0 thoughts on “HAVE MERCY……………SANTALABALTA TUH!@$%^&*

          1. next day? dem hav 24 hr an same day shipping :tkp

            a hope anuh heart medication she need 🙁

          2. may be all a di likkle money use out pon board-face bail…dem fi see wid em mayneeeeee

          3. ro mario ben star cassen seh all a likkle smalls em fi get wen money change out an seet deh….yowwww oneil yuh luuuuuuuuuuuuuu yuh likkle gringe yuh :hammer

  1. No sah this Spicy. So a who a Romario- one a daffy relative them? No sah and Daffy mother used to tek care of him. Maybe him feel she never do enough…but me no think she did have it cause a round a Stand Pipe or one a them place she did used to live.

    Mother a mother you fi help her out if you have it.

  2. parents take care of your kids. Hope for nothing in return except that they turn into decent human beings. Hopefully they do not disappoint you, even if they disappoint you financially they should add value to society.

  3. Morning Metty, JMG fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk …did y’all e left any better from him?… Serious question :nerd

  4. A lot a lot a lottttttttttt of them stay just like him…….chuss miiiiiiiiiii I been around the best of the best and to me they make it look like they winning until I go visit in Jamaica and decide to hook up with they family!!!! Daffy not alone!

    Buenos Dias a todos!

    1. Mi can ‘axe yuh a question???? An mi a ‘axe chew yuh heng wid di “best of the best” Di next time President Barack Obama link yuh….yuh can please ‘axe im ef im ‘ave anymore space inna Airforce One fi go dung a President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela funeral??? Mi know it ago bigga dan Bob Marley funeral an ef mi can get a link dat a di ongly way mi ago reach. Please and tonks.

      1. Rotfl woooooooooooiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee mi belly oooooooo mi no laff do inna awhile Met a whey u get dem bad ppl ya fram oooooo myyyyyyyyyy goody good goodness haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      2. @Yawdy…….President Obama is one of the greatest that I have come in close proximity of and yes I can arrange the ride for you, on the wing….strap on and enjoy the ride :cool

          1. but mi cuddah swear quena did deh pon di mummah side wen she mention seh a nuff mor a dem stay like daffy smh dats why it gud wen oddaz caw pik up tings…i juss doah get it.

            I doubt di maddah a ask daffy fi shit but where “we” cum framm quena, you noe very well (let’s pretend) but “we Jamaicans” tek care a owa parents weddah wi caw afford r not wi gi dem a smalls

          2. Zervah…….les’ pretend honey…..wi yaawd gyal fi tek care ah wi parents henny weh dem deh tr8888888888888888888888888888T!

            Now back to realidad, Todos estamos de acuerdo en una cosa, Daffy equivoca!

        1. Wheel an come again Puertoriquena. Nuh badda wid di “close proximity” talk. Jus ‘axe di President str888 cah a eena Air Force One mi need di link fah :thumbup

          1. Yawdy do not pass go do not collect $20 juss go siddung inna di naughty corner lolllllllllllllll

  5. :nohope FIWB daffy mi nuh sorry fi yu shameeeeeeeee an di odda day yu post ur pix side a Mr Garvey, Mr King, Mr Marley as if….. SMH

    1. Dats y mi look pon some a dem when dem post up nuttin. Dutty Daffy….u mawda suppose to get up the mornin after u dance an go WU.Dat mean as soon as u done count u go payomatric and send har some money. As a matter a fact Mummy suppose to get a money every week di way u brag bout vanity

  6. You as a parent should not expect children to do for you….yea ok….HOWEVERRRRR after them seeing you struggle, go with out eating and being very well taken care of, no one expects for them to give you everything but basics food and medication…dear God, come on!!!
    Saw the other day on here someone spoke of Evelyn Lozado and going to visit her Mother in the projects…..some needs to look in they front yard before they call out whats in someone elses back yard! Shameful Ev’, Daffy and a whole lot of others!!!

    1. in jamaica things are different. not everyone have it good in their old days so u can’t say parents should not expect their kids to take care of them. if the children is here in the states and living a decent life mommy and daddy should be living decent in Jamaica as well. bad blessing ah go follow dem.

      1. I will consider your words however me as a Parent and many others do things for our children without expecting anything in return. In any case Daffy is wrong if he could have done better.

        1. In Jamaica the only investment parents have is putting their last cent into them pikney hoping they will amount to something and can yes HELP them. Most people dont have pension or enoughmoney to save fi ole age. So them have pikney pension and as a grateful child ywith morals you DO the RIGHT thing and appreciate the sacrifice your parents made to give you a better life.. I can tell You PR didnt grow up in Jamaica because thats the way it is. Its not America where people pay in to 401,SS,have bank account and other means of income to take care of pikney and provide their own old age pension . Its a simple livity based on mutual love, respect and honor between parents and child. But as we say yuh can lead the horse to the water but you cant force dem to drink.. THAT man is a f**king waste man and any woman lay dung with him is a waste gal because if she as a woman see him treating im mother bad is only time before he do worse to she.

  7. What a big dutty disgrace inna di Friday mornin yah!!! Den yuh mean to tell mi seh dis waste weh a dress inna di battyman ‘haute couture’ getup dem kaint sen a change fi ‘im madda?? If a chew…den yuh is a sarry excuse fi a son :nohope
    Hope dem nuh kill yuh like yuh fambily hope fa…but a hope dem rab yuh, gi yuh a royal beatdown and lef yuh fi si’dung inna di ugly black chewnick weh fava it mek outta di same material weh mek yuh ‘return from jail’ ooman face.

    1. 100,000,000% lololl in agreement. Den de dog face gal him de wid mek de whole thing even more sorrowful.

      Daffy is a BITCH and should be treated as such!

  8. haha i soooooooo luv the internet n jmg. ALL UP inna de cayliss ppl dem lives we are . omg all death him wish pon him MYgod

        1. It woulda haffi capture quick yes…cause if I was him mi couldn’t manage dem deh shame deh and it woulda delete off quick…well lucky for me, mi nuh careless like him so nobody couldn’t so bright.

  9. Met……a lot more of the same…within both genders.dem do it to all kids dem leave behind…daffy with ur lifestyle mama suppose to get har like much every week….worthless no bumboclaat…mama Christmas barrel shoulda clear already…..metty I use to work for a lady where body done,red batam n LV.traight…n a did Breda come up fr yard an say him hate har cause say mama no ave to go outside n c di sun…it deh pan har through di rotten board house walls…him cuss har dog rotten n never come bk har business place..sometimes is not how much u send….is how often u make di effort…

    1. True and when u on social media PRETENDING and u have a ooman whey finger stickier dan a fly catcher ur mother nuh fi want nothing

      1. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..damn! Fly catcher is one sticky mess…lol. Don’t figet the price list pon cake de other day. One case alone could do mama a month time.

  10. I was talking to one of my girlfriends that still live in Jamaica and that was the topic of convo how Nuff a dem up yah a dash champaign pon dem foot an give champaign shower and dem relative a live like dawg mi nah talk first and second cousin mi talk. Mother father sister bredda an den dem same one gone a Jamaica a guh push di zinc gate dem and dem nasty ooooman dem a wear Chanel and red bottoms and dem mother heel back a crack dem sick tumuck Parents don’t necessarily expects their kids to take of them but come on we all know how difficult Jamaica is to live in so we have a likkle extra we share that’s what families do some people not even have di likkle extra but dem fine sen guh a yaad

    1. No mi nuh think no parent expect nothing fi true but when your parents get old it supposed to be automatic that u see tuh dem well being

    2. Don’t forget that nuff a dem lef pickney weh give dem grand pikney and caan take dem up but deh a foriegn a do up batty, breast and a wear red bottoms.

  11. No sah!!! I wasn’t ready..’ Too early
    Is this really true?? Cause if it is that’s horrible! I really hate to see the yaady them come get carried away in this foreign life forget about fam back home much less your Mother!!? Shame on u Daffy..& any woman deh with a man and opioid to that! Not a good woman! No matter what!! Dem need fi do better..bout champagne splash..! With nothing behind it. .___. #Smfh

  12. Daffy goodly all don’t have the first cent fi send go give him madda, Dancehall ppl are illusionist, been saying that dem really not what them appear to be. Half a dancehall ppl dem bruck hungry and rass sad.

    1. yes oooooooooooooooooooooooo and mi did hear bout dem n see di sharing of meals but dem fi humble pan social media

    2. If him nu have it den him fi mek dog face thief enough fi him sell a outfit and go western union…Cambio dem open til 6 pm, but close pon Sundays.

  13. Well if him so bruck and hungry den stay home 2weeks out a one month and save di $200 whey him pay guh inna pawty cause dem pawty every raas day and mekk yuh Madda get a likkle ting dem too wutlis met if a eva start call some a dem name from just Waterhouse alone yuh wouldn’t believe or maybe u would di list loooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg all dem bloodclaute pickny dem an deh up yah a gwaan like dem a smaddy

    1. Mek I help u calculate. ..2 party per nite 7 days a week
      Him pay Fi him self an 2 gal. So 60×7=420….naw count di liquor. He could send that to his mother monthly.DUTTY WUTLISSSSSSSSSSS BWOY.

    2. Met did feature him and dog face a share one meal so right de so him could save pon a box meal and add up mums money biweekly or monthly. Daffy is a bitch.

  14. Mi say yuh see dem “MANTO ya aka MAN FRAME dem only in the frame of a man how dear you put a next man before you mother of all people but then again if him can put him before him own daughter just fi clothes and boot deh weh we suppose to expect. :hotrit :mads :mads

  15. dance a no cheap ting enuh……ya fi pay fi di venue, di security, di sound, di likka (incuding di bakkle upon bakkle a champaign fi bathe inna), di LV or gucci outfit, and di wife and matey haffi have sup’m fi wear…den after all dat spending yuh can only pray fi mek back yuh money much less mek a profit….but……who fi say him na suffer same way….a good example are paper millionaires….di house, land, cyar and business worth millions but di minute business go slow dem haffi run go bank go beg line a credit just fi even mek payroll…….di odder side of di coin is dis….if yuh know say a so di yute stay yuh no mark him off and yuh mek sure yuh do your own part fi help her out…..how yuh same one ago cuss di next bredda when yuh have two hand just like him……mi a one son and mi no have nobody fi help if mama need anything….thankfully she don’t, but if she did…a mi and god alone fi help her…..dat being said…some ppl have money inna dem pocket but none in di bank……and we all know money inna pocket ago spend quick quick, especially if a flossing ting yuh deh pon….. and nuttin no leff fi mama nor pickney…..now i am not trying to justify anyting and if dis is all true say him madda need her meds, da bredda deh need fi go nyam shit, chuck offa di nearest precipice and go bloodklaat dead……

      1. @ Anonymous come the f on now, the brother might be the one down there washing and cooking fi di mada and could just be unemployed or barely making ends meet. Watching his brother portraying this image of a flosser. If him so rass bruck then, tan a him yaaaaddddd stop the senseless hyping cah him a send the wrong message via social media. Him fi do betta.

          1. past sikes mek dem move and gweh, stop floss if yuh cant live up to yuh obligations as a flosser

    1. the wife n matie fi wear gucci and the mother fi dead from lack of care … This a muss joke .. The wife and matey is two wutliss bitch to. My husband mother coulda never need medicine and me inna gucci get the f**k outta here

  16. @Ms met.The bible say honor thy parents so thy days will be long”. Meaning you will prosper in every area of life. These never si , cum fuh si ingrates don’t get it. I have tolerance for these type of behaviors. How women run down these men is beyond me. It’s almost impossible for a man to honor you as a woman, if he can’t honor his mother!

  17. Mawning mawning one n all
    Now u see u Daffiesha n u thieving man Bobby shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee unda unnu, all range u a drive n moggle n the medication caaaaa buy unnu is a set of wutliss cutliss tuff face Bobby a wear vintage n mama in need smh shameeeeeeeeeeeeeee unda unuuuuuuu mi sayyyyyyy

      1. Mi say mi see daffy the damn duck a drive the range n range no teck regular gas a 93 u haffi put inna dat but a so dem hang dem basket whey it caaaaaaa reach the 2 wormshits sick me cause dem a moggle pon nothing come on man alright u no have it fi send every day but if u hear sickness n medication needed then meck tuff face Bobby put har rass jawbone dem to use no no kmt shit pit dem man

  18. Hello some one up top sey Daffy driving Range, is what kind of work him do and him legal inna di USA ?

  19. This is sad on so many levels….. god don’t like ugly daffy, so just be careful how you treat people especially your mother.

  20. Jay icon di lane whey him leff fi him gingeration inna is like dem plant deh Caan move Nana proppa come yah pon greencard and she mussi a touch 10 years strong and all now are pickny dem caaaaaaan reach and she Eva a scream out how she a good good Madda and a 2 gal pickny she have Flippa MAfia him lawd a fi him generation a live bad a nuh mekk I touch pon SHawn RAzor sharpe a wouldn’t done

    1. Mi say shellingzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz will b here soon Anon a how u bad so? When the proppa reach oooooooooo :tkp :tkp

    2. call up mor name deh call demmmmmmmmm ooooooo

      mi sorry fi yuh doah caw bad gyal nana a cum ansa yuh ooooooo :hammer

  21. Daffy yuh is a disgrace and a non entity to society. The bible says we must take care of our mothers in their old age, I don’t quite remember the scripture where to find it right now, but I’m positive it is there, bad blessing deh pan them fi the way how some a dem treat them parents, it sad Daffy fi all the big life weh man royal Bobby claim she expose you to, yuh mean to tell me say mama nuh get nuh barrel a food or her meds. Shame on you fruit of the loops.

  22. Daffy shame tree dead, him hate him mother because she is a woman, him only love anything weh look like man, and we all know who fava man, dutty gal Man Bbby a u mi a chat, guh encourage di battyman weh u wife up fi take care of the woman that brought him it this world, dam wotliss.

    1. Mek sure when she come on ya wid ar one bagga tracing yuh trace right back…and please read the entire file cabinet. Thanks in advance! :thumbup

  23. shame shame .DAFFY DUCK good god jam hard mamma a suffer and everynight and day u inna party U AND THAT OLD BOBBY ROBBAS :hoax2

  24. It is very sad that everyone decides to vilify this man without verifying or authenticating the truth of this post. It is crazy how people go off and just crush someone’s character based upon something unsubstantiated!! We all have the right to our opinions, but not our own facts. This could be someone who has an axe to grind with Daffy and decides to bring him down out of spite or jealousy. If the story is true , then the comments are justified, however in a situation like this we should proceed with caution. That’s all.

    1. So y u no gwaan go verify it a whaa u no hab no patient a teck care of today so time must b on ur side gwaan go investigate the matter kmt cho

    2. hay biggah ford mi tel yuh sumthin mi guh faas an mi see seh di man page real, em hav up di daffy daughtah baby pic weh em refer to as him “neice” an em live a yawd an oddaz inna di fambily hit up like n comment..yuh satisfy? :nerd

    3. Tom Tom yuh know seh dat a nuh all. Yuh show up fi support di man a yuh fantasy one more time. Yuh gi lesson pon couture whey day an den tap it aff wid yuh credentials and gross income. Yuh still neva get nuh respect and now yuh is back. Mek yuh nuh go fren Robbas and wrerk out di days dem when she out a town “on business’ so dat yuh can fill in for her wid Daff Daff…. :cendol


  26. Wasn’t there a post here sometime ago where it was stated dat paulisha an Natalie didn’t want to give Pauline 30bucks…..who hype like dem….name n shame dem bumboclaat.

  27. @tom ford…it more sad when mama need har medication…send 40,50 it add up n help out…….save one bakkle money a week.mama good….or sell di bloodclaat leather skirt wey him did ave on ka dat not needed.gwey dutty daffy..bobby a thief fi u mek she their fi mama to….bout she a step mada….mama come fuss…if di cable cut off dung a yard mi no business….but di food affi dey dey…..

  28. @Tom ford, or who ever you are living as in your head, your loyalty is missed placed.Right is right & wrong is phucking wrong! Also don’t come back to cuss, cause I will only get into the gutter, with an original female!

  29. Greetings fambily….him is a wicked bwoy. Him nuh mine him madda much less him Pitney dem. dem nuh mek a cent offa dem dance bc them owe fi di sound and the one bag if up and down them call promoting aka bleach a night time. And any ooman who wid a man weh nuh mine madda nor Pitney a wicked pussyhole dat. Nuff more sufferings for bobby and oneil.
    Ps ppl up top when u get big you fi care your parents. Me live comfortable and my 2 parents live even better and all dem do fi mi wi do fi dem dem nuh haffi ask me. And yes Evelyn who claims to be rich fi move her mother into a home. A wah do some gyal. All mi granny couldn’t suffer and me deh a foreign a wuk like dog.

    1. same suh!!!! Mi cant even believe sey any Jamaican coulda really a respond with anything but disgust to this topic… Really disturbing. Even if my Granny nuh need it mi still a send it from money to panty. she have house dress and panty cause she nuh fi dutty anytime, till she nuh know wha fi duh with dem.. She fi have it she deserve more. A wha do dem careless ass people yah yoooo mi cant believe say any jamaica could really dfend this slackess

  30. From yuh luk pan Daffy yuh know sey dat wutlis. Any man whey have woman tiefing fi dem is a dutty piece of shit. Daffy yuh is a wutliss dutty jancrow and mi nuh rate dat. Yuh fi tek care of yuh mother every day dutty buoy. Mi nuh know how woman mek unuh f**k dem. yuh is a cruff and mi nuh blame di family memba ffi mek di world know sey yuh is a cruff. Puxxy hole dat

  31. mek mi add my 2cents… daffy is f**king wuckliss.. yuh kno how much sacrifices dat ooman prolly mek fi mek him eat or wear clothes or even go school… how yuh fi claim u a mek money and send yuh mother $100.. fi mi mumma cant deh a ja a suffer and me nuh mek sacrifices… even if d mumma wasnt d best is still yuh rass mumma

  32. Some mothers a shit, dem make dem kids life miserable because dem miserable, some a dem fi suffer, fi bless dem is a curse pon who do it

    1. Go suck shit nasty bobby all like unnu shoulda dash whey from early early n mi no mean no good pay money dash whey either is a hot Guinness with black pepper

      1. a she yes bun mi fi har dis board face man frame..if a suh she view daffy maddah an em deh wid har :nohope: no wondah romario talk to em suh…daffy you n man frame smh poor unnuh

  33. O God a who a say dem ting bout MOTHERS some a oonu neva born good…SMH Den a Daffy a d man wid d false teeth – range payment is not cheap eno – don’t pay it n dem will repo it bleertnaat me sarry fe him mada tho f d allegations r true…..Memba wa Gargamel say things change n unu we c say life hard y u neva send no money go a yard…..

  34. Then a wah kind of madness this about parents not suppose to accept help. Well me live by the rule once a man and twice a child. I don’t care bout my parents past mistake fi them bad luck if them never want help me. Maybe if they had I would be further in life – can’t think bout the if. But he who knows better do better, and live a more happy and free life.

    Depending on circumstances. But clearly this lady don’t even have money for medication, and when you old medication a no sinting you need once a year like Christmas gift. So ofcourse the lady need help. We know them a dancehall liard…..but really hundred dollar- wtf.

    And mi no care weh no baddi want seh me expect my pickney fi come help me out inna my old age. Cause as there is a living God I am sacrificing and will sacrifice even more. So ofcourse when I am old and a shit back inna diapers I expect him to help in whatever way he can.

  35. @ anony 3:52 from me pree u comment me know ,say u a one a dem who no teck care a u mother.mama eye wata wuss dan obeah, memba dat!!

  36. Only wutliss people think parents should not expect anything from their children .I expect everything from my children and I give my parents everything .We are building a very strong and powerful family as the Bushes,Matalans,Azans,Windsors ,Carnegies and other such strong families .
    I give them the best education money can buy and we plan the future ,if they betray the family it will be their lost because they will lose the benefit of the knowledge and wisdom we have accumulated .

    1. It nuh that serious with me still but I can understand your points. cause I can take care of kids and plan fi my self so if my pikney dem ungrateful that a fi dem business, But I try instill the value of loyalty and taking care of family. You can tell som a dem people yah was just push out and not raised.

  37. In Jamaica the only investment most parents have is putting their last cent into them pikney hoping they will amount to something and can yes HELP them. Most people dont have pension or enoughmoney to save fi ole age. So them have pikney pension and as a grateful child ywith morals you DO the RIGHT thing and appreciate the sacrifice your parents made to give you a better life.. I can tell You PR didnt grow up in Jamaica because thats the way it is. Its not America where people pay in to 401,SS,have bank account and other means of income to take care of pikney and provide their own old age pension . Its a simple livity based on mutual love, respect and honor between parents and child. But as we say yuh can lead the horse to the water but you cant force dem to drink.. THAT man is a f**king waste man and any woman lay dung with him is a waste gal because if she as a woman see him treating im mother bad is only time before he do worse to she.



  39. this is a big dutty bloodclaat shame and disgrace de ooman weh carry yuh fe 9mths and more yuh really a deal wid yuh mada like dis a suh mi knw any gal yah phuck jus a low as u cuz any bwoy weh nuh deal wid dem muma gud caan see my draws crotches,terrible no sah

  40. Big up yuh self mama, yuh daughter, ( That is me) tek care a yuh str8888888888, thank you mama for the 9 months u carry me, down mention u grandson, yuh don’t short of anything, him pay for yuh care, yuh hard work did not guh down the toilet. Dutty nasty Daffy guh chuck through a thin glass, pickney like you should crush between uno mother leg and dead.

  41. But puppa Jesus.. Met me vex bad all man like daffy can’t get my $20 a no party door.. Old duty germs them and him Madda goodly give him her last!! Daffy try listen wah buju banton say don’t you ever fail mama!! Shame on Bloodclaat you and bubble head bobette before she send that 6k go help out her Madda in law Kmft

  42. Everyone can see that Claffy is ALL for himself. Don’t forget that he left his babymother for a bed …… Lawd gosh faint weyyyy

  43. Daffy remember we shit into the same pit toilet & walk over the same shit water inna the yard! Member where u coming from

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