugly. :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 :hoax2 @RichRush Tag your Sponsor hoe!! :ngakak :ngakak

  4. Lawd when unnu seh she ugly… mi normally seh she look nice.
    When unnu seh she gwaan hype… mi normally nuh see it.
    But this right here?
    She gone a lead with the donkey a the day award!!! Fool fool like!

    Ppl always a post R.I.P. and turn round post gruesome dead bodies…come in like dem nuh know what rip mean. . Mek the young lady rest. This whole heap a share share dead body nuh look good. It’s a disgrace to the persons memory and disrespectful to their loved ones.

  5. renew aka renee (sher batty) do di same ting, til di followers start cuss har and unfollow har. she tek it down quick. ppl all ah seh who post pon di flyer is dem family she fi tek it down.

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