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Lance Fashan Di Pepper

Hey listen mi, from the other day every woman a pick up diss oral sex thing, dnt get me wrong as a man I love it but ladies unu cyah get up an a suck suck n dnt wah brush unu Rass teeth an unu tongue, it nuh look good or shld I say it nuh smell good

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Elitelady Claudia Lol, a nasty dem nasty

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0 thoughts on “MNL….LANCE PEPE LE PEPPA

  1. jah noe star shani yuh lef out di juiciest pawt cho mek a cum guh dung a facebook guh see hef di war stawt :travel

  2. How thoughtful, I guess you brush your teeth when you eat the fur burger. The health tip will be appreciated by all. Atleast you practice what you preach.That’s all!

    1. @me too pretty is the shit offa him dick mek dem mouth stink. I hope him brush feem teeth dem afta dem cum inna him mouth.

  3. That nigga is so disrespectful. I wonder if he has sisters, mother and daughter? My God go with him. yuh see how some woman mek man behave..this is embarrassing. .

  4. Lance walk and suck pu**y like dog.thats y the white gyal a walk and tell ppl seh him eat her pu**y f**k her in her what the f**k him a talk bout.all him baby madda done him a road shi tell sam say she nah stop f**k him bcuz lance buddy likkle bit and the only thing him can do good suck out har pussy.

  5. Lance is a batty man.him and him tall fren.him use to f**k a gyal from bk a she send fi him from jamaica and when himcome here the woman catch him a suck her sister pu**y and she left him and put him out and stop him lance fi stop talk about suck dick and eat pussy bcuz him a di king a dat.

  6. Met! Lance and mikey mention from Canada a f**k that’s why the white gyal left him.him did a f**k her in her ass and call her mikey mention and she tell her friend and the friend buss it out.

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