1. Boy o boy, with Aneka’s record, it looks like even if I go to Egypt her name will call on somebody’s man

  2. I member his invitation up his place at waterworks woooiii mi glad mi fraid a dem man deh mi turn it down! But i thought he has a type well i guess not, seeing that dem seh hez f**g these 2!

  3. Mi need proof…

    1. Anika a known whore yet man still a flock har (no woman can push up harself pon a man, a him want guh deh) and she look to be still living with fi har track record, so how dat!?

    2. All me hear unnuh a talk bout da likkle girl yah. All now unnuh can’t carry nuh proof come, no text message, picture, ntn…not even fi seh u see har with whoever somewhere a gwaan bad! (a di 3rd post since week with her and unnuh still nuh carry ntn come a proof)

    1. Exactly, mek she live. I hope a nuh true cause squeeze have to many ememied and they all can’t be wrong about him. Shaneice, tek you time. You young..and sooooooo cute. She cute you see.

      1. I agree all now dem cyaa substatiate SHIT! I dont see no halo on her head, BUT weee neeed proof! Otherwise stop guh out unu way to try and smear di gyal’s image! Shanzi a dat unu fi get wen unu nuff! IG a drag unu down 1 by 1 and im here counting! Wen smaddy put u beside dog shit “SLICK”enuh that means the end of days are near

          1. Thought it was me alone see that her mouth looks like it can’t lock fi long and her chin kinda long but she is pretty still

  4. Is this a plot to smear shanzi image???? Like sender one sentence? Where is the proof? Come off a the girl now man. Give her a break and stop trying go damage ar reputation. Until you come with proof leave the girl alone. What she could a possibly deh with squeez for sender? Free fiction pass? Hop off a the girl name and find something substantial to do with your life. Or come back with solid proof more than yuh flimsy one sentence

  5. Who have vendetta against shanzi cuz 3 times in one week this is ridiculous and putting her beside aneka is plain disrespectful dem not even in the same class caliber or league. Leave her alone

  6. Met you neeed to stop posting any and anything cuz these pppl get up and feel bored and feel like dem aguh send in f*ckery.

  7. Why everybody affi think a shuggy. I’m sure the girl Nuh see shanzi. I actually like the shuggy girl, she’s so pretty. Shanzi on the other hand, I honestly don’t like looking at her pictures.. She can’t really dress to me unless she modeling 2020 clothes and I hate her face especially her Crimson chin lol No hate… Just stating my opinion.

    1. U watch too much fairly odd parents :hammer haaaaay speaking of chin! Check Annibelleza chin or watever r name waa spell eeerks no sah!

      1. That’s a damn lie shuggy shape very nice and is prettier than Shanzi .. Shanzi is a ugly Likkle girl if it wasn’t for makeup and IG filter plz .. U can’t have it all cuz she def has the body for sure ! I will give her that but shuggy has both body and looks ! Give credit where it is due ! Kmt

        1. @Anon calm down before u hurt urself! Never really heard of the Shuggy one (her name only get call wen this chick on here). But hav seen Shanzi, she is a nice looking girl, if she want filter out herself and pad up with makeup then that’s her thing (an it’s not like it look bad). But u sound hurt because it’s working for her!

  8. Stop comparing shanzi and shuggy cuz from the two stop be friends shuggy lost in the dust and she stop look good her name nuh get call unless something come up about shanzi.some a uno wicked and lie to unoself tho shanzi cyaa dress and shanzi ugly? Uno wicked eeh

  9. I don’t like Shanzia smile none tall it looks humbug like her mouth cannot lock, she and shuggy resembles some what though, shuggyis prettier no lie

  10. Shanice is not cute. Her chin is long. She can put herself together most times but she too hype fi some fashion nova and 20/20 clothes. The stuff she wears are common. Well most of them and from u a wear common u NUH hot to me. She shape nice, very nice but fi a young gyal she have too much cellulite. She hype, very hype and that’s just the truth! Don’t know anything about her and that man. Shuggy on the other hand is gorgeous, really gorgeous it’s just her teeth that needs a lot of fixing but the good thing is that it can be fixed. Shuggy dressing is inconsistent. Some days she look damn good and other days her tingz look like dem come from the bottom of the barrel. She seems conceited not sure because I don’t know her personally but she has an okay shape. Belly flat and she NUH too heavy but and ok shape, nothing fi talk about. Her skin clean but I hate when she wears those bathing suits that expose d whole a har front.

  11. No man IG mek people a watch people like hawkeye SHIIIIT!! No sah anyhow mi want si who iz this shuggy puggy seeing that i dont do IG

  12. First off all shuggy is ghetto as hell idk if a tru she and shanzi stop be frens like how shanzi stepfather did sponsor her school fee prob dem use to sponsor her clothes but she stop look good her fren dem stay real bad wah dem do? Can never see dem in a school pic wid she. Her background ghetto and dirty a weh she live? From excelsior days she a try keep up wid shanzi but shanzi a bun up her foot cuz shanzi stepfather have it a shuggy mother alone and me not even a get started at she hehaaayyy lol just look for her on ig @tyghtagirl

    1. Why shanzi stepfather so0 oh so0 generous?? My mind is in the gutter now hmmm and why dem fall out agen??hmmm secret lovers thats who we are :kr

  13. Is what this world a come to can’t believe grown folks sit an debate on looks an shape! It sad tpc those 2 girls are beautiful! I hope dem hold up dem head an don’t get lost in material things

  14. @talk truth. Dem done lost!! None a dem Nuh impress me honestly. Jus a scroll and a comment where i feel necessary. Only thing me affi seh. Shanzi I like u but i hate yuh chin & Yuh smile… Sumn bout it nah work

  15. cyah deal wid dem promo girls ere weh think dem a celebrity. I don’t have a problem with this shani girl but Mi hate the fact seh the child good top school and lef school come tun promo Gyal and Ina mix up wid Aneka. Yuh nuffi Mek da mistake Deh!! Aneka a old whore!! She done! Finish! Over! F**k right out!! Come on girl! Do better than dat man. Lay wid dogs u muss get up with fleas. U shape nice tho ma.

    1. Anonymous shanzi goes to uwi bout promo gal u bright that is a side job uno act like is she choose aneka to work with the girl a mek her money and the promo thing is all about followers…out of order bout promo gal

  16. A which idiot dat up deh so everybody know seh shanzi guh uwi suh mention dat and dont talk bout she guh good top school fi tun promo gal as fi seh a dat she a do wid her life uno love conveniently leave out the positive.

  17. Whats Shanzi IG? Mi faas pon Shugg Page pretty girl but har waist too thick fi her frame. When she get older gonna shape like a barrel in d making.

  18. Shanice come off ah d site u a gwan like u a smaddy bout shuggy only get mention when your name call bitch who is you? Kmt all you use to do is follow pare hype ppl and beg friend to become popular ok IG like little girl sit down ! You stupid. You don’t see pre law or pre med students being no damn promo girl ! So bitch clearly your major not challenging enough because u find time to be at every party every pan knock and parading half naked all over the Internet ! Shuggy put on weight yes and I would advise her to step away from the fast food immediately ! Shanzi I’m givin you till age 30 u gonna look just like u mumma full a cellulite wid a crimson chin have a damn seat ! Nobody nuh seh u can stush and bosi of course woman must carry themselves well! But you are just too damn much and YOU ARE NOT PRETTY for the last time lmao your followers fooling you girl .. Too much eye shadow ! You show teeth INNA every pic ! No sex appeal .. Just nothing just the body now humble yourself and siddung ! I feel bad for shuggy because it does seem like she’s underprivileged but it doesn’t take away from who she is as an individual because material things do not make a person & shanzi you keep speaking about your step father with your unhappy family life .. I will give you time cuz u not even have father so me nuh know wa fi seh bout that ! Nobody nuh better than none both of you females lacking in some way or form .. We on JMG seen this not once or twice all u need is time anything INNA dark must come to light miss shanzi so stop come on here a chat bout the gal ghetto bitch where ur madda come from nuh di ghetto? A wa dis!!! Kmt

  19. I don’t know about the shanzi girl being with squeeze but she deh with the boy weh name chev blair or blair bos…something like that on insta, he is uptown but shanzi is ghetto tough…dem lashes and nails ewww

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