I guess you forgot where you came from ….getting pregnant from the next gal man…all while living in your momma house …getting f**d in his momma house …gal be humble…your a whore…been a whore…and that’s why you can’t keep ” your so called baby daddy”…gal have several seats 💺💺💺💺😂😂😂😂


13 thoughts on “MEGAN AGEN?

  1. Waste gal that. Who don’t f**k Megan nah live a LA. She and her sister f**g the same mon right nowand Kress go breed notha gal cuz him no she one worthless gal that luv f**k any money mon she think gone help she. Megan file longgggggggggggg Why you tink she hang with whoring Shelly and Shawna, Shake all LA f**k mattress MIMI soon come in a dash dem out

    1. Nasty set of dutty dawgs friggin di same man. But a same suh dem use to share dem daddy Dennis fi get tings so a nuh nuttin new fi dem share outside cocky. Famley rammas yuh call dem. No pride no shame. Melissa a di bigga sista and she all frig har mada man dem

    2. You Belizeans stay running in on Jamaicans tho lol. I can tell you Belizean just from the way you used “she”. “luv f**k any money mon she think gone help she”…yaadi nuh chat suh. nuh badda argue wid mi #Bye Go study own nasty set a people dem.

  2. Megan nasty nuh bloodcloth and ugly to ras megan how much of kress friend yuh nuh f**k? All andrew phang yuh wan fuk to ras and him bruk like bum pon skidrow megan we no seh yuh ah whore from long time

  3. Megan me shame fi you and is not me you need to stop walk with your pussy on your forehead, you need to have some pussy principle and stop mek you pussy rule you. You don’t have a good reputation you will forever get f**k and duck. You too young to have so much mileage on your vagina


  5. This chick is beyond pathetic…she’s a media tough gal! Scary as hell in person. My question is: you stay posting bout you can take any gal man…the simply truth is that all they do is fu**k and duck you. Not one will stay with you. You stay starting stuff on IG with the girls them Kress be phucking. All now Kress have a pretty little girl who he claims…all now he don’t know if that boy by you is a jacket. How old are you again…you look old…you been with too many men…even some of Kress’s friends. Have some dignity and pride …cause this whoring down the place ain’t where it’s at. Mind you catch aids like your daddy. Like Kress said on his page..”show him the vagfax” too much mileage on that vagina And nothing to show for it…gal the vagina have to be trash to be living where your at & driving what you do. Straight garbage! Like the post said “Humble yourself”

  6. Whoever that was that commented on lil ugly magen post had me DWL mi belly hurt….and kress cant talk about no vagfax when he same boy who stuck his dick in magen (maybe :hoax2 ) but if so he stuck it bare and nutted dwl so he need to come with the dickfax the nerve of these niggas and bitches

  7. Your so right bout that if she has been a whore from long time, then why Kress go deal with the girl bare back instead of protecting himself, now this boy could be yours and frankly he looks like him in a way, so why not just take a DNA test so you can stop talk bout your baby madda and end the stories and we can move to a new topic and then you don’t have to talk bout har in your post Kress… But if this young gal has been a hoe since birth, I’m sorry don’t know when it started she needs to really slow down, not sure how many money men left in LA because everyone there is pretty much broke and don’t have nothing going for them but living with their girlfriends off of their pay check or their welfare every month… So what money man around that want to deal with Megan in any manner… Those nigga talk like bitches so everyone knows who everyone has f*cked they do not want to make a life with you Megan if your wrap sheet is that tall, get you an American man that don’t know nothing bout your history and go from there leave the no good dancehall man dem alone hunny..

  8. Quite frankly the post was about her calling the kettle black. Who cares about broke Kress and how many kids this clown have. It’s obvious he sleeps with not only Magen bare back …duh…cause he has a little girl with someone else. Besides, these Jamaicans run in anything without a condom. Girl…slow down on riding so much dick. Go back to school & build a future for you and your son. You don’t need anyone for that! The dancehall scene isn’t what it use to be here in LA. All these lames are broke…you can see the way they all look. The struggle is a real. Everybody f**g everybody in that scene. If your sleeping with a Jamaican you best believe your not the only one…dwl…like the other person said…get someone of another race cause your file tooooo long with Jamaicans. And for god sake…try and keep a man for awhile.

  9. @ suchashame looks like the POST touch bases on all areas about ugly magen….and her and everbody else broke baby daddy is one..DUH:cool…

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